Science and Spirituality

Exploration of the frontier between mainstream science and religious mysticism.

Opening of has just opened. is a community web site for all those who want to understand and know more about the Astral dimension, either via dreams, Astral Projections, OBE (Out of Body experiences), Lucid Dreams, etc.

The technical offering of the web site will be expanded over time. It already includes a blog section and a wiki section.

Each member has its own blog to use as a diary for their practices and experiences.

suggestion for a 'Hello' thread


I'm new, I was just having a look for the usual 'Introductions'/ 'Hi I'm new'/ 'Hello's Here' kind of thread, and you don't seem to have one yet... so may I suggest it?

I also wasn't sure which section would be most appropriate to start it in. But actually I think it'd be worth making a whole specific forum for this purpose.

Oh, and btw, I'm new, hi! :-)


Sub-atomic chaos and Free Will - random thoughts

On the wikipedia entry for Schrödinger's book "What is Life?", there is mention of inherently chaotic state that exist on a small (sub-atomic) scale:

New group: science and spirituality


This is just to inform you that I just created this new group.
I am going to post some information in it in the next few days and weeks.

You are welcome to join and contribute what you want.