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Regeneration or Armageddon? 60 Years Ago and Today

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October 17, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsPolitics & Globalization regeneration_or_armageddon_1200x630.jpg

The main issue that radicalized me when I first became a student activist in the 1960s was war, the actual bloody war going on in Viet-Nam, and the always pending war, permanently etched into the back of my mind, the threat of nuclear war between Russia and the United States. I became a draft resister in 1967, like hundreds of thousands of others, and refused to go to Viet-Nam, opting to become a non-violent warrior for peace and justice instead.

The nuclear standoff that traumatized me and a whole generation of anti-war and civil rights activists arose during the Cuban missile crisis of October 16-28, 1962—60 years ago.

Years later I learned that a global catastrophe in October 1962 was averted only because a Soviet submarine commander, off the coast of Cuba, disobeyed orders to fire his nuclear missiles, after a U.S. naval vessel dropped explosive depth-charges, trying to force the Russian submarine to the surface. The 1962 nuclear standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union, eerily reminiscent of the current nuclear standoff in Ukraine, was precipitated by American deployment of nuclear missiles in Turkey, adjacent to the borders of the USSR, prompting Soviet deployment of intermediate atomic missiles in Cuba.

Years later I learned that the U.S. President at the time, John F. Kennedy, was similarly traumatized by the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK realized that trying to bully Russia with nuclear missiles in Turkey and elsewhere was a serious mistake, and that the US and Russia must step back from the abyss, and begin the long process of disarmament. JFK was furious that the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (what we now call the Deep State) had manipulated him into supporting a reckless and ill-fated invasion of Cuba in 1961 (by Cuban exiles and CIA mercenaries), and then a year later encouraged him to carry out a nuclear first strike against Cuba and Russia. Circumventing the war hawks in the Deep State, Kennedy developed secret, back channel communications with the Premier of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, and later, Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader. They were forced to speak through back-channels because neither JFK nor Khrushchev trusted the war hawks and military madmen in their countries.

Through intermediaries (including Pope John XXIII) Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro were working on an agreement to reduce rather than escalate international conflict, and to work together for a lasting peace. Privately the President told his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, and other White House insiders that he intended “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces” during his second term. Unfortunately, JFK never got the chance to serve a second term as President. He was assassinated in Dallas by the CIA and the Deep State on November 22, 1963. 

Knowing that Robert F. Kennedy would follow in the footsteps of his brother and likely win the Presidency in 1968, RFK was similarly assassinated by the Deep State in California on June 5, 1968. 

A year before RFK’s assassination, the Reverend Martin Luther King started speaking out strongly against the Viet-Nam war and U.S. imperialism.  The Deep State killed MLK on April 4, 1968. All three assassinations were blamed by the Deep State and the mass media on “lone gunmen.” 

Most of you, of course, were too young, or not even born yet, to remember or even hear about the atomic bomb drills and the undercurrent of fear that Baby Boomers, like myself, lived through. The sirens would sound, the school fire alarms would go off, and we were told over the school PA systems to crawl under our classroom desks face down, with our hands over our heads, and stay there until the “all-clear” sirens sounded again. I can distinctly remember the bizarre, patriotic-themed movies we watched in high school telling us how we should prepare for nuclear war. I will never forget the day I went out with my family in my hometown in Texas to check out the bomb shelters which people had begun installing in their back yards. A small group of rebels in my high school found a book by Bertrand Russell, Common Sense and Nuclear Warfare, which talked about the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and taught us how war between Russia and the U.S. would be a holocaust, from which there would be no escape. The Ban the Bomb movement, as it was called, spawned a massive movement. 

Once again it’s time for all of us to stand up for peace and sanity. Forty percent of Americans currently believe that we need to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine, but we need to educate and mobilize the majority. Most of the members of Congress and the White House are still banging the drums of war, cowardly angling for reelection or donor dollars. Spending for war, weapons, and CIA operations now total 1.4 trillion dollars annually. We obviously need to redirect this money to rebuilding our economy and our nation. Go to the website of Code Pink or other anti-war groups and get involved. 

Using the threat of war with Russia (and now China) to gain votes in the mid-term elections (and the forthcoming 2024 elections), or to sell more arms is nothing but treason and insanity. Listen war hawks, neo-cons, neo-liberals: there will be no healthy food, public health, nor hope for social justice and a living environment for our children and the future generations, unless we stop the madness. We must force our elected politicians to negotiate and put an end to the war in Ukraine. We must force our governments to sit down with the other Superpowers, once and for all, and abolish all nuclear and biological weapons. Once we begin this long-overdue process of denuclearization, we can begin to negotiate on all the burning issues. Now is not the time to lose hope or remain silent. We don’t have to agree on everything, but our survival demands that we put an end to the war in Ukraine, all war, and nuclear/biological weapons of mass destruction.

Watch The People's World Food Day Summit

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All About Organics, Environment & ClimateRegeneration InternationalOctober 14, 2022 peoples_world_food_summit.png

The Organic Consumers Association, in conjunction with our sister organization, Regeneration International, and other partners, held the People's Food Summit on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

This was the second time this world event was held - a major 24-hour event on World Food day on Oct 16, featuring speakers from every region of our planet. Last year was a spectacularly successful event, with over 522,000 people from all regions of our world tuning in to watch and listen to our numerous topics.

Because we reached so many people, this event had a very high impact.

This year’s event was a 24-hour global, participatory, virtual summit starting in Oceania and moving westwards through the time zones of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Each region was self-organized, so they were empowered to present the messages and issues that are their priorities.

The People’s Food Summit is a truly participatory summit that empowers the majority of the world's food producers: the small-holder family farmers, pastoralists, and foresters who produce 70% of the food we eat.

We presented the proven, farmer-based, real-world examples that are the future of our food and farming systems, including agroecology, organic and regenerative farming, permaculture, agroforestry, holistically managed grazing and many other systems.

Regeneration International was delighted to work with our many partners such as the Organic Consumers Association, The Global Alliance for Organic Districts, IFOAM Asia, Navdanya, the International Network of Eco Regions, Savory Hub Africa, Via Organica, AFSA, The League of Organic Municipalities and Cities and BERAS International in hosting the People's Food Summit on World Food Day.

Watch the video streams from the summit on Regeneration International's YouTube page here.

COVID & the Great Reset: Pandemic or Plandemic?

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September 27, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsCOVID-19, COVID-19 Actions, OCA on COVID-19 people_street_face_masks_1200x630.jpg

Last Friday (Sept. 23) I talked on the phone with our friends and fellow activists at the headquarters in Florida, where a sophisticated and damaging cyberattack, no doubt orchestrated by the COVID/Pharma/Deep State, has temporarily brought down Mercola’s website servers, forcing them to rely on Substack for distribution of their daily newsletter and shutting down their ability to sell nutritional supplements and organic food directly over the internet. (Note: As of now, Mercola products are once again available for purchase over the internet.). 

The most recent attacks on Mercola, OCA, Children’s Health Defense, and other COVID/Ukraine truth-tellers, following three years of Establishment lies, censorship, de-platforming, slander, and direct economic sanctions/sabotage, are perhaps a sign that our grassroots networks and educational efforts are starting to seriously undermine the US and transcontinental power grab, the so-called Great Rest, of the global economic elite.

A growing number of independent scientists and analysts and the overwhelming majority of the American public have now “pierced the veil” of lies, fear-mongering, and propaganda. A critical mass of the body politic understand that the release or escape of SARS CoV-2 was not an act of nature, a so-called zoonotic spillover event, but rather a highly predictable and anticipated release or escape of a genetically engineered military/medical “dual-use” coronavirus.

The SARS-CoV-2 “Frankenvirus,” a joint project of US and Chinese scientists including Ralph Baric, Shi Zhengli, and others was genetically engineered (most prominently the furin cleavage site of the SARS virus spike protein) to be highly transmissible to humans, whereas the original bat coronavirus was not. After genetic manipulation in the lab for widespread transmissibility, the SARS-CoV-2 virus had the biological capability to threaten and injure, or even kill, the most vulnerable sectors of the population (the elderly and those with serious pre-existing health problems, weakened immune systems, and multiple comorbidities), magnifying and exacerbating preexisting chronic diseases.

In a serious violation of an international treaty and a U.S. law on biological weapons, SARS-CoV-2 was jointly developed and financed by the Chinese military and the US Pentagon, with additional funding (likely to disguise the fact that it could be employed as an illegal bioweapon) from Fauci’s NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and the Chinese CDC (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Since the onset of COVID-19, both the Chinese Communist Party and the US government, along with the WHO and the World Economic Forum, aided and abetted by indentured virologists, public health officials, Establishment media, and politicians, have gone to great lengths to cover-up the lab origins of the virus and to brand critics of the official story as “Conspiracy Theorists.”  When backed into a corner by political grandstanding, US and Chinese officials have at times mutually accused one another of releasing the Wuhan “Chinese Virus” or the “US Fort Detrick” virus, although both Superpowers (who of course are major business partners) seem to prefer to stick to the natural spillover narrative, since it exonerates them both from mass negligence and murder.

Although “cases,” “hospitalizations” and “deaths” “from COVID” (as opposed to “with COVID-19”) were wildly inflated in 2020-21, utilizing flawed models, misleading data, and mis-calibrated PCR lab tests, the engineered virus (if left untreated in its early stages with effective drugs such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and supplements such as vitamin D, quercetin, and zinc) certainly proved dangerous to millions of the elderly and those in poor health suffering from pre-existing medical conditions, such as obesity or heart disease. Nonetheless COVID-19 was and continues to be apparently no more hazardous to healthy adults with intact immune systems and the young than the seasonal flu, with weakened 2022 variants more akin to the common cold. Meanwhile reports of direct and collateral damage from the mandates and lockdown continue, with casualty figures from the forced genetically engineered “vaccines,” and overall (non-COVID) mortality deaths increasing each month.

As bioweapons and virology expert, Dr. Meryl Nass, explains:

“COVID the illness clearly came out of a laboratory … if you’re an honest scientist there’s no question about that. Even Jeffrey Sachs, who is a Nobel Prize winning economist and who was the leader of the COVID Recommendations Committee of The Lancet, has come out and said that it came from a lab. Whether the disease was designed to cause harm to people or whether it was just an experiment gone awry, we don’t know. But because of this lab origin the potential exists that certain features were actually built in deliberately to the virus that causes the disease. So it seems to cause more autoimmunity, more clotting, more damage to the inside of blood vessels, the vascular endothelium, than other coronaviruses.”

