Technical FAQ

If you experience problem while browsing this site, post a comment in the community forum.

We answer here some questions have already been asked.

I posted some comments, but they don't appear on the site.

There could be two reasons why your comment doesn't appear on the site:

  1. First, check you have properly submitted your comment. You need to click "preview" to preview your comment first, and then click "submit" to post your comment. If you forget the second step, your post will not be saved.
  2. If you are a registered user, your comment should appear straight away. If you are not registered, your comment will be placed in the moderation queue (to prevent spamming). Wait a day or two, and after review your comment will be published.

What are those posts full of funny characters or question marks?

Hey! I found a post that needs to be deleted!

You may stumble on some forum topics which seem to be completely garbbled. No, nothing is broken. Most likely, those are some posts in Chinese. You need to have some Chinese fonts installed on your machine in order to view them: even if you don't understand a word of Chinese, the characters are nice to look at, nonetheless!

So, why are there some posts in Chinese on this site?

Eventually, wechange will become a global, multi-lingual web site, but some easy settings will exist to ensure that you only see the content in English, if that's what you understand.

This still needs to be done, though. Meanwhile, the main language used throughout wechange will be English, but users will still be allowed to post comments or articles in Chinese or French (other languages are not understood by the current moderation 'team', so comments in other languages are not allowed).