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Training @No-Charge: Launch Your Team of Passionate Messengers

Learn how to ask, train, and support your team in this no-charge webinar recording. Sign up now.

We all have an incredible resource right in front of us — our colleagues, board, donors, volunteers, and members. Just as you discuss your work and affiliations with your friends, family, and colleagues, these messengers share information on your organization’s focus and programs. With the right training, support, and incentives, this team of messengers can power up, helping you boost donations, program participation, membership, and more.

Unfortunately, most of us look right past them, as we stay head down tackling our responsibilities in the way we’ve always done so. Or we can’t get approval from the powers that be, who are afraid to lose control over how the organization is presented. I urge you to push through these barriers; it’s worth it.

Just look at how Road Scholar trains and supports its Global Ambassadors to spread the word about its education travel programs to their family and friends. Or how the Alzheimer’s Association of Nebraska recruits, trains, and thanks its Purple Profiles of Courage to motivate others who touch the disease to get the support of the Association. These powerful programs advance both organizations goals (and ultimate impact) in ways no other campaign could. YOUR organization can do the same.

Learn how to ask, train, and support your team in this free webinar recording. Get started today. I’ll walk you through this doable, 4-step process. You’ll finish ready to launch this highly-effective but underutilized approach, and on target to meet your fundraising, program, and impact goals. 

1. Design your pilot campaign

  • Identify best opportunities: Start by putting messengers to work on a current campaign, with a clear deadline and goal
  • Build a small team most likely to act or have the greatest influence with the people your organization needs to engage.

2. Shape your program: Policies, benchmarks, tools and training to make it easy for your messengers to do it right

  • Design clear policies and guidelines
  • Define benchmarks for success
  • Create tools and templates
  • Require hands-on training.

3. Support, thank, and reward your messengers

  • Boost success via ongoing supports from coaching to a private Facebook group.
  • Thank and reward your team.

4. Launch, then assess, analyze & modify accordingly 

  • Launch the program
  • Assess pilot impact and analyze return on investment (ROI) — what’s working, what’s not working, how does the program ROI compare to that of other marketing methods
  • Modify program as indicated.


Chances are you haven’t mobilized your team of messengers yet, much less trained and supported them to engage your audiences and motivate the actions you want.  Join me to learn how to transform their potential into wins for your organization:  

Register now for this webinar recording, and I’ll guide you through the practical, productive process building a team of all-organization messengers. You’ll finish ready to launch this highly effective but underutilized approach, and on target to meet your membership, revenue, and impact goals. I can’t wait to show you how!

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Introducing Online Training in Grant Proposal Writing

From 2003-2018 I presented the class Basic Grant Proposal Writing Skills for Nonprofits at the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County about three times each year. During that same period, I also did custom versions of the class for several individual organizations and smaller coalitions of nonprofits.

All-in-all, well over 1,000 individual nonprofit professionals have gone through my grant proposal writing trainings, and have been very satisfied with the results.

Over the last month or so, I've updated the materials again. This time, with the goal of translating it into an online class. I'm quite pleased with the results, and am officially launching the class today.

I've divided the course into eight major presentations, plus three short lectures, in over three hours of video. All of the lessons have downloads, including the slides, worksheets, and other resources.

The major lessons are:
  1. The Charitable Giving Landscape
  2. Making Your Fundraising Case
  3. Getting Ready for Grants
  4. Starting Your Proposal
  5. Goals and Outcomes
  6. Methodology, Evaluation, and Sustainability
  7. Budgets
  8. Putting it All Together
Throughout the course I put an emphasis on the modes of communication, good storytelling, and what funders are looking for (including strong outcomes statements).

The cost of the course will be $64.99 (students at the Community Foundation typically paid $65/each for the same material), but, to get the course launched, I am offering it to my regular readers for only $9.99 through this link (limited time offer).

Please let me know your reaction to the course, and if you have any ideas for what online course you'd like me to develop next!
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