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Regenerators Rule #2: Link Up with People’s Primary Concerns and Connect the Dots

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June 27, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsAll About Organics, Environment & Climate seedlings_hand_germination_sun_plants_1200x630.jpg

In addition to highlighting positive solutions, it is important to keep in mind that people’s situations and perspectives are different. We all have different passions or priorities. One size or one approach does not fit all. Therefore, we need to integrate our green justice and Regeneration messages with the specific issues and concerns that are most important to grassroots constituencies, and then lay out, in everyday language, a strategy that makes people understand that we can actually solve the problems they care about the most, while also solving a host of other pressing problems at the same time. Only by starting from where people are at, and then connecting the dots, can we capture the attention and imagination of a critical mass of the global grassroots and get them to start thinking about how they can participate in our new Movement and new economy.

Objective and subjective conditions for change are different in every country in the world, and to some extent differ as well in the sub-regions and local communities of these 195 countries. Everyday people everywhere, including the most impoverished and vulnerable communities, have their burning issues as well as their secondary issues, and an inherent desire to alleviate and, if possible, solve the problems that are pressing down on them, in many cases threatening their very survival. In the activist community, major focus areas, in most cases reflecting the concerns of everyday people, include inflation and the high cost of living, freedom of choice and Constitutional liberties, climate change, environmental pollution, health, social justice, jobs and economic justice, peace, and democracy. Unfortunately, campaigners, both on the local and national/international levels, often work in isolation from other sectors, each in their own separate silos. This perpetuates tunnel vision in the body politic, parochial or sectarian attitudes, political polarization, and an overall weakness in global civil society.

Because conditions are often so different in different communities and nations, Regenerators need to think, plan, and act strategically and holistically. If a particular community’s primary concern is poverty, unemployment, racial discrimination, health issues, sub-standard public schools, school lunch programs, and school curriculum--issues that are very important in frontline or impoverished urban areas such as Detroit, Michigan or Washington, DC for example, then we must strive to integrate our climate and Regeneration activism with people’s everyday concerns. This is why we must rally behind comprehensive, indeed system-changing, political and economic programs such as the multi-issue, multi-constituency-oriented Green New Deal and not be afraid to be called “radical.” To gain majority support we must offer up a systematic solution to multiple crises, combining economic justice and jobs creation with rebuilding urban neighborhoods and rural communities, upgrading housing, providing needed social services, and moving to renewable energy. In the context of our current Climate Emergency and everyday economic crisis, a Regeneration organizer must be able to talk about how regenerative food, farming, and urban/rural ecosystem restoration not only can sequester carbon and help re-stabilize the climate, but can address pressing community health, nutrition, and economic issues at the same time.

If people are passionate about the air and water pollution caused by a pipeline, factory, mine, industrial factory farm, or network of factory farms, then Regenerators must get involved, not only by trying to stop or close down the particular pipeline, factory farm or industry, but also by projecting positive solutions, such as renewable energy, and scaling up the organic and regenerative food, farming, and land-use alternatives that already exist.

Human health and children’s health concerns are a burning issue for hundreds of millions of people. One of our primary arguments as advocates for regenerative food and farming should be to talk, not just about the beneficial climate and ecological impacts of regenerative agriculture, but also to emphasize the tremendously beneficial impacts of organic and regenerative crop production and grazing on improving food quality and nutritional density. Healthy soils and landscapes, managed in a regenerative manner by farmers, ranchers, and gardeners, give rise to healthy vegetables, fruits, grains, and animals, which in turn engender healthy food and healthy people. People need to stop eating factory-farmed meat, dairy, and poultry, not just because it’s cruel to animals and bad for the climate and the environment, but also because these products are bad for your health and the health of your children. One hundred percent grass-fed meat and dairy for example, and regeneratively-produced meat, dairy, and eggs are filled with healthy Omega-3 fats, vitamins, trace minerals, and other nutrients; whereas factory-farmed meats, dairy, and eggs are filled with bad fats, animal drug and pesticide residues, and lower levels of essential nutrients.

The Global Immigration (“Forced Migration”) Crisis

One of the most polarizing and politically charged debates today, especially in North America and Europe, is the so-called “immigration crisis.” There are approximately 250 million (3 percent of the world’s 7.6 billion people) international migrants in the world today. Another 750 million people, especially small farmers, have been forced by poverty to move from rural areas in their country to densely packed urban slums or shantytowns. About 20 percent of all international migrants, 47 million people, live in the U.S. Another 35 million live in Europe. The bottom line for many, if not most of these migrants, is rural poverty (and the violence that this poverty engenders). They are migrants, in other words, not by choice, but out of necessity.

From this perspective, a major part of the solution to forced mass migration is to stop the government, military, and international corporations and development banks from propping up corrupt regimes that favor the rich and keep the majority in poverty. We are morally obligated to provide concrete solidarity and support to the grassroots forces all over the world who are seeking to overthrow the tyrants and economic elites that are oppressing them. But we and our elected government representatives, as part of the global community, must also help regenerate prosperity, jobs, soils, and the environment in the impoverished rural communities of the globe, especially the rural communities and urban slums of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the home communities of most of the world’s immigrants. We must act in global solidarity and put an end the foreign and domestic policies that engender violence and poverty, such as the failed “War on Drugs” and “regime change” strategies that have only made the situation in nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and others worse. And most important of all we must reverse global warming and restore the world’s soils and ecosystems, before worsening conditions turn billions into forced migrants.

In one area of the world where I have traveled and worked, Guatemala, leaders of the newly formed alliance, Regeneration Guatemala, are spreading the message that the restoration of soil carbon and fertility, water conservation, rainfall catchment, and the utilization of organic and “beyond organic” grain production, agro-forestry and regenerative livestock (especially poultry) practices, could make Guatemala an agricultural leader in the region. By regenerating Guatemala’s agricultural system, the country can supply its 16 million people with affordable, high-quality, nutrient-dense food, and also provide employment and much-needed economic development in the countryside and adjoining urban areas, where poverty and crime are the major drivers of forced migration.

We need to get people to understand that most of their (and our) problems and stresses are symptoms of a degenerate system that needs to be replaced, and that can be replaced, starting with small changes in our everyday lives and local communities that are strategically carried out as part of a larger campaign such as the Green New Deal. This strategic “connect the dots approach” is key to consciousness raising, coalition building, marketplace pressure, and grassroots mobilization and fundraising.  This is the only way that our new Regeneration Movement will be able to bring about “the development of new convictions, attitudes, and forms of life,” as Pope Francis puts it in his Encyclical on Climate, that are necessary for our survival.  

Rules for Regenerators: Highlight Positive Solutions

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June 21, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsAll About Organics seedling_hands_earth_sun_1200x630.jpg

Regenerators, young and old, given our current situation, need to operate on the old adage that “the darkest hour is right before the dawn.” Instead of just dwelling on the negative, on the things that divide or frighten us, we need to search out and highlight today’s positive trends, best practices, and solutions. For the OCA and Regeneration International community this means not just focusing on the latest corruption and criminality of the ruling class and the technocrats, not just the delusions and self-destructive behavior of those brainwashed by the Establishment narrative, but on finding, highlighting, and scaling up real life regenerative alternatives.

As we inform ourselves and resist the Great Reset, the Big Pharma power grab, Silicon Valley programming and censorship, the Ukraine war and endless conflict, the reckless science, the pollution of our food, the destruction of the environment and climate, and the mass confusion, fear, and psychosis that has debilitated much of the body politic; we must also search out and highlight the positive trends in grassroots insurgency and creativity. We must seek out, highlight, and participate in the best practices of organic and regenerative food, farming, and land use, as well as the holistic natural health practices, food and dietary changes, and lifestyle transformations that are regenerating people’s health, mental and physical. For a full dose of positive information, go to the internal search engine on the upper right hand side of the OCA homepage and type in the words Regenerative Food and Farming.

Even in these alarming and authoritarian times a critical mass of the global grassroots is starting to wake up, connect the dots, and resist—North, South, East, and West—self-organizing at the local and grassroots level. This decentralized and non-violent grassroots rising, generally ignored by the mass media, is slowly but surely developing a parallel society and counter-culture, an infrastructure of alternative information and grassroots practices, offering healthy and equitable solutions to our most pressing problems: food, farming, climate, poverty, injustice, environmental pollution, war, reckless science and genetic engineering, deteriorating public health, forced migration, unemployment, discrimination, and political corruption.

