Opening of has just opened. is a community web site for all those who want to understand and know more about the Astral dimension, either via dreams, Astral Projections, OBE (Out of Body experiences), Lucid Dreams, etc.

The technical offering of the web site will be expanded over time. It already includes a blog section and a wiki section.

Each member has its own blog to use as a diary for their practices and experiences.

Introduction to

There is one thing that is certain in this world: our society needs to change. is about promoting and enabling this change, one human being at a time: changing ourselves and changing the way we relate to the world for our own benefit and for the benefit of the whole humanity.

Individually, there is a lot that we can do. Together, we can achieve much more.

How to report Gmail spammers to Google?

Many spammers use a email address to operate. Obviously, Google does its best (?) to block such users. Unfortunately, depending on the type of spam the email is used for, reporting the spam may or may not be useful.

... todo ...

Different types of spam

Spam is a generic term covering a wide range of internet-based unethical and unwanted behavior by a small group of individuals seeking profit by absolutely any means. While we all recognize spam when we see it, different types of spam vary widely in terms of strategy used, technical loopholes exploited and internet medium.

Email spam

No Spam in my backyard!

Not in my virtual backyard

Spam is a virtual environment problem. We can make an easy analogy with our planet's environment. People generally do not mind the existence of polluting factories in some remote corner of the country, but they would strongly protest should someone propose to build a factory, a power station or a garbage incineration center within sight of their backyard.

Spamology wiki

This is the cover page for the Spamology wiki.

You are welcome to edit this page and any child page.


Fed up with spam?
Would you like to help find ways to fight the root cause of spam, as well as, more practically, its manifestations?
Join this group!

Anti-spam group

Publishing License Project

This group is about drafting a license to use within the book publishing industry and for the readers.

The license is permissive in the same way as the GPL (for software) and the Creative Commons (for online material) are.

At the same time, the license guarantees the protection of the environment by making sure that the author's income is not bound to be proportional to the negative impact the published books have on the environment.

Create and maintain an ecological and open License for publishers and readers.

Proposed procedure to seek help within a discussion group

The idea is to make a positive contribution on the web. We often require help and assistance. We should endeavor to contribute something to the community in return.

Therefore, when having a problem, we do our best to follow the following general principle:

  1. Clearly identify what the question/problem is.
  2. First, have a look at the Documentation Wiki, at the place where you'd expect to find the answer.
  3. If you cannot find the answer anywhere in the wiki, make a note or create a stub of a page at the most appropriate place.