Publishing License Project handbook

This handbook is designed as an extended FAQ about the project.

We will explore the whys, hows, etc.

Also, is an opportunity to gather thoughts, ideas, etc. that will eventually lead to an actual draft of the license being written.

Money: large numbers

Most people have no real understanding of how much represent large amounts of money. We lack reference points. Such reference points will progressively be added below:

New group: science and spirituality


This is just to inform you that I just created this new group.
I am going to post some information in it in the next few days and weeks.

You are welcome to join and contribute what you want.


Information withheld about UFOs

About a month ago I heard a very convincing speaker named Fred Burks ( He was calm, rational, optimistic, and had worked as a White House interpreter for many years. He grew up hating conspiracies because his father, a reverend, had been very interested in them. :-)

He said his first introduction to the fact that the government was hiding things that should be debated openly was the following video from “The Disclosure Project.” (Website: A friend, whom he respected, insisted that he watch it. He did, and was amazed. He knew enough military people to recognize that the witnesses (20 of 400 total who had been interviewed) were genuine. The experience opened his mind to other claims of cover-ups, including 9/11.

Carfree cities: Web sites of intererst

If you wish to help us complete this list, post a note in the forum. More links will be posted as we become aware of them.

Creating Communitas Handbook.

This handbook will eventually hold many resources related to the project Creating Communitas.

People interested may say so: they will be given the permission to add book pages to this handbook.

Adding more

I have, I hope, added Chapter 14 to FTC.
I intend to add a chapter each day until completed. Then I will turn my attention to the whole site and attempt to make it easier to understand for me and new readers. It seems an awful messy business right now. My experience has been that projects only make sense when used and that is what I intend to do.

Tribalized Communities and the Megalopolis

Venice - Bioregions - Economic capitals
An industrial corporation gathers, in a community, an agglomeration of specializations. As a community it is devoted to producing an article of trade and the specializations interlock for that purpose. Most corporations have not improved on the feudal baron directing the efforts of his community. The manager directs the group's efforts. This model now has to share power with its workers and also gain power from national governments.
As workers gain autonomy through their specialized knowledge, a corporation becomes more like a village community with specialized trades. It has an image similar to a clock making village in Switzerland in the Middle Ages. An industrial community doesn't need to be gathered under a corporate roof. A community also doesn't have to be industrial.

The Partitioning of Power


Power sharing - Other grouping attempts

Concepts are useful when they help us understand ourselves or our times. In 1914, the Germans, the French, and the British, went to war because they were German, French, or British. National pride was so strong that men went to a war that a sane person would have avoided. By the time the Americans were in Vietnam national pride was too weak for them to die for it. They would support their buddies, but they were not there because of national pride. The concept was no longer strong enough to make men go to war.