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Anti-spam group

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Publishing License Project

Create and maintain an ecological and open License for publishers and readers.

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Measures and scales (orders of magnitude)

Measures and scales

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Science and Spirituality

Exploration of the frontier between mainstream science and religious mysticism.

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Wechange site development

Wechange site development

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Creating Communitas

Project led by Forbes Leslie, which includes two of his books.

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Carfree cities

The Carfree Cities group is about making our cities more liveable.

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Environment Protection

This group covers all topics related to environment protection.

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Web participation

The aim of the Web Participation group is to promote a more communal, friendly, healthier way of living and communicating while online.

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Simple English

In this group, there are articles in simple English: they are easy to understand.

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News in English (and hopefully soon in Chinese, too, if Taiwanese wish to help) about Taiwan: environment, democracy, Human Rights etc.

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Prayers from every spiritual traditions.

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