Simple English

In this group, there are articles in simple English: they are easy to understand.

You can write a simple article.
Your article can be about peace, about nature, about environment protection, about helping other people...

Your article must be very simple.
Many people are learning English. They don't understand difficult words. They don't understand long sentences. But they want to learn English. They want to help the world, too.

You can use one difficult word in your article. Use this word a lot. The reader can check the word in the dictionary. The word is used often: the reader will learn this difficult word.
You cannot use many difficult words.
For example, in this article, I use the word "article" many times. A person can check the word "article" in the dictionary, and understand everything.

I'm crazy about a singer.

Recently, I'm crazy about a singer.
He is good at singing. His name is Van.
I cry when I listen to Van's songs.

I like one of the song. The tittle is "Love Story". It is a beautiful love story. A boy waited for a girl .
But he knew that the girl didn't want him. He still waited and waited. It rained then. He thought that the star were laughing at him.

Help everyone go on a diet

There are too many people who become fat.
A lot of people always eat too much meat and hate to eat vegetables. There is too much protein and fat in our body. And it's not good for our health.

I think everyone will get more and more slender when they want to improve their diet.

The important is how they eat. When we eat too much junk food and we seldom exercise, we'll get fatter and fatter. Maybe we can see the nutrition facts on the packaging when we want to eat some food. If there are too many calories and the food is not good for our health, we must seldom eat this.