The bottom line is that people all over the world are fed up with corrupt politicians, greedy businesses and corporations, organized crime, reckless scientists, transhumanist profiteers, and a polluted environment. Whether we’re talking about China, Russia, or the U.S., most everyday people no longer trust the government, the mass media, nor the oligarchs to act or govern in our best interests. As a growing segment of Millennial youth, women, and minorities are starting to understand, there is no future for their generation, nor for any of us, without fundamental change and Regeneration.

A growing global majority understand that we simply cannot continue to maintain our nations’ respective global empires or spheres of interest, in our case the United States, and allow our governments to subsidize fossil fuels, the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma malpractice and profiteering, and degenerative food, farming, and land management practices, if we wish to survive. Nor can we continue with the multinational corporate elites’ “profit at any cost” practices, reinforced by hyper-consumerism and materialism on the part of most consumers.

Instead of rallying behind politicians who demonize other nations or religions, deny that polluted food, chronic disease, medical malpractice, climate change, or other serious global issues exist, pander to giant corporations, or harp on divisive single-issues, we must collectively acknowledge that we, the global grassroots, are “all one” in our need for a livable environment, stable climate, equitable economy, meaningful employment, peace, and democracy. Focusing on deploying, financing, and scaling up renewable energy and regenerative food, farming, land use and health practices, many of which are already in place, or partially in place, we have the power to reignite hope, activism, and participatory democracy at the global grassroots, and thereby regain control over our destiny.

What we need in order to save ourselves from disaster is obviously not a classical revolutionary insurgency, a frontal assault on the Kremlin, the Chinese Communist Party headquarters, or the White House. In the 21st Century this type of armed revolution is impossible, given that we the people are now totally under surveillance, policed, and out-gunned. What we need instead is a non-violent but determined “March of Regeneration” that moves through all of our communities and institutions, a peaceful but forceful global grassroots uprising from below in all of the 195 countries of the world.

We need a non-violent Regeneration Revolution on a global scale of public education, grassroots lobbying, marketplace pressure, and scaling-up of best practices, systems, and policies, especially in the energy, food, farming, land use, and health sectors. We need to address the root causes of “mass formation” and mass psychosis (loneliness, social isolation, cell phone and social media addiction, alienating jobs, poor diets, lack of exercise, lack of joy) that have recently come very close to permanently turning us against one another and destroying the potential for a peaceful and regenerative future.

Given the overwhelming power of the Establishment and their forces of surveillance, intimidation, and repression, we will need to carefully develop and deploy our new Regeneration program or ideology as a form of jujitsu or martial art with the power to peacefully divide, coopt, deprogram, pacify, and conquer our political and corporate adversaries. As we outsmart and out- maneuver the global Establishment, we will regenerate the health and life-giving optimism of the body politic. But we are not out of danger yet. We stand in the eye of the hurricane.

A carefully deployed campaign of truth-telling and resistance will enable us to head off immediate disaster (“Biofascism”) and buy us the time we need to further spread our redemptive message. In our long march to restore community, health, environment, peace, solidarity, love, and compassion we will gradually gain the power to inspire and unite, across issues and borders, a critical mass of the global grassroots. This will not only regenerate our society, but our optimism and our consciousness as well, restoring, as Pope Francis once put it, “an awareness of our common origin, of our mutual belonging, and of a future to be shared with everyone.”

Please join us in this local-to-global March for Regeneration. The hour is late, but there is still time to turn things around.

Beware the Eye of the Storm

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June 7, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsCOVID-19 hurricane_1200x630.jpg

Growing up on the Gulf of Mexico and living through several intense hurricanes, I became familiar with the term “eye of the storm.” The “eye” refers to the interlude or relative calm between the two phases of a hurricane, when the center of the storm is passing directly overhead. I was warned as a child not to go outside as the “eye” passed over, even though it seemed like the storm was winding down, because more intense wind, tidal surges, and torrential rains would surely follow.

We are now all living in the eye of the storm. Most of us survived the engineered release (whether accidental or deliberate) and transmission, death, and mayhem of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its spike protein.

We survived the disastrous government responses, economic lockdowns, small business bankruptcies, school closings, and unemployment. We survived the mass fear-mongering, censorship, and dictatorial medical and social mandates that were engineered, aided, and abetted by supposedly liberal media outlets and democratically elected politicians. We nonetheless got a taste (especially in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the blue states of the U.S.) of what it would be like to live “the New Normal” under a Chinese Communist Party-type regime, with Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, the military-industrial complex, and the World Economic Forum calling the shots.

But the storm and the coordinated assault on our mental and physical health, civil rights, and constitutional liberties is not over. Big Pharma and government bureaucrats are still trying to pretend that the latest variants (more akin to the common cold or a mild season flu) of COVID-19 are dangerous, even for children and infants. They are also still trying to tell us that the experimental, rushed to market, blockbuster COVID-19 vaccines work, and that they are safe, which they are not. As our ally, Millions Against Medical Mandates, warn us “wake the hell up, they are coming for our children.”

On the bioweapons front, as we have reported, Bill Gates, Fauci, and the Pentagon (along with China, Russia, and the other superpowers) have been and continue to fund the illegal genetic engineering and weaponization of viruses and pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, Bird Flu, Marburg virus, Ebola, Anthrax, lentiviruses, Adenoviruses, and other genetically engineered pathogens, using the excuse that these reckless experiments are necessary to prevent disease, ward off biological weapons attacks from our enemies, or develop vaccines.

As Judicial Watch recently reported, based upon over 2300 documents that the National Institutes of Health were forced to provide under the Freedom of Information Act, there have been (and still are) dozens of illegal, unauthorized Gain-of Function experiments taking place in U.S. government and university labs, with numerous recent reported leaks, accidents and security violations in these U.S. biolabs.

Until we shut down the biolabs in our backyards and across the world, bring the perpetrators  of COVID-19 to justice, and strengthen and enforce the Biological Weapons Protocol that the U.S. and every nation is supposed to abide by, none of us are safe. Unless and until we ban the lab engineering and weaponization of pathogens on a global scale, the opportunity will surely rise again for the global elite, Big Pharma, and the vaccine profiteers to take advantage of the next lab or deliberate release of a deadly bioweapon to complete their totalitarian “Great Reset.” Gates, Fauci, and the other architects of the Great Reset are already publicly predicting, and indeed planning for the next pandemic.

On the nuclear weapons front, thank God we have thus far dodged the thermonuclear bullet. We have avoided an accidental nuclear exchange and a nuclear holocaust with Russia resulting from the power-crazed U.S. strategy of fruitlessly trying to “bleed Russia dry.” We are literally playing Russian nuclear roulette by expanding NATO and surrounding Russia with first strike nuclear weapons and submarines while escalating an endless war in the Ukraine that could have been prevented, bringing about massive death and suffering for both Ukraine and Russia.

While the “eye” of the maelstrom called 2022 provides us with a temporary respite, there is absolutely no time to lose. We must force our brain dead and corrupt politicians, in both parties, to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine, lift all sanctions, and to begin the long-term negotiation process to ban all biological and nuclear weapons forever.

Sign the OCA Petition to Ban the Reckless “Gain-of-Function” weaponization of viruses and pathogens.

USA: A Cry for Regeneration

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May 12, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsAll About Organics, Politics & Globalization us_flag_sunflower_field_1200x630.jpg

Unfortunately, both Democratic and Republican politicians in the U.S. appear to have lost touch with reality and the needs of everyday working class, middle class, low-income, and rural communities. America’s political duopoly appears hell-bent on demonizing “the other party” for partisan gain meanwhile working full-time for their respective donors in the billionaire class, with their primary paymasters coming from corporate agribusiness, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the fossil fuels industry, and the military-industrial complex.

While most Democrats apparently believe in mandatory injections of experimental vaccines, vaccine passports, and dictatorial CDC/Fauci/Gates/Pentagon control over health and economic policies, Republicans have recently gained the support of many by talking about the Constitution, free speech, and people’s right to choose whether to wear masks, shut down schools, lockdown businesses, and inject experimental drugs into their bodies. 

Unfortunately, the most vocal Republican champions of “freedom” are simultaneously stepping up their efforts to eliminate women’s rights to choose abortion, persecuted migrants’ rights to asylum, and everyone’s right to rein in criminal polluters so we can co-exist with a clean environment and a stable climate. Despite the obvious disaster of the Biden administration’s response to COVID-19 (following very similar practices carried out during the Trump administration), there has been little or no self-criticism or admissions of error coming from the Democrats or their allies in Silicon Valley and the mass media. Republicans similarly have now conveniently forgotten that it was the Fauci-led Trump NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and NIH (National Institutes of Health) that resumed funding to the disastrous Wuhan lab in 2017 that led to COVID, and that the equally disastrous “Warp Speed” COVID vaccine program was championed, not just by Fauci, Gates, and the vaccine profiteers, but by Trump and other Republicans in Congress.