COVID-19 was widely predicted in advance by Fauci, Gates, the WEF, Big Pharma, the CIA, and the Chinese CDC, et al, with government responses (censorship, tracking, and quarantines) discussed/planned in advance at gatherings such as Event 201 in New York City in October 2019.

Once unleashed and fear-mongered, COVID-19 was used to justify societal lockdowns, mandates, vaccine passports, and the destruction of small businesses, retailers, and farms, consolidating power and unprecedented super profits in the hands of Silicon Valley billionaires, vaccine profiteers, and large multinational corporations. Generating widespread suspicion that the Pandemic was actually a Plandemic, numerous patents (on engineered varieties of the virus and potential vaccines or drugs) were filed and scientific articles published describing the process of engineering the virus to be highly transmissible, long before the pandemic was even officially announced.

The genetically engineered “messenger RNA” platforms behind the so-called COVID-19 vaccines were also already in the works well before the pandemic. They were just waiting for the opportunity to go mainstream which COVID provided, according to Nass.

Meryl Nass and supporting organizations including the OCA are endorsing a pledge to speak out against the injustice of vaccine mandates and the propaganda and censorship that’s run rampant since March 2020.

Nass explains:

“What we have to do is redo the emergency laws in the U.S., and I’ve suggested a pledge that we can ask people and candidates to take that will cause legislatures to review emergency rules.

So when an emergency is declared, you only get it for two weeks, if you’re a governor or a secretary of health or the president, and then by the end of two weeks the legislature or the Congress has to convene and hold hearings on whether they’re still in an emergency and whether they’ve done the right things for that emergency.

The pledge also asks for mandates to be lifted. It’s against U.S. law to mandate experimental products and everything under EUA is an investigational, experimental product. I’m happy for anyone to be vaccinated or wear masks who wants to, but there should be no mandates for those products.”

The pledge also demands an end to censorship, the restriction of communication between people, the propagandizing by government and private enterprises, and the collusion between government and social media, as well as a ban on gain-of-function research, which likely contributed to the creation of SARS-CoV-2 in the first place.

“The founders paid, in blood, for the freedoms we have,” Nass said. “And we have a lot of freedoms enshrined in law, but they’ve been taken from us under the guise of a pandemic. Now we have to fight with everything we’ve got to get them back before they’re gone forever.”

OCA has begun to prepare for high-profile, witnesses-under-oath Congressional hearings on the lab origins of COVID-19, expected to begin in early 2023. We are also working with lawyers to develop a legal strategy to bring the perpetrators of COVID-19 to justice. Stay tuned for further developments.

Learn more: The Right Response to Mandates, Propaganda and Censorship

Very Rotten Rules

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September 14, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationAll About Organics, Farm Issues chicken_hen_rooster_1200x630.jpg

Once again, organic standards are being twisted and threatened.

Send your comments to the USDA here. Read on for more info!

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed a new rule for the standards around raising organic chickens. On the surface, it seems to be heading in the right direction; new provisions for living conditions, clarifications on existing requirements, and differentiations between avian and mammalian living conditions.

Under the surface, we find some very rotten rules.

Mark Kastel of OrganicEye points out there are at least eight concerns with the proposed rule. A summary of them are:

1.      Allowing porches with concrete floors to be counted as outdoor space

2.      Chickens will only have one to two square feet of outdoor space, depending on age and weight

3.      Up to 50% of the outdoor space can be paved with concrete

4.      Chickens will only have one to two square feet of indoor space, depending on age and weight

5.      Laying hens can be confined indoors for as long as the first 21 weeks of life

6.      Allowing the chopping off of part of the chickens’ beaks to prevent them from pecking their flock mates

7.      Elimination of standards requiring natural light

8.      Implementation of various elements will be phased in over three, eight, and fifteen years (grandfathering in current CAFO elements for up to 15 years)

Bottom line: it is not a good time to be a chicken in the U.S.

But what can we do?

The USDA currently has an open public comment period, which lasts until October 11, 2022. The public will be able to make their comments (here, or here) until that time.

Please use your voice to make comments, and then back it up with your dollars! Choosing to buy products directly from farmers and ranchers will have the biggest impact. You can find many regenerative farmers here on Regeneration International’s Regenerative Farm Map.

You can also check out Cornucopia’s Organic Poultry Scorecard, and their Organic Egg Scorecard.

Make sure you are staying up-to-date on these and other issues by signing up for OCA’s Organic Bytes newsletter.

How Medicine Fails to Protect Children's Health from Chronic Disease

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September 6, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationNate DoromalEnvironment & Climate, Food Safety, Health Issues child_kid_eating_fed_1200x630.jpg

How Medicine's Ignorance of the Role of Environmental Toxins in Children's Health Signals the Need for Greater Reform

Attention, parents, family members, and concerned citizens!

Children's health is getting worse. And it has been doing so for decades.

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought about widespread changes to our daily lives, forcing us to reexamine our lives and values in the wake of the crisis, it also brought widespread examination and criticism of our medical systems.

Medicine has heralded the need for intervention to protect children from COVID. However, despite the startlingly low risk of COVID for children (akin to the risk of being struck by lightning) and the harmful health effects of masking a child, the CDC pushed a policy for masking children in schools, an approach that The Atlantic criticized as flawed and based on shaky science.

Now health authorities are pushing the COVID vaccines for children despite the questionable risk benefits to a demographic that has never been at risk for COVID while downplaying potential hazards such as myocarditis.

Despite the fear-mongering from the media, infectious diseases, including COVID, are not the foremost health concerns for children. A look at the top ten causes of childhood mortality reveals the top three medically-related conditions are cancer, congenital anomalies, and heart disease.

On the contrary, the top health concerns for children are chronic conditions. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) stated in 2016 that "the primary burden of disease in children and young people has shifted from infectious diseases towards chronic conditions."

This shift has been occurring over decades, and medicine offers no easy answers for underlying causes. Much of the belief is that the onset of these diseases is genetic. But this is a simplistic answer that ignores deeper reasons.

As we will see, modern medicine has largely ignored a significant potential source of problems - environmental toxins.

Here we will examine the problem of declining children's health, bring up known environmental toxins that could play a role in that decline, and show how medicine needs to reorient towards a broader vantage point to make progress on children's health.

The Normalization of Chronic Illness in Children

It's suddenly become the norm for children to have a chronic illness.

A review by Children's Health Defense paints a stark picture. Despite higher per capita health spending, children have poorer health outcomes than in other Western nations. In addition, the review shows that every chronic illness is on the rise in children, including asthma, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, allergies, autoimmunity, etc.

The CDC's analysis corroborates these facts. According to them, 40% of school-aged children have at least one chronic health condition, such as asthma, obesity, other physical conditions, and behavioral/learning problems. The CDC further states that there are significant year-over-year increases in cases of diabetes in youths younger than 20 years, with gains of 4.8% per year for type 2 diabetes and 1.9% for type 1 diabetes.

It turns out that mental health issues are on the rise in children. A five-year study on US children's health and well-being found that rates of anxiety and depression in children rose 30% from 2016 to 2020. A survey done on young people in the UK saw a 19% increase in the proportion of mental disorders between 1999 and 2017. The CDC estimates that as many as 1 out of 5 children experience a mental illness in any given year.

There has been a stellar increase in obesity in children. Childhood obesity prevalence is ten times higher now compared to 1970. Obesity increases the risk for many serious diseases, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and mental illness. In addition, childhood obesity is associated with lower IQ.

Medicine has been aware of the rise of chronic illnesses in children. Yet it cannot explain why. If it cannot understand these chronic illnesses, medicine cannot prevent them. Nor does medicine deal with the underlying causes of these illnesses.

Instead, medicine places its focus on the short-term treatment of symptoms. Children with diabetes are given insulin for the rest of their lives, asthma patients are given inhalers, children with severe food allergies carry around EpiPens, and many others take a cornucopia of pharmaceutical drugs.

Medicine is not hurrying to change the status quo. There is no accompanying public health mobilization to find permanent solutions to chronic illness as there was with COVID-19. Instead, things are fine and dandy as clinicians prescribe short-term remedies while passing the buck on dealing with root causes.

It's the environment, stupid!

We can take a lesson from former president Bill Clinton when he drove the point "It's the economy, stupid" to win the presidential nomination against incumbent George Bush.

Medicine has focused much on genetics and infectious diseases for the science policy of the last few decades. But these factors do not explain the rise in chronic illnesses. Human genetics remains the same, and infectious disease has been diminishing since the early 1900s.

The actual suspect here is the environment - something has changed in the environment that is leading to an increase in chronic illnesses in children.

Simply put, it's the environment, stupid. If we want to truly solve the problem of chronic illness, we have to look at the possibility that something in the environment is causing harm to people's health.

But when has a clinician ever had a heart-to-heart talk with you about the toxins in your environment? For most people, it's never. In truth, most clinicians do not know how to assess or educate patients about environmental toxins.

But it's not just mere suspicion. We have plenty of science to back it up. And we've known about it for decades.

Medicine and Environmental Toxicity - A Dismal History

You should know that the history of environmental toxicity has been a dismal one.

Think about it. Why is gasoline sometimes branded as "unleaded?" Because harmful lead additives were once added to it. Banned in the USA in 1966, according to NBC, leaded gasoline has "blunted" the IQ of half the US population.

How about asbestos? It was used as insulation in buildings throughout the world. However, it turns out that asbestos fibers can be released into the air and cause damage to the lungs. Each year 12,000 to 15,000 people die of asbestos-related causes in the USA. Though the first documented death was in 1906, and while many other nations in the world have banned the use of asbestos, the USA remains one of the few countries not to have entirely done so.

Another prominent example is the use of the pesticide DDT. During the 1940s and 1950s, DDT was widely used as an agricultural insecticide on both farms and in neighborhoods. Health authorities encouraged the use of DDT in the USA to stop the spread of polio and to stop the spread of malaria in third-world countries. You can find pictures of trucks spraying DDT in front of smiling families. All of these led to enormous profits for chemical companies.

