Publishing License Project handbook

This handbook is designed as an extended FAQ about the project.

We will explore the whys, hows, etc.

Also, is an opportunity to gather thoughts, ideas, etc. that will eventually lead to an actual draft of the license being written.

Measures and scales (orders of magnitude) Handbook.

Handbook for the group Measures and scales (orders of magnitude).

Carfree cities: Web sites of intererst

If you wish to help us complete this list, post a note in the forum. More links will be posted as we become aware of them.

Carfree cities handbook

This handbook is a collaborative work of the members of the "carfree cities" project.
If you are interested to contribute to this handbook, say so in the forum and you will be given the right to add child pages to it.

Member contributions on the topic of car free cities:
http://www.wechange.org/taxonomy/term/43 .

Among which, you can have a look at calls for action on this topic:
http://www.wechange.org/taxonomy/term/43,18 .

Also, you can have a look at posts relevant to a specific area: