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If no specific/ ad-hoc forum exists on your topic, post your comment in one of those forums:
Here you can post anything related to You can report technical issues, discuss the organisation of the site, etc... This site is very new. We need to build it, defines some simple rules and the mission statement, and start building a community around it. Here, we are shapping what this web site is to become.
8 12 14 years 41 weeks ago
by wechangesiteadmin
Post reviews of web sites, companies, project. Give information on different topics to allow visitors to understand both the problem and the solution.
22 29 16 years 31 weeks ago
by wechangesiteadmin
We Change the world, starting with ourselves. We all know that the world is facing many serious problems. There is no need to make a list! The problems however are as much within ourselves than without. We need to change both. What advice, opinion, question do you have? What do you change or would like to change?
3 4 17 years 48 weeks ago
by Marnia
Discuss and post information about what can concretely be done. Post calls for cooperation.
3 3 18 years 11 weeks ago
by forbes leslie
When need arises, we will create forums that are more specific, with a topic more narrowly defined, so that all related discussion can happen within one forum.
Discussion about the project "Creating Communitas".
3 4 18 years 13 weeks ago
by Augustin