suggestion for a 'Hello' thread


I'm new, I was just having a look for the usual 'Introductions'/ 'Hi I'm new'/ 'Hello's Here' kind of thread, and you don't seem to have one yet... so may I suggest it?

I also wasn't sure which section would be most appropriate to start it in. But actually I think it'd be worth making a whole specific forum for this purpose.

Oh, and btw, I'm new, hi! :-)


Hello Santi!

Your suggestion is very good indeed. Sorry for not replying earlier.

If beside Buddhism you are also interested in Hinduism and the Bhagavad Gita, check this active thread:
with very interesting comments.

The site is a bit dusty, for lack of activity, but I am eager to maintain it actively. A few things need to be fixed here and there, and I welcome more suggestions.

The general topic of the whole web site is "WE change" (ourselves and/or the world). So, how do you think we could use the various groups (communitas / science and spirituality) to encourage future visitors to be the change we wish to see?