This changed in 1962 when Rachel Carson published the book Silent Spring, which documented DDT's physiological and environmental effects. She brought attention to FDA data that showed that DDT was carcinogenic. She also brought attention to the intentional use of disinformation by chemical companies.

Her book changed public sentiment against DDT, eventually leading to its ban in the USA in 1972. Despite this ban, US chemical companies still manufacture DDT for sale in foreign countries.

The Playbook for Profiting from Environmental Toxins

We can learn much about looking at patterns from the history of environmental toxins. The design is always the same:

1. A corporate company develops a new chemical with commercial applications.

2. The company petitions the government regulators for approval by presenting safety data from its non-peer-reviewed, internally generated studies.

3. The company markets the new product, which is then successfully adopted throughout society, and the company makes substantial profits.

4. Researchers and whistleblowers start to come forward about the dangers of the chemical.

5. The company goes into defense mode to protect its profits and limit liability by launching PR campaigns, hiring its team of experts to assure the public the chemical is safe, and attacking opposing researchers using character smear tactics.

6. The chemical hurts real people, and the epidemiological data of harm accumulates.

7. The company strategically delays public action by questioning safety data, calling for more studies, and influencing legislators via political lobbying.

8. Eventually, the number of people harmed and the opposing research becomes so overwhelming that public change begins to happen.

The pattern should be familiar when considering one of the most well-known environmental toxins, cigarette smoking. The health consequences of cigarettes are devastating - an estimated 480,000 deaths are attributable to smoking per year just in the United States.

But what is not commonly known by the public is that the tobacco companies knew about the harms of cigarette smoking for over 40 years but hid the data from the public, a sinister act that has harmed untold numbers of people.

Moreover, this sinister act includes numerous professionals, researchers, doctors, and politicians. It is almost too much for the average person to believe.

In the instances described, it is essential to note just how slow the medical community was to act on reports of harm to people. The spread of new knowledge moves at slug-like speeds and can take decades to permeate the medical community.

Moreover, the health effects of environmental toxicity can be myriad, and it is easy for clinicians to accept the default route (not to mention more profitable) of treating symptoms without searching for an underlying cause. As a result, it is easy for medical professionals to fall into the traps of blaming the victim and groupthink.

Though people want to believe that things are different now, it would be naive to do so. The same pattern occurs with chemicals used right now; you must protect yourself and your family.

Environmental Toxins You Should Know About

Just as COVID-19 quickly became a household word, there are several environmental toxins that everyone should know about. We will cover a few key ones here.

The Facts on Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) are highly carcinogenic manufactured chemical compounds with no taste or smell. They were manufactured in 1929 and then distributed by the chemical company Monsanto starting in 1935. PCB was used in many industrial settings until its adverse effects became known, leading to its banning in the USA in 1979.

PCB has been used in various applications, including electrical equipment, surface coatings, inks, adhesives, flame-retardants, and paints. For example, if you walk around and see an old electrical transformer on a powerline, it might have PCB.

Additionally, PCB has the unfortunate property of being a "forever chemical" because they take a very long time to break down and thus circulate throughout the environment, going from the air to the soil, into plants and animals, and into our bodies from eating, drinking, or breathing.

Most people would be surprised to know that PCBs are so prevalent that just about all of us have some amount of PCB in our bodies. PCBs can accumulate in our bodies and stay there for decades.

PCBs are present in our environment in many ways. For example, General Electric used the Hudson River in New York as a discharge outlet for PCBs for over 30 years and thus leading to its heavy contamination. A global study found that 90% of free-range eggs have PCB contamination. PCBs can be passed to humans from contaminated fish. PCBs can even be in the air; contaminated indoor air in older buildings is a concern.

The adverse effects of PCBs are well-established. There is clear evidence that PCBs have toxic effects on animals and humans. The EPA concludes that PCB is a probable human carcinogen. PCBs have been shown in human and animal studies to hamper the immune system and increase susceptibility to infections. Studies suggest that infants exposed to heightened levels of PCBs are at higher risk of impaired neurological deficits and learning orders. These are just some negative effects, and there are far more, including damage to reproductive organs and the liver.

The Facts on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

PFAS is an acronym for the complicated-sounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. This group of chemicals has been the recent talk around environmental circles as the EPA warns that PFAS is more dangerous than previously thought.

Like PCB, PFAS is another class of "forever chemicals" that, once released into the environment, degrade very slowly and spread through the ecosystem, causing damage to humans and animals. Unfortunately, it is pervasive in our daily lives, homes, and workplaces. Just about everyone is exposed to some level of PFAS.

PFAS were created in the 1940s and, since the 1950s, have been widely distributed by the company 3M. 3M is now facing increasing litigation costs for its role in contaminating the environment with PFAS.

PFAS can be found in drinking water, soil near waste sites, fire extinguishing foam, food, food packaging (such as microwave popcorn bags, pizza boxes, candy wrappers, and even the kind used in restaurants), household products, dust (i.e., especially in stain and water-repellent chemicals), and certain personal care products. It is even present in the food chain of the Arctic circle.

Certainly, you have heard of Teflon non-stick pans; they were heavily marketed by the chemical company Dupont and are still being offered to the public. They contain PFAS. The use of the Teflon cookware has spread PFAS into the bodies of millions of Americans, and it is the subject of the documentary "The Devil We Know."

The health effects of PFAS are very concerning. PFAS are hormone-disrupting chemicals that have a wide variety of adverse effects, such as interfering with human fertility, impairing thyroid function, increasing cholesterol levels, causing low birth weight in infants, and increasing the risk for certain cancers. Moreover, a 2013 study found associations between heavily exposed communities and the following conditions: kidney cancer, testicular cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, hypercholesterolemia, and pregnancy-induced hypertension.

Additionally, they can suppress the immune system such that antibody response is diminished. For vulnerable populations, PFAS would increase the risk of severe COVID. There is a risk for immune system dysregulation, thus increasing the risk of autoimmune disease.

With so many products containing PFAS offered to the public, it remains to be seen how exactly the EPA will act. Until then, it is the up to individuals to protect themselves from it.

The Facts on Glyphosate

There is a dark side when you see perfect-looking lawns at houses or golf courses in your neighborhood. These perfect lawns result from frequent herbicide application to control weeds and often have the cost of negative health effects on the people that live in that area, as well as contamination of waterways and damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

The history of glyphosate is fascinating when viewed in light of the patterns of environmental toxicity described before. Glyphosate, used as an herbicide and a pesticide, was initially brought to market by the company Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) in 1974, and it is one of the world's most successful chemical products. You will find it at your favorite home improvement store under its brand name, Roundup.

From its inception, glyphosate has been mired in controversy. In 1985, it was classified by the EPA as a Class C Carcinogen (suggesting that the compound could cause cancer), but this decision was reversed in 1991, during which glyphosate was re-classified as a non-carcinogenic Class E Carcinogen.

This decision set the stage for the expansion of glyphosate use and the introduction of glyphosate-resistant genetically-modified crops (GMO) in the 1990s. The glyphosate market alone is a multi-billion dollar industry, and over 200 million pounds of glyphosate is sprayed yearly in the USA. GMO foods are often associated with higher levels of glyphosate content.

The prevalence of glyphosate in our daily lives is astounding. A CDC study found that 80% of urine samples in children and adults were glyphosate-positive. An independent study found that glyphosate is present in foods from popular restaurants. Another study by the Detox Project found the presence of significant amounts of glyphosate in foods in grocery chains. Glyphosate can even be present in tap drinking water.

Currently, as of August 22, 2022, the EPA claims that the use of glyphosate is safe. They state that there are "no risks of concern to human health from current uses of glyphosate" and "no evidence that glyphosate causes cancer in humans nor is an endocrine disruptor." While it is easy for busy people to stop at this government assessment, we will see that the science is far from settled, and the concerns are genuine.

At this moment, your body's cells are engaged in a complicated dance of activity, transforming chemicals into ones needed for critical bodily functions. The term biological pathway describes this dance. Glyphosate works to kill plants by disrupting a particular pathway that plants rely upon called the shikimate pathway.

The EPA and Monsanto argue that glyphosate is safe for human consumption because humans do not have the shikimate pathway. However, they omit from their analysis that many bacteria in the human gut have the shikimate pathway and are killed by glyphosate. In addition, it is well-known that glyphosate has been patented for use as an antibiotic. Therefore, the widespread presence of glyphosate in the food supply may be disrupting the human gut microbiome.

At this moment, trillions of microorganisms populate your gut and can dramatically affect your health. However, medicine has only recently understood the importance of the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome affects your body in numerous ways, including digesting fiber, helping control your immune system, affecting your brain health, and modulating your body weight.

As covered by this Forbes article, the concerns about glyphosate's disruption of the human gut microbiome are genuine. However, a 2017 EPA Draft Human Health Risk Assessment review shows that the EPA did not consider glyphosate's effect on the human microbiome in their glyphosate assessment of human health.

The risks to human health could be far more significant than the EPA acknowledges. The World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a working group of 17 experts from 11 countries, reviewed over 1,000 studies and concluded that glyphosate is a possible carcinogen and that there was "strong" evidence that it is genotoxic, meaning capable of damaging DNA thus leading to mutations and possibly cancer.

How could two respected government-affiliated institutions, the EPA and IARC, reach vastly different conclusions? A 2019 European study sought to answer this question and found some damning results. While the IARC relied mainly upon studies drawn from the peer-reviewed literature, the EPA relied mainly upon "registrant-commissioned, unpublished regulatory studies," many of which were done by the glyphosate manufacturers themselves.

More recent research paints a broader picture of harm to health. A 2020 review published in the Journal of Immunotoxicology corroborates the IARC findings of genotoxic effects. However, it adds additional adverse effects such as increased oxidative stress, disruption of estrogen pathways, impairment of brain functions, and causes the immune system to become more pro-inflammatory. Another study published in 2021 conjectures that glyphosate could be behind the worldwide increase in thyroid disorders.