Meanwhile recent polls indicate that Democratic-leaning voters support government, Silicon Valley, and mass media surveillance and censorship (in far greater numbers than Republican-leaning voters); incorrectly believe that experimental vaccines are safe and effective (even for students, children, pregnant women, and infants who face little risk from COVID); and approve of the illegal, reckless, and unconstitutional activities of the CDC, NIH, FBI, and the CIA. Both parties, with few exceptions (Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul) are now calling for military escalation in the Ukraine, rather than negotiation, prolonging the misery and death of a war that was preventable and which is now unwinnable. The bi-partisan cry to “bleed the Russians into submission,” is actually a recipe for a nuclear holocaust.

Establishment Democrats and Republicans (with a few exceptions) behaved like indentured puppets and Orwellian authoritarians during the COVID-19 crisis, utterly failing to expose the true origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of the SARS-CoV-2 lab-engineered virus. Both parties went along with the Gates-Fauci-Big Pharma narrative that the underlying diet-and environmentally related comorbidities of COVID-19 victims (over 90% of all COVID deaths occurred in elderly, obese, or severely health-compromised people) are simply a “fact of life” that cannot be addressed, and continue to lump together “dying from COVID” with multiple comorbidities to “dying with COVID” based upon a non-diagnostic COVID PCR test.

Leaders of both parties, ignoring the science, have tried to tell us that only Trump/Biden “Warp Speed” experimental vaccines (ineffective and causing serious and deadly side effects for millions), rushed to market would be able to “save us.”

With Establishment Democrats and Republicans continuing to discredit themselves, Trumpers and Progressives alike, it’s time for a new grassroots rising. It’s time for a game-changing grassroots-powered politics based upon Regeneration, rather than “business as usual” and “politics as usual.”

OCA and our allies believe that a global awakening and Grassroots Rising, based upon the principles and practices of regenerative food, farming, and land-use, has the awesome potential to inspire and provoke a multi-partisan, multinational, populist Movement—Democrat, Independent, and Republican; liberal, radical, conservative, and libertarian; rancher, farmer, and indigenous; urban and rural; consumer and farmer; North and South.

Once it reaches critical mass, a new united front will have the power to “make the polluters pay” and stimulate a massive transfer (divestment) of government and private capital away from degenerative practices (unhealthy, highly-processed food, factory farms, GMO seeds, chemical and energy-intensive agriculture, soil and environmental degradation, and rampant deforestation) to regenerative practices instead.

Instead of shredding the Constitution, destroying the Earth, undermining public health, and impoverishing rural communities with “business and politics as usual,” we must instead embark on a local-to-global transformation. We must identify regenerative best practices for food, farming, land use and health, and free up the funds to scale these best practices up to critical mass.

A Regeneration Revolution will require us to revitalize and re-carbonize our soils and vegetation; rehydrate our deserts and semi-arid lands; rejuvenate our forests; nurture soil fertility; stop erosion; recharge our ground water and aquifers; restore our wildlife and pollinizer habitats; and preserve and restore our marine eco-systems.

This Great Regeneration, alongside a renewable energy revolution, will re-stabilize the climate by reducing greenhouse gas pollution and drawing down excess CO2 (currently 419 ppm) from the atmosphere, returning this excess carbon to where it belongs, in our soils and landscapes, utilizing the miraculous power of human stewardship, animal husbandry, and natural photosynthesis.

This regeneration of our lands and environment, in turn, will help us restore our natural immune systems and revitalize public health (both physical and mental), bring together our fractured body politic, restore rural economic livelihoods, create jobs, and reduce the economic pressures that bring about forced migration.

A Cry for Regeneration: A National Action Plan for Agroecology, Food Sovereignty, Reforestation, & Climate

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May 11, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsEnvironment & Climate, Farm Issues agave_1200x630.jpg

Over the past decade, Mexican government officials, heeding the concerns of civil society and responding to the evermore obvious crises of the environment, climate, food, farming, forced migration, public health, and rural poverty, have issued a number of official proclamations with potentially major positive impact.

These official proclamations have included:

  1. The signing of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and the complementary 4 for 1000 “Soils for Climate” pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly and to offset the nation’s carbon footprint by scaling up agroecological and regenerative practices in agriculture, forest management, and soil health so as to drawdown and store excess atmospheric CO2 in the nation’s soil, trees, and biota, preserving biodiversity and improving rural and indigenous economic livelihoods at the same time.
  2. On December 31, 2020, Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador issued a decree announcing the phase -out by 2024  of Monsanto/Bayer’s toxic herbicide glyphosate, and a corresponding phase-out of the importation of genetically engineered corn from the U.S., used mainly in livestock feed, despite strong protests by Monsanto, the U.S. government, and the industrial agribusiness lobby.
  3. An announcement made by the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in 2021 that the central dynamic for Mexico’s agriculture should be based upon agroecological principles and practices, instead of conventional chemical-intensive, fossil-fuel intensive, export-oriented, GMO farming practices.

All of these government proclamations have been popular with the Mexican public, rural and urban alike, and have received favorable publicity on the international front as well.

Unfortunately, with the exception of the ban on the commercial cultivation of GMO corn and soybeans, the government has not really followed through on its other promises. Greenhouse gas emissions have not significantly decreased. Forest preservation and reforestation programs have been limited, as have agroecological and regenerative practices that draw down excess carbon from the atmosphere and store it in soils and above ground biomass. Organic production has increased, but it is still mainly directed toward the export market. Rural poverty and forced migration are still major problems. The use of glyphosate and toxic agricultural chemicals and fertilizers remain high, while the importation of subsidized U.S. corn for animals has not decreased. Agro-export crops and alfalfa for livestock feed continue to drain Mexico’s aquifers. Agroecology, carbon sequestration, reforestation, and rural economic development remain elusive.

Rather than dwell on the negative, our intent here is to point out the potential of several regenerative, agroecological best practices that have been developed by Mexican farmers, ranchers, and foresters that have the potential to spread across much of the nation (especially the 60% of Mexico’s lands that are arid and semi-arid) and transform the environment and economic livelihoods of millions of Mexicans, sequestering major amounts of atmospheric carbon and enhancing soil fertility, biodiversity, water conservation, and other ecosystem services.  

These best practices include an agave/mesquite/animal silage agroforestry/reforestation system (the “Billion Agave Project”) that has been pioneered by farmers and ranchers in Guanajuato and that is now steadily expanding to other regions, and a holistic rotational livestock grazing system in Chihuahua (Pasticultores del Desierto) that is gaining international recognition. Both of these agroecological systems have the potential for being deployed on millions of hectares of semi-arid and arid, often degraded ejido and private land and moving Mexico in the direction of the positive proclamations listed above.

Read a fuller description of the “Billion Agave” Agroforestry system here.

Read a fuller description of the holistic grazing system in Chihuahua, (Pasticultores del Desierto) here.

Of course these are not the only regenerative, potentially game-changing agroecological practices that are being deployed, but these are certainly two of the best practices with enormous potential to be scaled up in the immediate future.

We call on government officials from SADER, CONAFOR, SEMARNAT, INIFAP, Bienestar, and Sembrando Vida to sit down with representatives of Campaña sin Maiz no hay País, Alianza por Nuestra Tortilla , IFOAM Mexico, Via Organica, the Billion Agave Project, Pasticultores del Desierto, and Millones Contra Monsanto to discuss these exciting new developments in agroecology and regenerative land management and develop a plan on how these game-changing systems can be scaled up to meet the challenges of Mexico (and the world’s) climate, environmental, public health, and economic crises, and fulfill the noble, but as of yet unfulfilled, promises of the Mexican government.

Regeneration: Beyond the Madness and Sadness

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May 2, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsAll About Organics seedlings_green_plants_grow_1200x630.jpg

Given the magnitude of the current crisis, we at OCA believe we need to expand our redemptive message of Regeneration to encompass, not only the next stage of organic food and farming and land use, but also our political policies and practices. We must step up our efforts, not only championing organic food and farming, but international peace and economic justice, civil liberties, participatory democracy, and regenerating health, both mental and physical. In the midst of political corruption and opportunism, media censorship and fear-mongering, it’s essential to focus on positive ideas and solutions.

