About the wechange Projects

The web site wechange is organized around "groups" or "projects". The software running this site is using the word "Group", but within wechange the word "Project" would be more appropriate. You may see the word "Group" in the title of certain site blocks (like in the block "My Groups"), while we use the word "Project" elsewhere. Both actually mean the same thing.

What is a Project?

A project is a special area of the web site that focuses on one single topic. People who are interested in that particular topic may want to "subscribe" to that project, so they can easily post content to that project.

The projects are listed at the very top of the page (yellow links). On the project home page, you will find a short description of the project, and a list of member blog entries, forum topics or handbook pages posted within that project.

If you wish to start your own project, just post a short proposal in the forum (Wechange Community!).

How to post in a project?

First, you must subscribe to the project. Go to the project home page, and follow the link 'subscribe' at the side. Once you are a member of the project, you will see a few links on the topmost block on the left (this is the project block): follow the links "Create blog entry / forum topic".

When you are writing your post, you can also make sure that proper project is selected: there is a "Group" collapsible form section. Click on the form section title to expand it. Then, if you are a member of several groups, make sure to check all the projects your post is relevant to.