But perhaps the most concerning health effects are glyphosate's effect on the brain. A 2022 study found that glyphosate can infiltrate the brain and cause inflammation. Another 2022 study found that disruption to the gut microbiome could play a role in severe neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis. Finally, a 2020 study found that mothers' exposure to glyphosate while pregnant increased their children's risk of autism-like behaviors.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, author of the book "Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate Is Destroying Our Health and the Environment," has long sounded the alarm on the problem of glyphosate. In addition to harming the gut microbiome, she states that "the evidence is solid that glyphosate substitutes for the coding amino acid glycine by mistake during protein synthesis." This disruption to the body's protein synthesis could be why many chronic diseases rise in lockstep with glyphosate usage. 

The Way Forward - Genuinely Protecting Children's Health

Given that we have been through a pandemic, it is easy to become discouraged about all these environmental toxins. A common reaction to this new information is, "What does this have to do with me? We are all exposed anyway. Can I even do anything about it?"

It's easy to feel like we are helpless cogs in a giant machine played like puppets by an uncaring system. It's easy to feel like we can't do anything about it and that we should accept the state of affairs. Unfortunately, it is also easy to take the mentality of "let the experts fix it."

However, the truth is that we can do something about it. It doesn't take an MD to understand the following simple principle. Functional medicine specialist Dr. Andrew Weil said, "The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and depend upon its own mechanisms."

Exposure levels to these dangerous chemicals vary considerably in the populace. Some people are exposed to exponentially higher levels of pollutants than others. The truth is that you can take action to reduce your exposures now and detoxify your environment.

The following actions are within your power to take:

• Use a water filter at home that can filter out PFAS and PCBs from your drinking water. There are standalone units like the Berkey water filter and under-the-sink units like Hydroviv.

• Immediately shift your food purchases and consumption towards more organic foods. According to studies, this can lessen the burden of pesticides on your body.

• Purchase an air purifier that can filter out volatile organic compounds. These are human-made compounds emitted as gasses from products in your home.

• Get on an exercise program. Increased sweating, breathing, and blood circulation will increase the body's detoxification ability.

• Reduce your exposure to processed foods and start eating more natural and organic foods. Processed foods have more additives and food chemicals in them. A recent study from Brazil found an association between processed food consumption and the rate of cognitive decline.

• Eat more foods that can aid your body's detoxification capabilities, such as leafy greens, apples, beets, turmeric, and ginger.

• Practice intermittent fasting. This practice has been shown to aid in detoxification and boost your brainpower.

• Audit your home and environment for products that contain suspicious chemicals. Toss these products and find more natural replacements.

• Share this info with your friends, family, and clinicians. We need to make the topic of food and environmental toxicity better known!

• Join and support non-profits such as Moms Across America that are campaigning to remove pesticides from our environment.

• Encourage your local and state politicians to take action against the spread of these harmful chemicals, especially the rampant spraying of glyphosate in public areas.

On a larger scale, we need medical reform. It is unacceptable for doctors, scientists, and government regulators to have ignored the problem of environmental toxicity for too long. Moreover, it is intolerable for doctors and clinicians to treat symptoms while ignoring the root causes of declining children's health.

The practice of medicine has become too insular and too reductionistic. Our children deserve medicine that takes a larger view of health beyond just infectious diseases. There can be no health for our children if they are suffering from chronic illnesses in perpetuity.

The practice of medicine in the 21st century is at a crossroads, and it remains to be seen if it can take the necessary steps to safeguard children's health.

In the meantime, do what you can to educate and protect yourself.

The Onslaught of Genetic Engineering 2.0

Organic consumers - Tue, 2022-09-06 19:24
September 6, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsFood Safety, Health Issues gmo2.0_1200x630.jpg

Over the past 30 years OCA and our allies across the world have fought hard against gene-spliced GMO foods and crops and the toxic pesticides and chemicals that always accompany them, exposing their dangers, limiting their market share, and in some countries bringing about mandatory bans (Mexico) and/or labeling and safety-testing. (USA and Europe)

But now Bill Gates, the gene-engineers, the World Economic Forum, and the Davos “Great Reset” technocrats and authoritarians, the folks who anticipated and profited off of COVID and the lockdowns, have a bold new plan to shove down our throats: get rid of animal agriculture, ranching, and small farms entirely. Make lab-engineered fake meat, fake milk, and fake cheese the new normal. Pretend they’re not genetically engineered and therefore they don’t have to be properly safety-tested and labeled. Divide and conquer vegans and carnivores, urban consumers and rural communities.  Drive into bankruptcy and off the land the billion ranchers, small farmers, and herdsmen/women around the world, who depend on raising animals and livestock for their survival.

The powerful Lab Meat and Lab Dairy lobby, funded by Bill Gates and a growing number of Silicon Valley tycoons, pay lip service to reducing the CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions from factory farms, and rhetorically decry animal cruelty, but their highest priority seems to be undermining and destroying organic and regenerative farmers, especially those practicing holistic grazing and pasturing, those raising animals without glyphosate, neonics, GMO grains, or other chemical-intensive inputs.  Gates and the Great Resetters seem hell bent on establishing a new, unregulated monopoly of lab engineered (and of course patented) Frankenfoods. Tellingly enough the Big Meat giants (JBS, Cargill, Tyson, et al) and the Dairy Giants (Unilever and Nestle) are all now investing in fake meat and dairy as well, hedging their bets and diversifying their greed.  

The cheerleaders and fake-hip entrepreneurs of Frankenfoods 2.0 claim their products are not really genetically engineered (a lie); that they are entirely plant-based (a lie); and that they are safe (the government allows these companies to self-declare their SynBio products as safe), nutritious (a lie), ethical (a lie), and basically equivalent to real meat and dairy (another lie).

As Organic Insider points out:

“In recent years, ‘animal-free’ dairy proteins have found their way into everything from ice cream to cream cheese to snack bars, but many shoppers, food manufacturers and retailers are unaware that these are actually unlabeled and unregulated GMOs. Further compounding the problem is that consumers may be misled into thinking that these products are ‘natural,’ which could potentially take market share away from the organic industry.”

“‘Companies call these things ‘synthetic biology’ and ‘fermentation technology,’ but these foods are all just GMOs,’ said Michael Hansen, Senior Staff Scientist at Consumer Reports. ‘They are using terms people do not understand, so that people will not realize these are GMO ingredients.’”  

A recent poll in the UK indicates that 60% of consumers do not want to eat GE lab meat.

The cabal pushing lab meats and dairy, and their Monsanto/Bayer/Syngenta/ Dow/DuPont counterparts pushing pesticide-drenched, first generation GMOs (1.0), claim that organic farming and holistic grazing and the pasturing of animals are inefficient and even dangerous, and that in our Brave New World of gene-splicing, gene-editing, and so-called precision fermentation, only elite lab engineers, large corporations, and technocrats can feed the world and mitigate the environmental and climate crisis.

But in fact there is a growing body of evidence that these 21st Century Frankenfoods are neither safe nor nutritious. SynBio Frankenfoods are neither sustainable nor-plant based, nor by any stretch of the imagination equitable for family farmers, ranchers, and indigenous/traditional communities. SynBio foods are not properly safety-tested nor labeled. Indeed upon closer examination, looking at the official risk disclosures that publicly-traded SynBio manufacturers such as Ginko Bioworks are required to provide to investors, this new generation of GE foods pose a potentially catastrophic threat to our health, environment, and the livelihoods of the world’s three billion small farmers, ranchers, indigenous herders, and rural villagers.

As Ginko admits:

“The release of genetically modified organisms or materials, whether inadvertent or purposeful, into uncontrolled environments could have unintended consequences… we cannot guarantee that these preventative measures will eliminate or reduce the risk of the domestic and global opportunities for the misuse or negligent use of our engineered cells materials, and organisms and production processes.” 

Although there has been a small but longstanding resistance to Synthetic Biology, spearheaded by public interest non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as ETC Group, Friends of the Earth, and the International Center for Technology Assessment, which we have supported in the past, OCA believes the time is ripe to build up a new, vastly expanded U.S. and global campaign of farmers and consumers to stop the Frankenfoods 2.0 fake meat, fake dairy onslaught.

Through mass public education, litigation, boycotts, and protests, the goal of this revitalized farmer/consumer campaign will be to drive these genetically engineered Frankenfoods (fake meat, fake milk, fake cheese) off the market, and, in the process, turn back the planned demolition of our organic and small farmer-based food and farming system by Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation, Silicon Valley Big Meat, Big Dairy, and the Davos Crowd.

Learn more: The Playbook for GMO 2.0 Is Going Exactly To Plan, Brands Step in to Combat It

Read lots more articles on SynBio by going to the Real Farms, Not Fake Food campaign page.

Stay tuned for future developments.

COVID 2022: Murder Most Foul

Organic consumers - Tue, 2022-08-23 21:47
August 23, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsCOVID-19, COVID-19 Actions, OCA on COVID-19 vaccine_shot_doctor_immunization_1200x630.jpg

This is a revised and updated article, first published on April 29, 2020.

Two and a half years ago (April 29, 2020), I wrote what was then considered by many a controversial article called “Murder Most Foul: The Perps Behind COVID-19.” The title of my article was inspired by Bob Dylan’s song “Murder Most Foul,” which was released, just as the COVID Pandemia was emerging, in February 2020.

Dylan’s powerful, haunting ballad revisits the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, in effect a coup d’état carried out by his enemies. Kennedy’s assassination in plain sight and the ensuing cover-up by the Warren Commission was engineered by a ruthless cabal of the Deep State including the CIA, Edgar Hoover’s FBI, the military, military-industrial contractors, Texas oilmen, Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, the mafia, Cuban exiles, and an indentured mass media. This “Murder Most Foul,” the Great Reset of the 1960s, was welcomed, aided, and abetted by strategic elements of the corporate elite, including war hawks in the conservative wings of the Republican and Democratic parties.

Unfortunately, 59 years after the JFK assassination, three years after the advent of COVID-19, we are being forced to defend ourselves on all fronts against another coup d’état, a Great Reset of our health, food, economy, and politics. This power grab is spearheaded in the U.S. by Lockdown Liberals, RINO (Republicans in Name Only) Conservatives, Big Tech billionaires, Big Media, the military-industrial/bioweapons complex, Bill Gates, Gene-Lab Food profiteers, and Big Pharma.