Our once hoped-for global community of nations appear to be lurching toward endless war and chaos. The Big Pharma, Deep State cover up of the lab origins of COVID, rampant comorbidities (induced by Big Food, Big Ag, and corrupt government policies and subsidies), media fear-mongering, war-mongering, censorship, scientific fraud, Big Pharma profiteering, lockdowns, authoritarian mandates, and alarming numbers of deaths and injuries from rushed to market “gene therapy” vaccines continue.

Degenerative food, farming, land use, and finance are still the rule rather than the exception. Politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, find it easier to demonize one another rather than sit down, listen to their constituents, and find common ground. War is raging in Ukraine as well as many other nations, cheered on, not just by the military-industrial complex, but by leading war hawks in both parties. Poverty, suffering, and mental anxiety, exacerbated by the pandemic and the lockdowns, are rampant. The great web of biodiversity is unraveling. The climate is in free fall. Our children and the most vulnerable are forced to struggle harder than ever, just to survive and maintain a positive outlook.

Regeneration Now

And yet, as we never tire of repeating, there are positive signs of resistance and Regeneration bursting out at the grassroots, from Mid-America to the Middle East.

The overwhelming majority of people in the world are not our enemies or adversaries. Our fellow human beings want peace, democracy, justice, meaningful work, healthy food, and a healthy environment for themselves and their families, just like we do. The overwhelming majority of the global body politic do not want giant corporations such as Bayer/Monsanto, Syngenta, and Pfizer, Silicon Valley, or indentured politicians such as Biden, Putin, and Xi Jinping taking away our freedoms and dictating our food, farming, technology, and health choices and practices. We don’t want Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, the CIA, and their allies the genetic engineering industry manipulating science, the media, foreign policy, and international relations.

Stop Weaponizing Microbes

We have recently launched a campaign to stop the mad science of weaponizing viruses and pathogens, to stop the next pandemic before it starts. Part of this campaign involves bringing the perpetrators of COVID-19 to justice. By joining together to stop out-of-control science, genetic manipulation, industrial agriculture, nanotechnology, military madness, and bioweapons, by nurturing a 21st Century paradigm of peace, negotiation, and disarmament, rather than belligerence, we can safeguard our future. Even though it may sound utopian to many at this point in time, we really have no choice but to join with the global grassroots, especially our counterparts in Russia, China, and Europe and force our governments to cooperate in the interests of peace and Regeneration. In Ukraine and the other war zones of the world we must call for “Negotiation, not Escalation.”

By sowing the seeds of peace and Regeneration, we can scale-up the best practices of organic food, natural health, nutrition, and integrative medicine. We can clean up our toxic environment and our toxic politics. We can move from elite domination and technocratic surveillance and control to participatory democracy.

The bad news is that the panic-mongering and censorship carried out 24/7 by the mass media and hyper-partisan politicians over the past two years has created unprecedented fear, confusion, and polarization.

The good news is that the global crisis has crystalized a major awakening at the grassroots. Millions of us are ready to organize and mobilize for a Regeneration Revolution.

We at OCA and Regeneration International are perennial optimists. We believe that we, the global grassroots, are literally at a turning point in history. This is the crucial moment when we must step up our truth-telling and educational efforts. Now is the time to build stronger coalitions, resist the enormous power of the global elites and technocrats, and bring about fundamental change in the marketplace, public policy, and finance. 

But in order to carry out a Regeneration Revolution we need your help.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Is Bird Flu Being Weaponized?

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There’s been a lot of talk about the conflict in Ukraine causing the release of dangerous pathogens, including highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1), from U.S. funded biolabs.

This isn’t the first time that H5N1 bioweapons fears have gripped Ukraine. In 2009, when a flu broke out in Ukraine (the official story is that it was H1N1), rumors circulated that it was H5N1, spread via vaccines or aerial spraying.

Making the whole H5N1 saga even sketchier is its origin story in the late 1990s. The emergence of the virus in 1997 in Hong Kong was eerily predicted by Kennedy Shortridge, the scientist who would discover it. H5N1 didn’t infect humans until Shortridge and his colleagues had been studying its human infection potential in their labs for several years. At the time, the natural leap of a flu directly from poultry to humans was so improbable that scientists first suspected that it was the result of contamination from Shortridge’s lab. The 1997 H5N1 outbreak in Hong Kong was the first flu to be diagnosed by PCR test.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

I’ve documented all of that below, but there are several even more obvious reasons why, if there’s ever a human H5N1 outbreak or vaccination push, we’ll know we’re in the midst of another Plandemic:

1. H5N1 hardly ever infects people. News about highly pathogenic avian influenza usually leads with how deadly it is. Rarely is it mentioned that the disease hardly ever infects people. H5N1 kills more than half of the people who get it, but H5N1 has circled the globe for decades and there have only ever been 860 human infections worldwide.

2. There has never been an H5N1 pandemic and no human infection with H5N1 bird flu has ever been identified in the U.S. That’s an extraordinary safety record, given how filthy U.S. factory farms and slaughterhouses are and how fast the infection spreads among crowded birds. So far in 2022, 29 states have reported outbreaks of bird flu in 213 flocks resulting in the culling of nearly 31 million birds, including almost 5 percent of egg-laying hens. In 2015, it was even worse with 50 million birds culled, but there wasn’t a single human case.

3. H5N1 isn’t transmitted person-to-person. There are only a handful of “possible” cases worldwide. That’s how the CDC puts it. My research suggests that virus hunters like the Gates Foundation’s Scott Dowell have stretched the truth in their search for transmissible H5N1. Regardless, the CDC says there is no evidence from those “possible” cases that spread could be sustained beyond a single transmission.

4. There are no food safety risks associated with H5N1. If farm workers and meat packers don’t get bird flu in filthy factory farms or slaughterhouses, it’s no surprise the rest of us don’t get bird flu from eating raw eggs or handling raw chicken.

5. Anthony Fauci has made significant investments in gain-of-function research to give H5N1 pandemic potential, making it easily transmissible from person to person—and Bill Gates chipped in, too!

In this article, I lay out the evidence that:

1. Fauci and Gates funded the weaponization of H5N1.

2. Fauci’s H5N1 research is ongoing and is being done all over the world, including in Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine.

3. Some of the scariest, most scandal-plagued corporations on the planet are involved in the Ukraine biolabs, from our Millions Against Monsanto nemesis Bayer to the likes of Battelle, Metabiota and Southern Research, biodefense contractors variously linked to the Biden family, the origins of COVID-19 and the 2001 anthrax attacks.

4. The U.S. has already authorized and stockpiled a human H5N1 vaccine.

Christian Westbrook at is warning that bird flu will be the next human pandemic and that the catastrophe is being engineered to usher in the post-meat/post-farmer world that Bill Gates aspires to. I sincerely hope he’s wrong, but it’s hard to be optimistic when people like Robert Redfield, who was CDC director under Trump and is known for his suspicion that COVID-19 originated in a lab, are coming out of the woodwork to make the same eerie prediction.

Fauci & Gates Funded the Weaponization of H5N1

Fauci and Gates figured out how to get scientists to participate in biological weapons research with a clean conscience:

They pay them to...

1. Believe pandemics are caused by pathogens that don't infect humans.

2. Use genetic engineering and synthetic biology to "predict" how those pathogens will infect humans.

In his 2006 piece, “The Science: How a Human Pandemic Could Start,” Scott Dowell, wrote:

“While rare instances of H5N1 passing from person to person have been documented, there is no indication that it can do so efficiently. That could change. … A series of mutations or a single genetic reassortment event (a type of gene swapping among viruses) could enable H5N1 to spread efficiently among humans, triggering a pandemic. … H5N1 may evolve into something that’s easily spread through coughing, sneezing, or contact with contaminated hands.”

In his wisdom, Fauci decided to see if he could make that happen in a lab. 

As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Fauci commissioned two gain-of-function research teams with grants titled “Pandemic Potential of H5N1 Influenza Viruses” and “Understanding the Emergence of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses.” 

Gates chipped in, too, with grants 48339 and OPPGH5383 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. (Ice Age Farmer’s Westbrook found a lot more documentation of Gates’ funding of gain-of-function research to make highly pathogenic avian influenza even more pathogenic and transmissible.)

The scientists Fauci chose to lead the H5N1 teams, Ron Fouchier at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Tokyo, were scientists Fauci had funded since 1990 under grants with titles including “Influenza Virus Assembly.”

