Information withheld about UFOs

About a month ago I heard a very convincing speaker named Fred Burks ( He was calm, rational, optimistic, and had worked as a White House interpreter for many years. He grew up hating conspiracies because his father, a reverend, had been very interested in them. :-)

He said his first introduction to the fact that the government was hiding things that should be debated openly was the following video from “The Disclosure Project.” (Website: A friend, whom he respected, insisted that he watch it. He did, and was amazed. He knew enough military people to recognize that the witnesses (20 of 400 total who had been interviewed) were genuine. The experience opened his mind to other claims of cover-ups, including 9/11.

Here’s the link to the video itself:

Watch the May 9, 2001 National Press Club Press Conference Video!

The press conference’s purpose was to make public formerly “top secret” reports, which demonstrate that the US government is carrying on secret projects relating to reverse engineering of crashed extra-terrestial aircraft, and other incidents relating to unidentified flying objects.

Despite my initial skepticism, I found the witnesses (military personnel and academics) very convincing. The scariest thing about the information is that only ONE newspaper ever reported ANYthing about this press conference. It was completely blacked out of the mainstream press, although reporters from all of the mainstream media were invited, and present. Whether the material is valid or not, the blackout is inappropriate.

If the witnesses are right, these secret operations are being undertaken without any congressional oversight. And one witness testifies that even President Jimmy Carter was unable to receive information about these operations when he enquired directly. In other words, the people who know the most about contact with extra-terrestrials on this planet are making decisions without the input of anyone else. Who are these people and why do they think they have the right to keep this information secret from the rest of the world?

On a happier note, some witnesses also reported that the visitors from space were able to disable military warheads without direct contact. I find it encouraging that someone is “baby sitting” our leaders.

We can help prevent such cover-ups by informing ourselves and calling for the release of information that is of interest to everyone on the planet.

Thank you for posting this

Hi Marnia,

Thank you for posting this. I already saw the video you are referring to.

I agree: there are enough testimonies from so many people, very many of which are reliable witnesses, from so many countries, that it is becoming hard for an open minded person to doubt the presence of alien UFO on or around Earth today.

This is a very fascinating topic that deserves to be taken seriously.