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The Carfree Cities group is about making our cities more liveable.

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Carfree cities: Web sites of intererst

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Carfree movement communities

There are already a certain number of communities working for carfree cities.

Here are a few I found. Could you post in the comments below more information on other *active* communities? thanks.

1- ,
there are more discussion groups at yahoo on the same topic. Just search.
Which ones are in your opinion the most active and interesting?

2- , not specific to any area.

3- I saw a few others, but I have to dig back up the links... I'll update here as I find them. some nice information, but difficult to find. provides information on carfree housing developments in London, and in South East England.

Unfortunately, this information is not very well organized. As it is, the web site is useful only for one group of people: those who already live in London or those who have decided in which area of London they would like to live in.

Velorution: a company passionate about selling bicycles is the web site of a small (big?) UK based company selling all kinds of bicycles, tricycles, cargo bikes and freight bikes catering for families, business people, etc...

Look at their online store to see the variety of products they have on offer... (Bi/tri)cycles come in all kinds of colors (of course) and shapes! What an interesting visit for me who lives in a country where bicycles are extremely old, boring ... and few! (It really is time for city-dwellers here to end their love story with their automobiles).

Carfree cities handbook

This handbook is a collaborative work of the members of the "carfree cities" project.
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Member contributions on the topic of car free cities: .

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