In February 2006, Fauci convened a one-day in-house “NIAID Influenza Research Summit” to identify influenza research priorities. In September, he opened up the topic to a 35-member “Blue Ribbon Panel on Influenza Research” that included Fouchier and Kawaoka. The Blue Ribbon panel’s report doesn’t mention gain-of-function experiments, but Fauci gave them grants to do just that.

Fouchier and Kawaoka’s now infamous gain-of-function research showed that, through lab manipulation, H5N1 could be altered to become highly transmissible among humans via airborne infection. 

Did Fauci & Gates’ Weaponized H5N1 End Up In Ukraine?

In this video from IceAge Farmer, Christian Westbrook talks about Russia’s claim that the U.S. funded Ukraine experiments with engineered strains of bird flu that could kill 50 percent of humanity:

Russia’s accusation was presented to the United Nations:

Russia’s information on U.S. funding of pathogen research in Ukraine was gleaned from public sources. Robbie Martin of Media Roots Radio has compiled the documentation in a searchable database housed by Our Hidden History. Martin did a great podcast on the subject, “Is the US Making Bioweapons Under the Guise of ‘Biodefense’ in Ukraine & Elsewhere? w/ Gumby.”

As Igor Kirillov, the head of the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, has reported, the Pentagon-funded pathogens projects in Ukraine were labeled UP for Ukraine Project and given numbers starting with UP-1.

Currently, the project lead for U.S.-funded H5N1 research in Ukraine (the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) refers to it as UP-4 or Ukraine Project 4) is Denys Muzyka. (The link goes to his publications on Google Scholar.)

This is all very well documented and the U.S. hasn't denied it (although it insists it is in full compliance with the Biological Weapons Convention):

Ukraine is a hub for Pentagon biolab funding, and biotech & pharmaceutical companies are going where the government contracts are. Our Millions Against Monsanto nemesis Bayer is sidling up to the trough, too.


The DA is panicking Ukraine BIOLABS- crested for distribution worldwide weaponised Corona Virus Anthrax H5N1 diphtheria Ebola & loads more Putin reports to Security council today USA funding Hunter Biden involvement Metabiota - South Africa is AWAKE

— The Chronicler (@TheChronicler13) March 11, 2022

A series of bioweapons scandals that predate the current crisis reveal that the U.S. has been funding H5N1 research in Ukraine for many years.

Beginning in 2018, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva of ArmsWatch published a series of reports on U.S.-funded biolabs, revealing that defense contractor Black & Veatch got a total of $208.5 million in Pentagon contracts to design, construct and equip 11 bio-labs in Ukraine in 2008, 2012 and 2020. The company completed Ukraine’s first Bio-Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory in 2010. Black & Veatch also maintains the Pentagon’s systems in Ukraine for the “control and accounting of biological materials in laboratories” and the “early detection of a disease outbreak and assist[ance] in an effective response.”

Gaytandzhieva was also the first to report Metabiota’s Pentagon contracts to research pathogens in Ukraine.

Metabiota received a Pentagon contract worth up to $23.9 million that included a 2014 line item allocating $307,091 for “Ukraine Research Projects.” As mentioned above, Russia claimed that the U.S. labeled its Ukraine biolab projects as UP for Ukraine Project and gave them numbers. This matches the way American scientists working on these projects refer to them, but they call them “Metabiota Ukraine Projects.” For example, there’s this reference to “Metabiota UP-8” on LinkedIn.

Black & Veatch and Metabiota co-lead the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s so-called Science Writers Mentorship Program (SWMP) in Ukraine, begun in 2016. That’s how the Pentagon puts one degree of separation between itself and Ukrainian scientists. The scientists put a disclaimer on their published research that says that their research isn’t funded by DTRA but their publications are, through the SWMP.

For example, the authors of “Phylogenetic Analysis of H5N8 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Viruses in Ukraine, 2016–2017” thank “Greg Glass [program director for DTRA’s Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) in Ukraine] and the scientific staff at BV/Metabiota (Kyiv, Ukraine) for critical reading and assistance with preparation of the article.” They also thank the “Science Writers Mentorship Program (SWMP) for their support in providing resources for writing this manuscript.” Then, they claim that “DTRA/CBEP did not directly support the research described herein.” They leave out the fact that they work in laboratories designed, built and equipped by the Pentagon. But, their most revealing acknowledgment is to the Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance (CEIRS).

CEIRS funding comes from Fauci.

As Gaytandzhieva reported in “Potential pandemic bird flu modified to be more dangerous in new risky NIH research,” CEIRS is one of Fauci’s funding streams for research that could start a human bird flu Plandemic.

The I.I. Mechnikov Anti-Plague Scientific Research Institute of Ukraine is Fauci’s regional CEIRS hub.

Is the Mechnikov Institute being set up as the next Wuhan Institute of Virology?

The Surprising Links Between the Origins of COVID-19, Ukraine Biolabs and the 2001 Anthrax Attacks

In addition to Black & Veatch, Fauci’s Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance, and Metabiota, there are two other notable U.S. organizations working in the Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine: Southern Research and Battelle.

Southern Research has had Pentagon projects in Ukraine since 2008 and a Ukraine office since 2010. It has received $688.5 million in government funding since 2001.

According to this LinkedIn profile, Battelle is also operating Ukraine biolabs, running Pentagon-funded “projects in Virology, Bacteriology, Decontamination, Aerosol science, BSL-2/3 laboratory activities, CONOP, Data Analytics and Molecular Biology.”


Infamous biological weapons defense contractor Battelle is running Pentagon biolabs in Ukraine…

— Alexis Baden-Mayer #AntiFascist & #AntiFaucist (@AlexisBadenMaye) April 11, 2022

Battelle, Metabiota and Southern Research’s involvement connects U.S.-funded pathogens research in Ukraine to two very hot topics: 1) the Biden family’s economic interests in Ukraine; and 2) the truth about COVID-19, as well a much older incident that shouldn’t be memory-holed: the 2001 anthrax attacks.

The above video from the Reese Report, ties it all together, but here are a few additional details, as well as information about how Metabiota, EcoHealth Alliance, Southern Research and Battelle link back to the 2001 anthrax attacks.

Metabiota was part of the PREDICT team hunting viruses in China in 2013 when they found what it now believed to be the closest known relative of SARS-CoV-2, a bat virus named RaTG13. PREDICT is a USAID project, funded by U.S. tax dollars, but it got its start at

In 2008, committed $30 million to virus hunting and gain-of-function research on potential pandemic pathogens through a project it called Predict and Prevent. At least $5.5 million of that went to Dr. Nathan Wolfe’s non-profit Global Viral Forecasting Initiative, which was soon to become the for-profit Metabiota. Other GVFI funders at the time included the Skoll Foundation, which also gave $5.5 million, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Merck Research Laboratories and the US Department of Defense.

When the GVFI became the for-profit Metabiota, Google Ventures continued to invest. In addition, it created a business partnership with Metabiota, “offering its big-data expertise to help the company serve its customers–insurers, government agencies and other organizations–by offering them forecasting and risk-management tools.” In other words, they sell pandemic insurance. 

Google’s Predict and Prevent was a profitable investment. The company parlayed the $30 million it bundled through its non-profit, into hundreds of millions in government grants for its partners in the pandemic industrial complex, including $99.5 million for its for-profit partner Metabiota since 2008.

Now that Metabiota has gotten caught up in the COVID origins scandal, its original investors, Eric Schmidt of Google, Jeffrey Skoll of EBay, Rajiv Shah of The Rockefeller Foundation (formerly USAID director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) chipped in to fund the COVID Commission Planning Group, a white-wash led by Philip Zelikow who gave us the 9-11 Commission cover-up.

One of Metabiota’s PREDICT partners is EcoHealth Alliance, whose science and policy advisor, David Franz, produced the anthrax used in the 2001 attacks while working for Southern Research and partnering with scientists at Battelle.

Franz, a former commander of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases went from Fort Detrick to working at Southern Research for the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which from 1999-2001 contracted with Advanced Biosystems for microencapsulated anthrax. Franz’s Southern Research was a subcontractor on that project. His partners, Advanced Biosystems’ Ken Alibek, a former Soviet bioweapons scientist, and Charles L. Bailey, another former Fort Detrick commander, filed a patent on the silicon microencapsulation technology in 2001. In their 2012 article in the peer-reviewed Journal of Bioterrorism & Biodefense, “Evidence for the Source of the 2001 Attack Anthrax,” Martin E. Hugh-Jones, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg and Stuart Jacobsen link the forensic evidence from the attack anthrax to the Alibek, Bailey and Franz’s microencapsulation techniques. The trio likely engineered the attack anthrax in Battelle’s West Jefferson, Ohio, facility. As Whitney Webb has reported, the Pentagon contracted with Battelle to “create the genetically-modified anthrax, a task that was overseen by Battelle’s then-program manager for all things bioweapons, Ken Alibek.”

