Publishing License Project

This group is about drafting a license to use within the book publishing industry and for the readers.

The license is permissive in the same way as the GPL (for software) and the Creative Commons (for online material) are.

At the same time, the license guarantees the protection of the environment by making sure that the author's income is not bound to be proportional to the negative impact the published books have on the environment.

Join this group if you wish to participate in drafting the document, if you wish to use the License or if you generally have an interest in progressive licenses (like CC or GPL).

To know more, a good starting point is the handbook for the publishing license project.

December 2007: just started


I just started the Publishing License Project:

During the month of December 2007, I'll try to document as many of my ideas as possible.
Your feedback is welcome.

Publishing License Project handbook

This handbook is designed as an extended FAQ about the project.

We will explore the whys, hows, etc.

Also, is an opportunity to gather thoughts, ideas, etc. that will eventually lead to an actual draft of the license being written.