This contemporary Great Reset, though temporarily derailed by public opposition, disastrous COVID government policies, and the evermore obvious failures and collateral damages of the experimental rushed to market vaccines, still poses a major threat. We are still in the “Eye of the Storm” trying to regenerate a polarized, misinformed, and panicked body politic, fighting a politico/medical national security state that has successfully carried out a dress rehearsal for bio-fascism, including a redefinition of key scientific and medical terms and principles (vaccines, natural immunity, pandemic, cases), arbitrary states of Emergency, suspensions of civil liberties, economic lockdowns, school closings, censorship, restrictions on travel, mask mandates, vaccine passports, and a new belligerent foreign policy amounting to nuclear roulette with Russia and China.

The powerful technocrats, politicians, globalists, military contractors, and medical czars who nearly pulled off a coup d’état during the COVID-19 epidemic are apparently determined to push forward. The national and international medical security state continues hiding and manipulating data, trying to blame everyone but themselves for an alarming increase in overall (non-COVID) deaths, vaccine injuries, and serious illnesses; hyping new significantly weaker variants of COVID-19 as if we are somehow in mortal danger; magnifying risks of monkeypox; fear-mongering around the supposed reemergence of polio; controlling information; and de-platforming and slandering truth-tellers on COVID and the war in Ukraine.

Even as the U.S. biosecurity state is forced to back off on mandates and masks, and even admitting that the CDC needs to be “radically reorganized,” they are still claiming the right to carry out reckless bioweapons research, and to implement future emergency decrees, lockdowns, school and business closures, and restrictions on civil liberties—if and when the next engineered pandemic is unleashed, or the Communist Boogieman threatens our shores.

The U.S. and global economy continues to melt down. The rich and the large corporations in the World Economic Forum get richer while the rest of us struggle. At the same time, the climate, energy, food, and water crisis intensifies, public health (mental and physical) deteriorates, and the great web of biodiversity unravels. In the wake of COVID-19 the U.S. body politic is more polarized and tribalized than ever, threatening to erupt into a new Civil War as the 2024 Presidential Election draws nearer.

Today’s Biofascism, to use the term coined by Naomi Wolf, rather than being orchestrated by political conservatives, as in the post-Kennedy era, is politically championed most strongly by liberals and progressives in the Democratic Party, Silicon Valley billionaires, and their scientific and health apparatchiks. These neo-liberals and technocrats have mastered the art of weaponizing, not only viruses, but public health policy as well, based upon sophisticated scientific lies and false statistics. Hiding behind the façade of social liberalism, public health, racial and economic justice, and environmental sustainability, utilizing intimidation, media censorship, anti-Trump sentiment, and panic-mongering, these modern day authoritarians have managed to concentrate political power, social control, and wealth in an unprecedented manner. As Wolf warns us:

“Terrorism served from 2001 until the start of the COVID pandemic to be that terrifying internal and external threat that was used up by the administrations, from Bush to Obama, to strip us of our liberties. But that ultimately wasn't that effective. There was still freedom in the world. People were not saying, ‘Okay, ISIS exists therefore I'm going to give up my First Amendment liberties, my Fourth Amendment liberties, my Second Amendment liberties and so on…’ We're seeing a complete takeover of American rights and freedoms and bodies by Big Tech, which is up double digit to triple digit billions, since the pandemic began. China, which has moved in to solidify subversion of our nation and establish its role as the global superpower under the guise of this pandemic, and buying up community groups, elected officials and so on and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [Big Pharma the CDC], which as I mentioned, are flooding K to 12 education… flooding universities with money to engage in COVID education, which means a strict party line that is aimed at destroying what's human about us and what's free. That's it in a nutshell. It's unbelievably terrifying.”

In “Murder Most Foul” I laid out the growing body of evidence, even two years ago, that SARS-CoV-2 was definitely not a natural, and therefore unavoidable, occurrence (a “zoonotic” or animal to human spillover event), but rather an accidental (or deliberate) lab release of a virus, genetically engineered to be highly transmissible to humans, posing a serious threat to the elderly and those in poor health. Although there is not yet compelling evidence that COVID-19 was deliberately, rather than accidentally released, there is certainly ample evidence that COVID-19 had been widely predicted and planned for, specifically in an October 2019 New York City pandemic planning simulation conference, called Event 201, organized by the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum, with participation by Big Pharma, corporate leaders, top U.S. and Chinese health officials, and CIA operatives, among others.

Event 201 eerily foreshadowed and “played out” the panic that would arise and the draconian countermeasures that were likely to be implemented when COVID-19 emerged. A primary focus of Event 201 was to discuss how the elite could best censor and counteract problematic narratives about the virus, public disagreement with pandemic measures, and doubts about vaccine safety.

Mad Science and Mass Murder

Rather than being a phenomena of natural evolution, unpreventable and unpredicted, SARS-CoV-2 was if fact jointly lab engineered by Chinese and US scientists, (including Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, Vinett Menachery from the University of Texas, and Shi Zhingli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and others) with funding by both the Chinese and U.S. governments and military, including Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

SARS-CoV-2 was created in a “dual-use,” (i.e. bioweapon and biomedical) lab in Wuhan China which, according to US State Department inspectors, was under-staffed, badly-managed, and accident-prone. US government funds for dangerous gain-of-function virus weaponization, supposedly halted by the Obama Administration between 2014-2017, were simply shifted overseas by Anthony Fauci’s NIH and the EcoHealth Alliance during the Trump administration to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Leaked from Wuhan, SARS-CoV-2 began spreading across China and the world, with China and the World Health Organization (whose dominant funders include China, Bill Gates, and the US) covering up and downplaying the rapid spread of COVID-19 for several months, at the same time working overtime to cover up its evermore obvious lab origins.

Although a poll conducted in December 2021 found that up to 72% of Americans now suspect that COVID-19 came from a lab leak, a significant percentage of the public still do not fully understand that COVID-19 arose out of dangerous “gain-of-function” lab engineering funded by the military and government of China and the U.S. Paralyzed by fear, anger, and guilt, and bombarded by mass media propaganda and corrupt science, many people, liberals and progressives in particular, still naively believe that the lab origin hypothesis is a baseless, Trump-inspired “conspiracy theory.” Even lesser known is the fact that this dangerous scientific experimentation, weaponizing viruses, bacteria, and insects is still going on—not only across China and the U.S., but in Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Europe, Israel, and across the world. Even as you read this, a shadowy international network of thousands of virologists, gene engineers, military scientists, and vaccine entrepreneurs are weaponizing viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms in basically unregulated and accident-prone civilian and military labs.

Today’s reckless and criminally-negligent gene engineers, vaccine entrepreneurs, and biowarriors, much like their Nazi forebears, hide behind the guise of scientific inquiry, biodefense, biomedicine, and vaccine research. But as investigative reporter and bioweapons expert Sam Husseini writes, gain-of-function/biowarfare scientists in labs such as Wuhan, China and Fort Detrick, Maryland are deliberately and recklessly evading international law:

“Governments that participate in such biological weapon research generally distinguish between ‘biowarfare’ and ‘biodefense,’ as if to paint such ‘defense’ programs as necessary. But this is rhetorical sleight-of-hand; the two concepts are largely indistinguishable.

‘Biodefense’ implies tacit biowarfare, breeding more dangerous pathogens for the alleged purpose of finding a way to fight them. While this work appears to have succeeded in creating deadly and infectious agents, including deadlier flu strains, such ‘defense’ research is impotent in its ability to defend us from this pandemic.”

So far there is no hard evidence that the coronavirus was deliberately released. But U.S. intelligence agencies have repeatedly informed both the Trump and Biden administrations that secret research, including animal experiments, deliberately increasing the transmissibility and virulence of bat coronaviruses, (simultaneously trying to develop vaccines or antidotes to these viruses) have been carried out in conjunction the Chinese military at the Wuhan lab (or several labs in Wuhan) since at least 2017, and perhaps since 2012. US intelligence agencies also have informed both the Trump and Biden administrations that the first victims of COVID-19 were apparently scientists at the Wuhan lab.

Up until the present time, neither the Trump nor the Biden administrations have really followed through (beyond political rhetoric) with a serious investigation of what really happened in Wuhan, preferring to maintain “business as usual” with America’s most important economic trading partner and strategic investor in trillions of dollars of US Treasury bonds (i.e. government debt), even while pandering to Congressional War Hawks by talking tough on Taiwan.  A number of members of Congress (mainly Republicans, but now including a few Democrats) are finally stepping forward to demand a real investigation, however, with requests from several Senate and House Committees, including the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, calling for a comprehensive investigation of the origins of COVID-19, including the role of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak  (EcoHealth Alliance)and the National Institutes of Health (don’t forget the Pentagon as both Republicans and Democrats tend to do) in funding these controversial and unfortunately ongoing “gain-of-function” experiments in the US, China, and across the world.

In my original “Murder Most Foul” article, I pointed out the obvious inaccuracies, in fact deliberate lies, in the “official story” being put out by the Chinese and U.S. governments, Big Pharma, the mass media, government/military/Big Pharma-funded virologists, the WHO, and self-appointed international health czars such as Bill Gates. The official narrative, no longer credible, is that a relatively non-infectious coronavirus found in bats rapidly evolved into a highly transmissible virus that readily infects vulnerable humans, leaving absolutely no epidemiological nor genetic traces whatsoever in its wake. Moreover, this coronavirus miraculously emerged, in a billion-to-one coincidence, in a densely populated city, Wuhan, China (hundreds of miles from the nearest bat caves) where thousands of bat viruses were stored and where “gain-of-function” experiments were being conducted (a number of which were published in scientific journals) to make bat coronaviruses more infective and virulent.

Many people have noted that the SARS-CoV-2 virus seems to be quite different from the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920, which killed 50 million people (young and old, healthy and unhealthy, but especially the young); before mutating and dying out. SARS CoV-2, and its variants, three years-old this fall, appear to spread readily in almost all environments. Although tiny fragments that appear to be COVID-19 under super-magnification (PCR tests) are often detected in peoples’ nasal passages or throats, only a minority of people fail to fight off the virus and actually experience symptoms.

SARS-CoV-2 is a nano-sized, aerosolized “viral trigger” (far too small to be stopped by cloth masks, though widely dispersed and apparently rarely transmissible outdoors or in well-ventilated spaces); potentially virulent in the sense of magnifying and exacerbating pre-existing co-morbidities (obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart, lung, Alzheimer’s, and liver disease) in the elderly and those in poor health; but posing little or no threat to youth and healthy adults with strong immune systems and adequate levels of vitamin D in their bloodstream. Nonetheless, in a demonstration of just how brainwashed and/or partisan the issue still remains, 80% of Democratic voters (as opposed to less than 20% of Republicans) still support forced vaccine mandates for children and students as of August 2022.