The 2009 Ukraine Flu Panic

One of the many pharmaceutical companies working under U.S. government contracts at Ukraine biolabs is the pharmaceutical company Baxter.

In 2009, after the company nearly sparked an H5N1 pandemic, rumors circulated that Baxter caused the flu outbreak that swept Ukraine later the same year.

In early February 2009, Baxter accidentally combined the highly pathogenic avian influenza with an H3N2 flu that commonly infects humans. The mistake occurred in Baxter’s Austrian laboratories, and the deadly chimera was distributed to subcontractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany. The contamination was discovered—and human lives were spared—when what they called an "experimental virus material" killed ferrets in a test conducted by researchers who believed they were working with a common seasonal flu. Baxter never explained what happened.

An H1N1 swine flu pandemic began the next month, March 2009. The U.S. government gave Baxter contracts to produce swine flu vaccines despite the H5N1 contamination incident. “Coincidentally,” Baxter had filed a patent on its H1N1 vaccine on August 28, 2008.

When the swine flu hit Ukraine in October 2009, the recent Baxter H5N1 scandal and their laboratories in Kyiv caused rumors to circulate that it was actually H5N1 spread via vaccines or aerial spraying.

An interesting bit of history from the 2009 pandemic is an opinion piece in Foreign Policy claiming that “Yulia Tymoshenko, the Ukrainian prime minister and presidential candidate purposely inflated fears of an ongoing swine-flu epidemic to aid her presidential run.” It mocked her “full-blown panic over swine flu, complete with quarantines, school closures, runs on pharmacies” and alleged that “she also banned all mass gatherings and political rallies — after she had already had hers.” (Foreign Policy revealed its true reason for attacking Tymoshenko when it mentioned her “pandering to Russia on gas deals.”)

The Curious Origin of H5N1

The first human H5N1 outbreak occurred in Hong Kong in 1997, the year of what the British call the “Hong Kong handover,” when sovereignty over Hong Kong was transferred from the U.K. to China.

It was during this “politically sensitive” year that Kennedy Shortridge, an Australian scientist who was the director of the World Health Organization’s reference laboratory at the University of Hong Kong, confirmed human cases of highly pathogenic bird flu.

Shortridge’s colleague Yuen Kwok-Yung attended to the H5N1 patients and devised a rapid diagnostic test known as RT-PCR to analyze respiratory secretions from these patients. As they published in the Lancet, this was the first time that a purely avian virus had been isolated from people with a respiratory disease and the first time that a PCR test was used for rapid diagnosis of such patients in a clinical setting.

The 1997 Hong Kong H5N1 virus was unique in every respect.

Time magazine reported, “On the H gene at a point called the cleavage site, [was] found a telltale mutation, the same kind of mutation found in other highly pathogenic avian viruses. …The virus … had regions that were identical to portions of [an] avian virus that struck Pennsylvania [chickens] in 1983.”

The L.A. Times reported, “The H5 piece came from a virus in a goose. The N1 piece came from a second virus in a quail. The remaining flu genes came from a third virus, also in quail.”

Shortridge had been studying how avian influenza viruses spread to humans since 1975. Prior to discovering H5N1, Shortridge eerily predicted its emergence. As Frank Ching reported in “Bird Flu, SARS and Beyond”:

As early as 1982, Shortridge had labeled southern China, where humans and domestic animals lived in close proximity, “an epicenter for the origin of pandemics.” Ten years later, he called southern China a “virus soup” and warned that pandemic influenza was a zoonosis, that is, it could be transmitted from animals to humans and, in 1995, he warned that influenza in southern China could not properly be called an “emerging” infection because it was constantly lurking. “Elusive might be more apt,” he wrote.

An example of Shortridge’s penchant for such predictions is his 1995 Lancet article “The next pandemic influenza virus?” Curiously, H5N1 emerged two years later, in 1997, in the same city where Shortridge worked, Hong Kong.

At the time, the natural leap of a flu directly from poultry to humans was thought to be so unlikely that scientists first suspected contamination from Shortridge’s lab was the cause of the highly improbable H5N1 diagnosis.

How would that contamination happen unless Shortridge hadn’t already been working with H5N1 in the lab?

Time magazine reported, “In an earlier study, conducted with great discretion, his lab had found that residents of rural Hong Kong had antibodies to all the known bird-flu viruses.”

H5N1 didn’t cause disease humans until this potential had been studied in a lab for several years.

Fauci had been funding Kawaoka and Fouchier’s efforts to get bird flu to leap to humans since 1990 and their work was connected to what Shortridge was doing in Hong Kong. For seven years prior to the first human H5N1 outbreak in 1997, Fauci had been funding Kawaoka’s gain-of-function bird flu research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Kawaoka’s mentor there, Robert G. Webster, was working and publishing with Shortridge. Every year, Webster spent three months working with Shortridge at the University of Hong Kong, according to this profile of Webster which mentions Kawaoka as his protege.

The most eerie connection between Shortridge and Webster’s labs is that the closest known relative of the 1997 Hong Kong H5N1 was the avian virus that struck Pennsylvania chickens in 1983—that Yoshihiro Kawaoka had studied. According to Time magazine:

Webster assigned a young scientist, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, to try to figure out how the [1983] virus transformed itself into such a “hot" pathogen. Kawaoka, now a professor of virology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, compared the genetic structure of viruses from the first and second waves and found only a single, extremely subtle change in the H gene. The two viruses differed by just one nucleotide--one of 1,700 nucleotides that made up the gene.

In 1997, Fauci rewarded Shortridge and Webster’s team for the H5N1 outbreak by creating and funding the St. Jude Center of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance which continues to operate today in the U.S., Canada, Bangladesh, China, Colombia, and Egypt.

Webster was one of the first gain-of-function scientists, publishing a successful creation of a recombinant virus in 1973. As Lyle Fearnley writes in “Wild Goose Chase”:

For an influenza pandemic to arise, a new form of the virus is necessary, one able to escape the immune responses cultivated by human populations during previous flu outbreaks. The American Robert Webster had previously shown that such new viruses can be experimentally produced in the laboratory: taking viruses derived from different species, he co-infected a single animal host, a process that Webster and his coauthors observed had encouraged the two viruses to swap genetic material and create “recombinant” forms.

There’s also a connection to Fouchier, through his mentor at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Jan De Jong, also a colleague and collaborator of Shortridge and Webster’s.

Kawaoka’s colleague and mentor Robert G. Webster and Fouchier’s colleague and mentor Jan De Jong were the first scientists outside of Hong Kong to receive samples of the 1997 H5N1 flu from Shortridge’s lab.

De Jong is often credited with being the one who identified the 1997 Hong Kong flu as H5N1, but he did so with “a panel of reagents to every type of flu strain yet known” that had been brought from Webster’s lab in Memphis to the National Influenza Centre in Rotterdam.

Kawaoka and Fouchier are of post-Biological Weapons Convention era where the weaponization of pathogens is euphemistically called “gain-of-function” research, but their older colleagues, De Jong, Shortridge and Webster came of age prior to 1972 and their mentors were of the pre-Biological Weapons Convention era when virologists knowingly and openly engineered viruses for military purposes.

Shortridge and Webster were trained by Frank Macfarlane Burnet who served on the Australian Department of Defence’s New Weapons and Equipment Development Committee in the 1940s and 50s. The Federation of American Scientists lists some of the most chilling things Burnet recommended:

Burnet … said Australia should develop biological weapons that would work in tropical Asia without spreading to Australia's more temperate population centres.

"Specifically to the Australian situation, the most effective counter-offensive to threatened invasion by overpopulated Asiatic countries would be directed towards the destruction by biological or chemical means of tropical food crops and the dissemination of infectious disease capable of spreading in tropical but not under Australian conditions."

… Burnet argued that Australia's temperate climate could give it a significant military advantage.

"The main contribution of local research so far as Australia is concerned might be to study intensively the possibilities of biological warfare in the tropics against troops and civil populations at a relatively low level of hygiene and with correspondingly high resistance to the common infectious diseases."

[In] Note on War from a Biological Angle suggesting that biological warfare could be a powerful weapon to help defend a sparsely populated Australia… [he] urged the government to encourage Australian universities to research areas of biological science of relevance to biological weapons.

