Having the power to change

Many people are eager for change. Unfortunately, most wish others to change but are unwilling or unable to change themselves. "Aah, if only people could do this or that or if they could think/believe the way I do," they complain.

Whatever the intentions, good or bad, there seem to arise more trouble than it's worth from trying to change other people. The true great spiritual leaders of this world are people who never imposed their views on others but were simply living their own teachings.

It's impossible to change others, and trying to do so invariably leads to a sense of powerlessness. On the other hand, when trying to apply change within our own lives, we start to feel the power to actually do things.

Similarly, a great deal of unrest comes from trying to force other people to behave in a certain way. All political leaders do this, to a certain extent. Thus, wars arise. Instead of trying to control other people's beliefs and actions, it would be much more constructive to focus on changing our own belief system and changing the way we interact with the society that surrounds us.

As more world citizens discover this site and share their stories, we are looking forward to introduce to you some examples of how such positive change can take place within ourselves and within our local community. This is precisely what this web site is about.