According to an official CDC report from August 7, 2022, even as hospitalizations and deaths attributed to the weaker COVID variants have dropped sharply, 95% of those who have died while “testing positive” (many of the PCVR tests generate false positives) for COVID-19 were suffering from comorbidities that likely played a major role in their deaths, such as influenza or pneumonia (44.2 percent), hypertension (18.2 percent), diabetes (13.6 percent), Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias (10.3 percent), and sepsis (11 percent).

In other words, a limited number people are still being hospitalized or dying with COVID as opposed to from COVID, but almost all are suffering from pre-existing comorbidities. This figure of 95% with pre-existing comorbidities (and primarily the elderly) has remained constant from 2020 through the present. Using correct figures therefore means that 50,000 previously healthy Americans (without comorbidities) have died directly and primarily from COVID-19, not one million, as the CDC and the mass media claim. Since January 2020 approximately nine million people in the US have died from all causes—so the true figures are that 11% of (one million) of all deaths supposed “tested positive” for COVID within several weeks of their death, but only .55%, (50,000) or approximately one half of one percent, of total deaths can be directly and solely attributed solely to COVID.

Don’t panic. Eat organic food, strengthen your immune system, and stay healthy. As we must never tire of repeating, the best defense against COVID-19 (and the real number one killer in the U.S., chronic disease), is to eat healthy organic food, get plenty of outdoor exercise and sunshine (or Vitamin-D supplements during winter months) and to maintain a strong immune system. For those actually exhibiting symptoms the best course of action recommended by independent doctors and natural health healers is to stay home, treat the virus with proven generic drugs (malaria medicine, ivermectin) or natural health supplements (vitamins, quercetin, zinc) and protocols, and to stay out of the hospital, if at all possible.

“Murder Most Foul” was published in the mass circulation newsletter, Organic Bytes, of the Organic Consumers Association, and circulated among OCA and Millions Against Monsanto’s two million-plus followers on Facebook. (Facebook subsequently threatened to “deplatform” OCA if we continued to deviate from the official narrative on the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19). The article generated quite a response, both pro and con. I remember being shocked when I submitted “Murder Most Foul” for publication to several “progressive” or left-wing news sites that had always printed my articles in the past, Common Dreams and Counterpunch, only to have them refuse to print the article. I also remember being shocked to see Peter Daszak of the Fauci/NIH- funded EcoHealth Alliance, one of the perpetrators of COVID-19 and a chief architect of the cover-up, highlighted on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now newscast, telling progressives that COVID-19 was an entirely natural and unpreventable pandemic, and that those who raised the “pure baloney” hypothesis of a lab release were nothing more than “conspiracy theorists.”

As longtime leftist Christian Parenti recently pointed out: “For two years the left has championed policies of surveillance and exclusion in the form of: punitive vaccine mandates, invasive vaccine passports, socially destructive lockdowns, and radically unaccountable censorship by large media and technology corporations. For the entire pandemic, leftists and liberals – call them the Lockdown Left – cheered on unprecedented levels of repression aimed primarily at the working class – those who could not afford private schools and could not comfortably telecommute from second homes. 

Almost the entire left intelligentsia has remained psychically stuck in March 2020. Its members have applauded the new biosecurity repression and calumniated as liars, grifters, and fascists any and all who dissented. Typically, they did so without even engaging evidence and while shirking public debate. Among the most visible in this has been Noam Chomsky, the self-described anarcho-syndicalist who called for the unvaccinated to “remove themselves from society,” and suggested that they should be allowed to go hungry if they refuse to submit.

In Jacobin, a magazine claiming to support the working class in all its struggles, Branko Marcetic demanded the unvaccinated be barred from public transportation: “one obvious course of action is for Biden to make vaccines a requirement for mass transport.” Journalist Doug Henwood has scolded the unvaccinated with: “Get over your own bloated sense of self-importance.” But Henwood has championed shutting down all of society in the name of safety, while refusing to engage counter-arguments – a combination that suggests a bloated sense of self-importance of his own.”

Even today, when more and more mass media organizations are finally admitting the probability of a lab release and government/industry/scientific cover-up, most so-called progressive media (along with Google, Facebook, and the internet giants) with few exceptions are still marginalizing or shadow banning alternative information and regurgitating the official story, dangerously misleading the public and destroying their reputations as outlets for free speech, dissent, and alternative sources of information.

We need to be clear that gain-of-function biowarfare experiments, disguised as biomedicine, are criminal acts in violation of international law, posing a clear and imminent threat to all of us. We need an independent International Tribunal, modeled on the post-World War II Nuremberg Trials, to expose the Mad Scientists and funders of COVID-19. These scientists and funders include high-level Chinese and US government and military officials.

Those brought to public trial must include, among others, scientists, “virus hunters,” and funders of gain-of-function experiments such as Shi Zhengli, Ralph Baric, Vinett Menachery, Peter Daszak, Christian Hassell, Robert Kadlec, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Scott Dowell, and others.

The international community needs to put these perpetrators and their collaborators on trial and hold them accountable for COVID-19 and the disastrous government responses to the pandemic that have wrecked the lives and livelihoods of literally hundreds of millions. Beyond bringing these COVID criminals and collaborators to trial, we need to ban all “gain-of-function” weaponization of viruses, bacteria, insects, and microorganisms and shut down all so-called “dual-use” global biowarfare labs and experiments immediately, before the next lab-engineered pathogen escapes or is deliberately released. Please sign and circulate our petition here.

Two Years After

In April 2021, my book, The Truth About COVID-19, co-authored with Dr. Joseph Mercola, with a Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., was released. You can order the book here. Even after being blacklisted by the mass media and denied shelf space in Barnes and Noble and so-called independent bookstores, the book became a best-seller, with over 350,000 copies sold.

With new information and controversy emerging every day, and with increasing censorship by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others, it’s important to go directly to the websites and newsletters of the public interest organizations providing objective information. My top recommendations are:,,, and Other important websites and newsletters, among others, include and

At the beginning of the pandemic in February 2020, Dr. Mercola conducted an interview with Dr. Francis Boyle, an expert on biological weapons, who pointed out convincingly that SARS-CoV-2 was not a natural occurrence, but rather a lab release.

Since then there has been a flood of new information from independent investigators, scientists, medical professionals, and even government officials pointing to the preponderance of evidence that COVID-19 was not a natural spillover from bats to humans, but rather a lab accident, a tragic but entirely predictable disaster resulting from the dangerous “gain-of-function” engineering and weaponization of viruses taking place at labs such as the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the US Military Lab at Ft. Detrick, MD.

This reckless “gain-of-function” experimentation—the scientific madness that weaponized SARS-CoV-2—has been funded and carried out by partnership among the Chinese, American, and other governments, military, and Big Pharma, even after decades of lab accidents and dangerous releases of potential pandemic pathogens (PPPs) across the globe from scores of badly managed and relatively unregulated biomedical/bioweapons labs should have taught them better.

Most recently even the mass media (Washington Post, USA Today, CBS 60 Minutes, USA Today, Newsweek, New York Times, Times of London) are starting to report on the inadequacies of the Chinese government/WHO “investigation” into the origins of COVID-19 and pointing out that even high-level government officials, from both the Trump and Biden administrations, are expressing their views that what we are dealing with is a lab leak, not a natural occurrence, and that we must shut down reckless “gain-of-function” experiments, not only in China and the US, but across the entire world.

Rather than repeat what we and others have already written on the lab origins of COVID-19, I urge everyone to regularly check in with the websites listed above.

Eleven Deadly Lies of COVID-19

Psychologist Dianne Perlman describes the mass fear that has been deliberately engendered in the body politic and public consciousness. This message of mass fear and obedience to authority, repeated over and over again by the mass media, echoed by establishment scientists and politicians, has debilitated the public mind and predisposed the majority to accept the deadly lies that are driving the pandemic and laying down the 1984-style foundations for a Great Reset. Perlman writes:

“We are flooded with debilitating existential fear. People are more dangerous when afraid and more vulnerable to manipulation. People regress and lose higher cognitive functions, capacity for logic, the ability to anticipate consequences and to understand cause and effect.

Too much fear can render people vulnerable to exploitation. Too little allows recklessness. With healthy, optimal fear we can evaluate risks and take appropriate, differentiated precautions, including immune boosting and prophylaxis with diet, supplements and effective treatments on hand. Solutions reduce fear.”

At least 11 major myths (which are actually deliberately cultivated lies) surrounding COVID-19 have fueled public panic, suppressed alternative information, marginalized proven effective alternative therapies to high-cost patented drugs, (thereby increasing premature deaths triggered by SARS-CoV-2 by as much as 85%), wrecked the livelihoods of the working class, middle class, small business owners and farmers (especially racial minorities), and forced an acceptance of draconian lockdowns, censorship, and suppression of constitutional rights.

These Eleven Deadly Lies include the following: (1) COVID-19 poses a major threat to youth and healthy individuals as well as the elderly and those in poor health. (2) There is no such thing as natural “herd immunity” among those who have come into contact with COVID-19 and successfully fought it off, or actually exhibited symptoms and then recovered. (3) COVID-19 can spread from those who are asymptomatic (those with no symptoms) to others, for example from healthy children and students to teachers or parents. (4) Cloth masks can stop aerosolized nano-sized COVID particles as well as macro-sized liquid droplets (from coughing or sneezing) and therefore should be worn everywhere, not just in hospitals and nursing homes. (5) COVID can spread in the outdoors unless people wear masks at all times. (6) PCR lab tests, no matter what the calibration or magnification, give us a true picture of “cases,” actual infected individuals who can spread the disease. (7) Low-cost generic drugs such as malaria medicine (hydroxychloroquine) or anti-parasitic, anti-virals like ivermectin are not effective as early treatment, preventing COVID-19 or preventing infected individuals from hospitalization or death. (8) Natural supplements such as quercetin and zinc and Vitamin-D are not effective in strengthening our immune systems to ward off COVID-19 or to reduce symptoms if the virus does get into our cells and starts replicating. (9) Deaths from COVID-19 (the approximately 5% of victims where there are no other serious pre-existing conditions or comorbidities listed on the death certificate) are the same as deaths with COVID-19 (95% of all death certificates listing COVID-19 as a co-factor). (10) New Emergency Use COVID-19 vaccines, which in fact are “vaccines in name only,” since they neither prevent infections or transmission, or death, are safe and effective. (11) New genetically engineered “messenger RNA vaccines,” such as those produced by Pfizer and Moderna (which are actually gene therapy drugs), designed to force the human body to produce spike proteins, are safe and effective. For a comprehensive overview of the science refuting these lies see here and also here. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the engineered SARS-CoV-2 virus is not so much a deadly disease in itself like the Spanish Flu of 1918, capable of killing young and old, healthy and unhealthy alike, but is rather a viral trigger that magnifies and exacerbates pre-existing chronic disease and co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, dementia, heart, liver, kidney, and lung disease among the elderly and the seriously health-impaired—especially targeting those with seriously compromised natural immune systems.

