Sub-atomic chaos and Free Will - random thoughts

On the wikipedia entry for Schrödinger's book "What is Life?", there is mention of inherently chaotic state that exist on a small (sub-atomic) scale:

Omega-3 and the link between violence and diet

This article explains that much violence is apparently related to our modern diet. It starves our brains of key nutrients found in fish oil.

a bikeshed color problem

Recently, I made a very informal proposal for Drupal developers to cooperate to fight spam at the source of the problem. Unfortunately, there has been no reply to my email.

Regularly, the developers' mailing list, just like many other discussion groups, would go into lengthy debates about fairly inconsequential topics. Around that time, a new default theme for Drupal was being heavily discussed, as well as a new convention to name different Drupal releases.

A way to fight spam together?

Recently, spammers were heavily targetting wechange which was experiencing problems as a result. I wrote to the Drupal developers' list to ask for assistance. Fortunately, I have been able to find a solution quickly.

A digest of Formng Tribalized Communities

I'm contemplating summarizing Forming Tribalized Communities. I have more than one interest and it might help to weave them together. The book Forming Tribalized Communities sets out a large view of where we are now as a culture and goes on to describe the emerging culture. There is a lot to read and perhaps it is best thought of as a resource or reference. This is why a summary will allow a reader to have an overall view and gives the option to focus down to a particular chapter or commentary.
Communitas is an ongoing commentary and likely to be more of a series of blog entries. Perhaps it is more of a reflective discussion and will address other related aspects such as Western Buddhism or consumerism. I'll work on supplying an overarching statement or description of both these blogs.

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Forming Tribalized Communities

Changing the mainstream - Changing the self - Changing the way we act together - The change to post Green
Self and society are intertwined. As the individual comes to understand that the environment must be sustained, then too, dawns the realization that society must sustain the environment. We exercise the direction of societal change by our individual changes. We are mayflies and as we change our direction in the breeze of change we bring down the mighty oak.
The mighty oak is survivalist society with all the implications of that society. The breeze of change is the global marketplace and environmental limits with all the implications of that change.

An Assured Sustainable Corporation

A tribalised community has, as its reason for existence, a certain quest. That quest may have some commercial value and provide sustenance and shelter of its individual members. Many quests have no obvious commercial value and if sustenance and shelter cannot be assured then the quest would have to be abandoned. A sustainable assurance corporation assures sustenance and shelter thereby allowing the pursuit of other quests. By joining a sustainable assurance company a person `buys' guaranteed lifetime work at a wage sufficient to provide adequate shelter, sustenance, and transportation.