"The main strategic use of biological warfare may well be to administer the coup de grace to a virtually defeated enemy and compel surrender in the same way that the atomic bomb served in 1945. Its use has the tremendous advantage of not destroying the enemy's industrial potential which can then be taken over intact. Overt biological warfare might be used to enforce surrender by psychological rather than direct destructive measures."


In a report … Burnet concluded that "In a country of low sanitation the introduction of an exotic intestinal pathogen, e.g. by water contamination, might initiate widespread dissemination."

"Introduction of yellow fever into a country with appropriate mosquito vectors might build up into a disabling epidemic before control measures were established."

[And] …"the possibilities of an attack on the food supplies of S-E Asia and Indonesia using B.W. agents should be considered by a small study group".


The 1972 Biological Weapons Convention could and should be enforced, but so far it hasn’t been. It merely changed biological weapons research from overt to covert.

While it is still largely funded and carried out by the Pentagon (and the CIA, which the New York Times reported was involved in anthrax research prior to the 2001 attacks), biological weapons research today is draped with the fig leaf of Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funding to maintain the image of peaceful, public-health purposes. It is entirely possible that the whole controversy around Fauci’s “gain-of-function” research is an elaborate red herring and it is the Pentagon and/or the CIA that are behind the plandemics.

As the World Socialist Web Site reports, President Joe Biden’s 2023 military budget proposal—more than $2 billion per day—contains a massive amount of money that could be used for biological weapons:

A record $130 billion will be devoted to military research and development, including hypersonic weapons, biotechnology and microelectronics.

Another $40 billion in the Air Force budget will go to other agencies on a classified basis. This is known as the “black budget” and finances operations which the national-security state does not report even to Congress, let alone the American people.

In addition, the Director of National Intelligence is requesting a $67.1 billion classified budget.

Another funding pause on gain-of-function research wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it isn’t going to stop the next plandemic. Indicting Fauci is important, but even that isn’t the end-game.

Ultimately, we need to declassify and cut the Pentagon and CIA’s budgets and work for enforcement of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Alexis Baden-Mayer is the Political Director for the Organic Consumers Association.

What’s Making our Children Sick?

Organic consumers - Mon, 2022-04-04 17:02
April 4, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationMichelle Perro, MDEnvironment & Climate, Health Issues school_cafeteria_children_food_1200x630.jpg

Regenerating Our Health and Food

So many ill children reveal the ways we have outgrown our medical model and our predominant food production systems.  The problems our kids suffer from most persistently today are complex, arising from a multisystem dysfunctional biological catastrophe, particularly in relation to immunity, autoimmunity, and the health sequelae that arise from these problems.  These diseases suggest a body that is both confused and collapsing under the pressure of so many toxic exposures.  If we are looking for evidence that our food systems have failed us, we should pay attention to these children.  We have a generation of children whose chronic illnesses do not resemble those of the previous generations.  Our kids are sicker than their parents, and arguably sicker than their parents were when they were children, regardless of our agricultural and pharmaceutical “advances.”  Clinical evidence indicates that we are doing something wrong. Quite possibly what we are doing wrong today started with the changes to our food production that began just before most of these kids were born.  The vital question is: How do we get out of this mess?

Perro and Adams,
What’s Making our Children Sick?
Chapter 17

Since the writing of the book, What’s Making our Children Sick?, discussing the effects of industrial food-like products on our children’s health, planetary health has taken many unfortunate turns and looks very different from even just a few years ago since its publication.  Despite nearly two years of health-based fear and anxiety emanating from individuals enduring two years of a global pandemic, there have been revelations regarding major gaps in the weave of the fabric of our healthcare system.  However, these gaps and shortcomings can be the impetus and creation of a redirection towards a welcomed, positive change in both our healthcare model and practice. 

The gold ring at the pinnacle of medical practice is evidence-based medicine, which is the judicious use of modern, best practice in coming to decisions about strategies in helping clients.  The goal is the integration of clinical experience in conjunction with patient directives based on excellence in science.  What has become clear is that there are links between evidence-based medicine, the health of individuals, and of our ecosystem. Taken directly from our book, we called for the creation not only of Ecosystem Health, but a new direction in the formation of a broader and integrative practice: Ecomedicine. Patients are part of a medico-environmental ecosystem, considering food-related causes of ill health and achieving health of the food ecosystem simultaneously with its constituents.  What is clear is that healthy soil, plants and people are all part of the same ecosystem.
How we grow our food is how we grow our health. 

The running narrative that has predominated during the present global health crisis, supported by governments, pharmaceutical companies, and mainstream media, is focused on a very narrow view of what ultimately defines and supports health.  Holistic approaches toward preventive medicine, immune support, and treatments for infections have been actively bullied, targeted, and tossed aside in favor of pharma-based interventions.  Additionally, integrative practitioners have been censored and actively removed from journals and social media platforms, creating an enormous schism away from available holistic therapeutic options for patients in favor of pharmaceuticals.  One might say that there has been a conspiracy of factors in this situation.  This has led to monopolies on knowledge production which leave holistically-minded practitioners to fend for themselves in trying to find solutions that are not tied to industry. 

This is further complicated by the fact that what has occurred in the laboratories of agricultural science seldom makes its way to the clinic, let alone translated into treatment programs for patients.  The question of the role of unsafe agrochemical-produced foods that has impacted the present pandemic is simply not part of the clinical practice repertoire.  For example, upon review of the literature to date, there has been very little published in the scientific writings or by public health agencies regarding non-drug based strategies in regard to COVID-19.  A guide published by the World Health Organization (WHO) addressing the concept of food as medicine, healthy dietary guidelines from some countries outside the US (India), and one newspaper article featuring a surgeon in Florida promoting nutraceuticals for COVID-19, were some of the few meager offerings by traditional sources. 

However, despite a plethora of science and research on the topic, it has been even more unusual to encounter a discussion regarding the links between GMOs/pesticide-laden foods and today’s poor health. We can do better. 

The way forward is to move beyond Pill for Ill medicine and reorient our health system to a food-focused medical model.  As our foods have become engineered and by-products of laboratories and the technocracy, patients and practitioners alike have been engineered and manipulated to believe that food is not important to health.  Rather than making a bee-line to the prescription pad when confronted with illness, a redirect to the local farmer’s market should be in order.  While there is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water, reliance on pharmaceuticals can be shifted towards a reliance on our pantries and ovens.  In order to offer the type of care that advances the proposition that food is the key integral factor to health, practitioners will have to think beyond the pill.  This type of ecomedicine model is the foundation of a new chapter, Regeneration Health International (RHI).  In this model, health can be sought and achieved only if the food ecosystem in itself is healthy. 

The sequelae of the healthy food system is the regeneration of soil with the additional benefits of soil restoration, which is offsetting environmental degradation.  Our ultimate health is inexorably linked to the health of our soil.  The future of our health is tied to regenerative agriculture.

From the dark throes of the pandemic, the holistic health movement has galvanized in the birth and creation of a new, enlightened international campaign, RHI.  This platform will focus on the reorientation and education of the public regarding what real health looks like.  The main thrust of this new chapter is to recreate health as a positive experience and move away from monopolized, profit-driven narratives.  RHI will maintain its position as a center of excellence, a source of consumer-friendly unbiased resources and educational materials, networking and outreach in the arena of holistic/integrative health. 

Along with our allies in the organic food movement and health freedom arena, RHI will team up with leaders in the regenerative food movement such as the Organic Consumers Association and Regeneration International.  A true testimonial to our success will be when the provision of healthy, nutritious and non-toxic food is the centerpiece for public health campaigns.  Rather than coerce our present model towards this health paradigm switch, we are calling for the generation of a new model, incorporating many of the tools already found in the holistic health toolbox. 

Stay tuned for more information as we unite in the launch of this new coalition in 2022.

Michelle Perro, MD
Team Member RHI
Executive Director

Beyond Gloom and Doom

Organic consumers - Mon, 2022-03-21 20:16
March 21, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsEnvironment & Climate, Politics & Globalization clouds_sun_storm_1200x630.jpg

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Like most of you, we at OCA and Regeneration International are sick and tired of gloom and doom, false promises, and authoritarian/technocratic schemes. We’ve had enough of the mad science, genetic engineering, war-mongering, fear-mongering, political corruption, corporate greed, cancel culture, and media censorship.  We’re tired of political posturing and sectarianism (“my issue or my constituency is more important than your issue or your constituency”). We’re done with name-calling and yelling at one another instead of sitting down and figuring out how we, the 99%, can move forward on real solutions for the U.S. and the world’s most pressing and dangerous crises—while agreeing to disagree on many of the secondary issues that will likely still divide us for the foreseeable future.