What COVID-19 has exposed to those not blinded by fear is that the real killer underlying the global pandemic is not so much the virus itself, but the deadly “business as usual” collateral damage of conventional food, pollution, work, lifestyle (stress, lack of exercise and sunshine, exposure to low-level radiation) Big Pharma vaccines and medicines and the mental and physical collateral damage of the lockdowns. SARS-CoV-2, unless preventive and proper treatment protocols are deployed, can be indeed a dangerous biological trigger for those suffering from chronic disease and damaged immune systems. This is why the elderly and health-compromised, those subjected for decades to poison food, polluted environments, unhealthy working conditions, and an overdose of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines with cumulative side effects, need to receive, at no cost, free healthy organic food (especially for schools, day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and home delivery for Medicare and Medicaid recipients) as well as the supplements and generic drugs that have proved to be effective across the globe.

Government responses based upon a deliberately faulty misrepresentation of the nature of the virus and the groups most at risk, constitute a form of medical malpractice and criminal negligence. But let’s not mince words. Like reckless “gain-of-function” experiments, deliberate censorship of the nature and virulence of COVID-19, and the censorship of effective prevention and treatment of this pandemic constitute mass murder.  

Ignoring effective dietary, natural health and generic drug prevention and early treatment, and instead imposing “one-size fits all” lockdowns, school closures, mandatory masks and social distancing, and relying totally on experimental gene therapy or rushed to market “Vaccine in Name Only” drugs for COVID-19 based upon fraudulent information force-fed to them by special interests (Big Pharma, Big Tech, and vaccine entrepreneurs) has not only not protected the most vulnerable groups (the elderly and those with serious pre-existing co-morbidities) but has caused enormous economic, political, sociological, psychological, and public health damage.

Putting US Excess Deaths from COVID-19 in Perspective

As of August 19, 2022, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that just over one million Americans have died either from or with COVID-19 since the beginning of 2020, an average of approximately 1,044 per day, with COVID-19 listed on their death certificates, along with comorbidities such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, cancer, dementia and hypertension. In addition, many if not most of these deceased suffered from obesity. As pointed out earlier, CDC data released August 7, 2022, show that only 5 percent of COVID-19 deaths in the US had COVID-19 listed as the sole cause of death on the death certificate. The remainder, 95%, had an average of four comorbidities or additional causes of death.

The official US death toll from or with COVID-19 sounds tragic and alarming and indeed it is, but we need to keep these statistics in perspective. Of the U.S. population of 338 million (2022), approximately 2.8 million died from all causes in 2019, 3,358,814 died in 2020, 3,457697 died in 2021, and projections indicate a larger number (10-20% more) will die in 2022. Although governments and Big Pharma are trying to cover it up, it appears that the recent sharp increase in overall deaths (15-20%) in the US, UK, and other industrialized (highly vaccinated) nations are non-COVID related. This recent unprecedented increase in overall deaths (including the young, healthy adults, and even professional athletes) points directly towards toward the collateral damage from the disastrous government COVID mandates (including a sharp reduction in non-COVID medical care), lockdowns, social isolation, drug addiction, and suicide, as well as vaccine related deaths, and vaccine exacerbations of previous medical comorbidities including cancer and heart disease.

The overwhelming majority of COVID-19’s victims in the US (74.7 percent) have been elderly (65 years or older), with almost all suffering from multiple serious preexisting chronic diseases or medical conditions. Even with millions of deaths either directly or indirectly caused by SARS-CoV-2, we are fortunate that what escaped from Wuhan was an engineered bat coronavirus, with relatively low mortality rates, rather than a weaponized, aerosolized version of the much deadlier Bird Flu, which scientists around the world (with funding by Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Pentagon) have been recklessly making more transmissible and virulent through “gain-of-function” engineering.

Asymptomatic Transmission

A key element in COVID-19 panic-mongering, and a key rationale for school closings, lockdowns, and mandatory vaccinations (even of children and students) is that unproven notion that the initial variants of COVID-19 routinely were transmitted to others, even if a person showed no symptoms of the disease. There is absolutely no peer-reviewed science indicating that this was true. Asymptomatic transmission, if it occurred at all with the earlier variants, is rare, no more of a health concern than the seasonal flu. As for the more recent variants, indeed they are more highly transmissible, but much milder in their impact, on even the most vulnerable.   As highly-cited physician and Texas A&M professor Dr. Peter McCullough testified before the Texas state legislature on the early variants:

“One of the mistakes I heard today as a rationale for vaccination is asymptomatic spread. And I want to be very clear about this: My opinion is there is a low degree, if any, of asymptomatic spread… The Chinese have published a study … [of] 11 million people. They tried to find [evidence of] asymptomatic spread. You can’t find it. And that’s been, you know, one of important pieces of misinformation.” 

Vaccine Mania

As previous cited psychologist Dianne Perlman points out, the media is pushing a panic narrative that says there is no way to stop COVID-19 without the mandatory injection of experimental drugs, which she calls “Vaccines in Name Only” (VINOs). The media, Big Pharma, and our unelected heath czars such as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci, have broadcast 24/7 a narrative based upon an “absolute belief in VINO’s necessity, safety and efficacy.” As Perlman goes on, this unending barrage of “Propaganda and disinformation about disinformation is masterful. People can be forgiven for believing what they are told by everyone all the time. Fears are validated by manufactured illusions with false positive infections, misdiagnoses, over-attributions of deaths to COVID, as well as up to 80% of unnecessary deaths by withholding early, effective treatments.

Existentially terrified and misinformed, seduced or threatened from every angle, millions of Americans still believe that all will suffer forever until everyone gets VINOs. Social life and the survival of humanity depend on the Vaccine Passport.  The majority of Americans are not informed about viable routes to immunity, health, freedom and survival and how the Vaccine Passport is a Trojan Horse for surveillance and control of personal data.

Despite rising opposition to the VPP, coercion was applied by businesses, industries, colleges, airlines, etc., causing millions to lose their livelihoods and education, and curtailing freedoms for second class citizens, without resolving the pandemic. The goal post kept moving. Two weeks to “flatten the curve” morphed into two years of near-totalitarian censorship, fear-mongering, vaccine mandates, and heavy-handed coercion.

The inconvenient truth about COVID-19

As I, and now many others, have stated:

The primary reason why so many consumers are chronically ill and susceptible to a virus like SARS-CoV-2 is that Big Food and Big Ag in the U.S. (and across the world) basically produce—and in fact are subsidized by governments to produce—what can only be described as junk food commodities. These junk foods and beverages, which make-up 60 percent or more of the calories in the typical American diet, are highly-processed, sugar and carb-laden, laced with pesticide, antibiotic and chemical residues. In toxic combination with the typical American’s overconsumption of factory-farmed meat and animal products, U.S. junk food diets are a literal prescription for chronic disease and premature death.

While acknowledging that we have to stop the reckless military/scientific genetic engineering that brought on this pandemic and global economic meltdown, media censorship and suspension of fundamental democratic rights, we also need to defend ourselves and our families by practicing common sense (stay home if you feel sick), and  “focused protection” and “focused social distancing,” from those at extreme risk.

But we also must change our diets, eat organic food, clean up the environment, and collectively move away from the industrialized, degenerate food and farming system that sets up people for premature death and hospitalization from chronic disease and engineered pathogens such as COVID-19.

The prevention and “cure” for chronic disease and premature death, the prevention and cure for preventing an aerosolized virus like SARS-CoV-2 from moving beyond your nasal passage or your throat into your cells, reproducing massively and making you seriously ill, is not likely to be a patented, for-profit vaccine or VINO (vaccine in name only), rushed to market, genetically engineered to transform your RNA and likely dangerous in terms of collateral damage to your health.

Your best bet for disease prevention and promotion of overall health is organic, regenerative, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, complemented by appropriate nutritional supplements, herbs and natural health remedies.

Stay tuned for further information. And please sign and circulate our citizens petition to ban all biowarfare experimentation, including the weaponization of viruses and bacteria utilizing dangerous genetic engineering and synthetic biology practices.

Ronnie Cummins is co-founder of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and Regeneration International. To keep up with OCA’s news and alerts, sign up here.

Calling All Rebels

Organic consumers - Mon, 2022-08-08 17:54
August 8, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsCOVID-19 protest_brooklyn_bridge_1200x630.jpg

Now is the time to educate, search out new friends and allies, even in the most unlikely places, improve our health, strengthen our resolve, and prepare for any eventuality. A new 21st Century populist counter-culture and politics, potentially strong enough to overturn business as usual, is starting to emerge. Left and right, liberal and conservative, green, red, and blue, have suddenly lost their meanings. Corrupt and cowardly politicians from both major parties have destroyed their credibility, along with all the major institutions. COVID-19 and “lockdown liberalism,” to use the phrase of Robert Kennedy Jr, have revealed the ugly reality of contemporary society: authoritarianism, mass hysteria, intolerance, and a Chinese Communist Party-style Great Reset, engineered by out-of-control globalists, oligarchs, scientists, militarists, and technocrats.  The sorry state of our health—mental, physical, and spiritual—has been laid bare. We literally have no choice but to build a new Republic and a new system of participatory democracy on the ruins of the old.