I like to call this ecumenical approach '21st Century Populism,' even though the liberal and conservative Establishment want us to believe that grassroots populism is a dirty word, a synonym for intolerance and unlettered ignorance. But as Thomas Frank points out in his 2020 book, The People No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism, nearly everything we hear about populism in the mass media is wrong. For many, "populism" is seen as a frightening thing, a term pundits use to describe the racist statements of politicians such as Donald Trump and European extremists.

But Populism, historically as a 19th and 20th Century pro-democracy and class-conscious Movement of farmers and workers, and currently as a guide for grassroots organizing and Movement building, actually involves starting from where ordinary people are at, instead of where they wish they were at. True populism means building up trust and achieving consensus, starting at the personal, community, and grassroots level. Populism means focusing in on the crucial economic and survival issues that must be dealt with now.

In America we’re not going to survive, much less thrive, unless we start to bring together our diverse, and currently divided communities, urban and rural, minority and white, working class and middle-class, young and old alike. You don’t have to love everyone in the new coalition we need, you just need to cultivate multi-cultural, multi-class tolerance and respect, common sense, and an essential belief in free speech and constitutional free choice and liberty. We don’t have to agree on everything, we just need to break down the walls and issue silos that divide us and focus our efforts on popularizing and implementing the essential solutions that we all, the diverse 99%, need to survive and thrive.

For the next few months, while still exposing the evildoers, we’re going to try to focus more on positive solutions, a sort of Populist Roadmap for our ailing body politic and our shattered democracy. Instead of endlessly reporting on the bad news, we’ll focus more on the best practices of natural health, food as medicine, climate solutions, environmental restoration, peace, disarmament, and justice. We’ll point to current Regenerative best practices that need to be scaled up, and highlight policies that can potentially unite a critical mass of the body politic: liberals and conservatives, libertarians and radicals, independents, and yes, populists.

A Populist Cure for the Climate Crisis: Regeneration

For a start let’s stop pontificating and arguing in the abstract about our current environmental and climate crisis. We’re not going to completely abolish fossil fuel use in the time frame we have left to avoid runaway global warming. However, there is a practical, shovel-ready way to not only mitigate the climate crisis, and restore our polluted environment, but also to improve most working class and rural people’s livelihoods and actually reverse global warming.

Our prescribed cure for the climate crisis is to combine organic and regenerative food, farming, and land-use with a gradual but steady movement toward alternative sources of energy and energy conservation. According to the real world data and real world best practices which inspire OCA and Regeneration International, fossil fuel emissions can be (and likely will be) reduced by 50% over the next 10 years, while enhanced plant and forest photosynthesis and natural carbon drawdown and sequestration in soils and biota, have the potential to cancel out the remaining 50%. We don’t need fossil fuels and atomic energy in the long run, but it’s going to take us a while (10-20 years) to phase them out.

Regenerative and organic food, farming, and land use, as we’ve seen from our organizing over the past decade, have a very broad appeal. Regenerative practices, properly framed, can appeal to both cowboys and Indians; farmers, ranchers, and consumers; (most) Republicans, Democrats, Greens, and Independents; urban and rural conservationists; young climate and food activists; and even ethically-minded businesses and investors. 

Here’s the last chapter in my recent book, Grassroots Rising, where I offer up a populist roadmap for 2020-2030, designed to reverse the climate crisis and revitalize American democracy.

Here’s a recent essay where I talk about how we can fund this Regeneration Revolution.

Regeneration and Planting Peace, A Letter from Ronnie Cummins

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March 11, 2022Organic Consumers AssociationRonnie CumminsEnvironment & Climate, Fair Trade & Social Justice rn-3_1200x630.png

We’re not putting out a regular issue of Organic Bytes this week, because we want to remind you that we the people united, the global grassroots, have the power to overcome the life-or-death threats pressing down on all of us. But in order to move forward, we need to ask you once again in these calamitous times for your support, which we need now, more than ever.

One of OCA's major donors,, has generously offered to triple every dollar we raise in March.

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The U.S. and the entire world, even as the pandemic winds down, appear to be lurching toward endless conflict and chaos. The Establishment cover up of the lab origins of COVID, rampant comorbidities, media fear-mongering, censorship, scientific fraud, Big Pharma profiteering, lockdowns, authoritarian mandates, and rushed to market “gene therapy” vaccine safety concerns, injuries, and deaths continue. The American body politic, for the most part, remains misinformed, exhausted, and divided. Degenerative food, farming, land use, and finance are still the norm. Politicians, from all parties, find it easier to yell at one another rather than sit down, listen to their constituents, negotiate, and find common ground. War is raging in Ukraine as well as many other nations. Poverty and suffering, exacerbated by the pandemic lockdowns, is rampant. The great web of biodiversity is unraveling. The climate is in free fall. Our children and the most vulnerable are forced to struggle harder than ever, just to survive and maintain a positive outlook.

Regeneration Now

And yet, as we never tire of repeating, there are positive signs of renewal, resistance, and Regeneration bursting out at the grassroots, from Main Street to the Middle East. OCA and our allies in the organic and natural health movement worldwide are moving forward to regenerate, not just our food, farming, environment, and climate, but our local-to-global politics and public health as well.

The overwhelming majority of people in the world are not our enemies or adversaries. Our fellow human beings want peace, democracy, justice, meaningful work, healthy food, and a healthy environment for themselves and their families, just like we do. The overwhelming majority of the global body politic, no matter what country we live in, do not want profit-at-any-cost corporations such as Bayer/Monsanto, Syngenta, and Pfizer, Silicon Valley, or indentured politicians such as Biden, Putin, and Xi Jinping taking away our freedoms and dictating our food, farming, technology, and health choices and practices. We don’t want Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, the CIA, and their allies the genetic engineering industry manipulating science, the media, foreign policy, and international relations.

If you look through OCA’s past newsletters and podcasts and the thousands of articles archived on our website, it’s clear that we already have the positive solutions and “best practices” we need for organic and regenerative food, farming, and land use. We know how to restore and rejuvenate our food, farming, environments, rural economies, and our health. Our common task, our common challenge, is to raise consumer consciousness, change public policy, and redirect private and public investment to make organic, regenerative, and natural health practices and products the norm, not just the alternative.

Planting Peace

By launching a U.S. and global campaign to stop the mad science of weaponizing viruses and pathogens, to stop the next pandemic before it starts, and bringing the perpetrators of COVID-19 to justice, OCA believes that we can plant the seeds of international peace and cooperation. By joining together to stop out-of-control science, genetic manipulation, industrial agriculture, nanotechnology, military madness, and bioweapons, by nurturing a 21st Century paradigm of peace, negotiation, and disarmament, rather than belligerence, we can safeguard our future. Even though it may sound utopian to many at this point in time, we really have no choice but to join with the global grassroots, especially our counterparts in Russia, China, and Europe and force our governments to cooperate in the interests of peace and Regeneration.

By sowing and cultivating the seeds of peace and Regeneration we can move beyond corporate disinformation and government-imposed censorship and share the best practices of organic food, natural health, nutrition, and integrative medicine. We can clean up our toxic environment and our toxic politics. We can move from elite domination and technocratic surveillance and control to participatory democracy.

The bad news is that the panic-mongering and censorship engendered by the mass media and hyper-partisan politicians has created unprecedented fear, confusion, and polarization.

The good news is that we’ll never have a better opportunity for transformational change than we have right now.

We at OCA and Regeneration International are perennial optimists, inspired by the positive creativity, hard work, and struggles of the global community. I believe that we, the global grassroots, are literally at a turning point in history. This is the crucial moment when we must step up our truth-telling and educational efforts. We must build stronger coalitions, resist the enormous power of the global elites and technocrats, and bring about fundamental changes in the marketplace, public policy, and finance. 

We believe that OCA and our sister organizations, Regeneration International (our international network), Citizens Regeneration Lobby (our USA lobbying group), and Via Organica (our Mexico sister organization) have a crucial role to play in this organic and regenerative revolution.

OCA’s fundraising, which depends upon voluntary donors like yourself, is always a struggle. OCA has 300,000 loyal subscribers to Organic Bytes and two million social media supporters, but we know that the pandemic and lockdowns have taken a toll on many people’s finances.

Nonetheless today we are asking you to make a sacrifice and donate to us. We need your support more than ever. has pledged to triple every dollar that you give us over the month of March. Our future efforts depend upon your support.

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For Peace and Regeneration,

Ronnie Cummins
Organic Consumers International Director