This is what our new corps of Resistance and Regeneration will look like: farmers and consumers, young and old, rural and urban, whites and non-whites, middle class, working class, immigrants, low-income communities, dropouts from the affluent class, a rainbow of dissidents and rebels from all genders, religions, and spiritual belief. We are the Volunteers of America and planet Earth. Fighting for freedom and democracy. Or else there is no future.

We are making progress in terms of organizing our resistance and building new regenerative relationships and networks, but we are nonetheless living in a society of the walking wounded. As Mattias Desmet eloquently reminds us in his new book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, we are teetering on the edge of 21st Century totalitarianism. puts it well, “Totalitarianism is the blurring of fact and fiction, yet with an aggressive intolerance for diverging opinions. One must toe the line.”

As Desmet chronicles, mass formation or mass hysteria, dramatically displayed during the recent (and continuing) global Pandemia, arises when the majority of people are unhappy, alienated, dissatisfied with their jobs and lives, spiritually empty, tortured by “free floating anxiety,” and profoundly disconnected from nature and others. Hypnotized and drifting in virtual reality, dehumanized in a rat race culture and economy, the alienated masses of the 21st Century are like a time bomb, psychologically primed to explode their anger and project their frustrations onto the Others (the unvaxxed, the Chinese, the Russians, the pox carriers, the Trumpers, the Blue Checks) once they are prompted by their respective Powers That Be. This is why we need a Regenerative Movement powerful enough to break the spell of mass formation, a cultural, spiritual, and political Revolution that not only heals the Earth and our health, but our souls as well.

This Regeneration Revolution will not be easy, given that the majority of the population and many of our children are debilitated, not only mentally, but physically as well, beaten down and weakened by pre-existing dietary, environmental, or medical-derived toxins that have made chronic disease—obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autism—the norm rather than the exception. Our non-organic food, our water, our environment, and Big Pharma’s conventional medicines and vaccines are routinely laced with toxic chemicals, pesticides, micro-plastics, genetically modified organisms, and now nanoparticles.

Compounding this horror, the majority of the population have now been injected (either voluntarily or under coercion) with dangerous experimental, rushed to market “vaccines” that fail to fight off engineered pathogens, weaken our natural immune systems, and undermine our bodies’ ability to defend ourselves. Collateral damage (health, medical, economic) from the lockdowns, social isolation, poverty, and despair have metasticized an unprecedented increase in deaths.

In addition, many of the vaxxed are now sub-consciously wounded as well, coming to the tragic realization that they may have injured themselves and their families by going along with the prescribed New Normal of 2020-22 (Operation Warp Speed vaccines, lockdowns, school closures, masking, and social distancing). But the truth can only be covered up for so long. Even the controlled mass media have been forced at times to admit the horrible truth surrounding COVID-19.

Dr. Meryl Nass reminds us that psychological guilt and fear, reinforced by media propaganda and peer pressure, continue to be a powerful force for self-censorship:

“Multiple papers now suggest that COVID mRNA vaccines impair not just immunity to COVID, but immunity and immune surveillance overall.

The implication is that the vaxxed are more susceptible to a variety of infections, and perhaps also to cancer.  Immune surveillance is what identifies cancer cells and kills them before they can proliferate.

So, you are vaccinated.  The implications of this information are too frightening to be allowed into consciousness.  You don't need the external censors to suppress this knowledge; you do it automatically with your built-in defense mechanisms.

Data from multiple countries now shows that all-cause mortality (deaths from everything) are higher in the vaccinated.

This is just as scary, if not more so, than an increased risk of serious infections and cancer.  You deny and/or suppress this information, because it simply cannot be allowed to be true.

You vaccinated your child.  This may have impaired their fertility, increased the cancer risk, etc. etc. etc.

Of all pieces of information that absolutely cannot be allowed to enter your consciousness, let alone be openly discussed in polite company, this one tops all.  So you will simply refuse to allow mention of it.  Friends whose conversations veer off in this direction must be obliterated.  Requiring that all family members and friends be vaccinated protects you from facing those for whom this discussion does not trigger the existential and uncontrollable pain it does for the vaccinated.

And Voila--you have a controlled and cowed population who have become their own thought police.”

We need to break through this fear and self-censorship. Beyond stopping the vaccinations and their boosters, we must spread the positive message that we can regenerate our health, recover from long-COVID, repair our bodies from vaccine side-effects, and protect ourselves from dietary and environmentally-induced chronic disease and even new engineered Frankenfoods and pathogens.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola puts it:

“If you had COVID-19 or received a COVID-19 injection, you may have dangerous spike proteins circulating in your body.

Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs.

The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body. Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione.

The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium.”

The main driver of serious disease and death in many cases is not primarily the engineered toxic spike protein in the virus or the vaccines, but the fact that the spike protein magnifies and exacerbates pre-existing serious health problems or comorbidities in the elderly or those previously damaged by toxic food, toxic environments, and self-destructive lifestyle habits and addictions. Our best defense against disease, in combination with the regimen of detoxification prescribed by Mercola and the World Council for Health is a healthy dose of organic food, exercise, adequate sleep, outdoors recreation, and positive thinking, coupled with appropriate nutritional supplements and herbs.

We must educate, organize, and mobilize the majority of everyday people who understand that what we are up against is not just a temporary crisis, but a hydra-headed Emergency.  People who are alarmed and yes, angry; but people who believe, no matter what the odds, that there is still time to turn things around, before it is too late.

Self-appointed global elites, technocrats, billionaires, multi-national corporations, Pharma, science, and military-industrial profiteers, aided and abetted by corrupt politicians and Big Media have misinformed, fear-mongered, and divided us. Our health, livelihoods, environment, rights, and democracy are in peril, not only in the United States, but across the globe.

Totalitarianism, nuclear destruction, biological warfare, and engineered pandemics are no longer just threats that lie in the realm of science fiction. The proverbial monster is at our door.

America is literally slouching toward domestic Civil War, no matter which of the current corrupt Establishment factions gains the upper hand the mid-terms in November or the 2024 elections. While we are sitting in front of our computer screens and smart phones, dutifully tracked and programmed, or working two jobs so that we can make a living, war hawks in both parties and the Pentagon are playing nuclear roulette with Russia and China—maneuvering to win the next election, increase their multi-billion dollar budgets, or supercharge their armaments, technology, and surveillance sales. Those with their fingers on the nuclear triggers are lunatics. Those weaponizing viruses, bacteria, or insects in the name of public health or bio-defense are reckless maniacs. One of our first priorities must be to expose and disarm these modern-day Dr. Strangeloves or Frankensteins, not only in the U.S., China, and Russia, but worldwide. This is an essential campaign we need to wage if are to inoculate the planet against catastrophic warfare (accidental or deliberate) and create the preconditions to negotiate a comprehensive peace and disarmament treaty (nuclear and biological) with Russia, China, and the other superpowers. Global pacification and disarmament in turn will become the foundation to cooperatively address other mega-problems such as the climate crisis and global poverty.

While we’ve been distracted by our Facebook feed, TikTok, the latest celebrity scandal, Congressional soap opera, or Monkeypox scare, mad scientists in Wuhan, Kiev, Taiwan, and Fort Detrick, Maryland are busy with government and Pentagon funded “gain-of-function” engineering, weaponizing the super-viruses, bacteria, and insect vectors of the next pandemic or plandemic.

Wake up liberals and progressives. Wake up conservatives and libertarians. There will be no victors nor patriotic glory in the dreadful wake of a nuclear or biological holocaust. And it won’t matter a damn bit whether our Armageddon foretold is accidental or deliberate.

Likewise, listen up Lockdown Liberals and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only): There will be no democracy left to fight for if we shred the Constitution, carry out the current demolition of our food and farming systems, small businesses and farmers, and holistic healers and hand over control of the nation and the world to a group of unelected WHO and World Economic Forum bureaucrats, Big Pharma billionaires, Deep State militarists, and Silicon Valley tycoons, using the pretext of a communist boogieman, or global health or climate emergency. 

We the underclass majority don’t have to agree on every point on every single issue, whether we’re talking about climate change, abortion, sex and gender education in elementary schools, community control of police, affirmative action, or gun control. But we do have a moral and political obligation in a pluralist democracy to respect free speech, Constitutional rights, and majority and minority public opinion and beliefs, and recognize when hyper-partisan politicians are using “wedge issues” to keep us down and divided.

The majority of the public, North, South, East, and West, are sick and tired of bought and sold politicians, manipulative media, lying PR and lobbying firms, price-gouging Big Pharma drug companies, sky high medical bills, outrageous education costs, usurious student loans, and endless wars. The populist grassroots are fed up with an arrogant economic elite who pay little or no taxes. We’ve had our fill of corrupt politicians and government officials who allow powerful corporate cartels to exploit workers and pollute our air, food, and water.  People support workers’ rights to unionize, especially in large corporations such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks, but no one is enthusiastic about corrupt union officials who care only about their dues-paying members, giving no thought to the needs and concerns of consumers, the environment, and non-unionized workers.

No one feels good about terminating the life of a fetus, but the majority of Americans do support women’s right to choose, even if they are against late-term abortions. Republicans and conservatives who support vaccine choice, but not women’s right to choose, undermine their credibility. Likewise, Democrats who support women’s choice but believe it’s fine to mandate vaccines, masks, and lockdowns are hypocrites.

Ordinary Americans (70% in a recent poll) are concerned about the climate crisis, global warming, extreme droughts, and violent weather, but they don’t want to lose their jobs in the transition to drastically reduced greenhouse gas emissions, green energy, and regenerative agriculture and land use.  People know that organic food, solar power, well-insulated houses, and electric cars are desirable, but how can things change if ordinary people can’t afford these green luxuries in an economic dystopia of low wages and impossibly high costs of living?

Accepting diversity and building a society of participatory democracy in a diverse nation (and world) of different cultures and traditions doesn’t mean we all have to love one another. But we must come to grips with the life or death issues that are pressing down on all of us. We have no choice but to break down the walls and the single issue silos (my issue is more important than your issue, my constituency is more oppressed or more important than yours) that divide and enslave us. Now is the time to spread the message of peace, justice, tolerance, hope, and Regeneration to all who are willing to listen. Now is the time to move beyond Pandemia and technocratic dystopia and regenerate our health, environment, and politics.

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