Adding more

I have, I hope, added Chapter 14 to FTC.
I intend to add a chapter each day until completed. Then I will turn my attention to the whole site and attempt to make it easier to understand for me and new readers. It seems an awful messy business right now. My experience has been that projects only make sense when used and that is what I intend to do.

Chaper 15

I have added Chapter 15 and it seems put it in the wrong place. I hope you can make sense out of all this but it at least shows you how confusing this is to me.
I have given up worrying about it.

What next...


I have updated the TOC of your book, with your latest chapter your added.
I have updated the outline for Chapter 15.
You know you can edit any of your nodes (book pages, forum or blog entries), don't you? Just click the 'edit' tab below the title.

I am happy that you are willing to help me organize this site. My job is also to help you make this project a very successful one.
That's why I think we can work on the following items, once you have finished uploading the last chapters and the biography.

*) First, we can improve the readability of your book: we can add some paragraphs, and also some sub-headings where applicable. It will make each chapter easier to read for the eye.

*) You can help me to write the FAQ / Help section. I'll write it, and you tell me if it's clear enough, or not, and you tell me what is missing, so I can complete it. I'll tell you more later about it.

*) You are the official manager of the project "Creating Communitas". I want to help you make this project a popular one.
Do you know that many people come from the 'communitas" entries at wikipedia to your project home page? So far, not one has taken the time to register and join us, but one day, people will.
The key is to make your project THE reference site on the net about communitas. Make it organized and full of useful information. I have a few ideas on how to achieve this. More about this in due time.

Meanwhile I would like to draw your attention to the proper way to fill in the fields "topics", "people" and "Geographic relevance" when you create content.
What you input here will become a tag, like all the tags listed in the tagadelic pages (see at the top the last 3 white links on the right). Filling in those fields properly is important to help people find the content they are really interested in (it will become more and more important as the amount of content grows in this site).

Here are a few examples of do's and don'ts about those tags:

*) Write each term at the appropriate place. For example, you wrote "South Africa" in the topic field, instead of the "geography' field. A person from there might go to the "Places" tagedelic page (see link at the top) and not find your post about South Africa. You can put a list of places. (Also, use World, instead of worldwide, to conform with previous use).

*) Don't put the name 'Augustin' in the field 'people' to attract my attention. I will see your post regardless, and it is not useful for other people. Do put the name of people you talk about in your articles.

*) In post like this one, you may not enter anything at all. This blog entry is only interesting to both of us, and will be interesting for a week or two. Once all of the above has been done, we don't need to come back to this blog entry, and nobody will miss it if they don't find it. Therefore, it is ok to leave those three fields blank.

*) For your book pages, try to find proper key words that are relevant to the content, and also attract the readers when they visit the tagadelic pages. Notice that the words that are used the most often appear bigger. Thus, a list of simple words is better than long phrases. You can update all your previous chapters with that in mind. If you don't understand all of this, yet, it's ok: it will be a good topic for the FAQ/Help section :).

Thanks for your contribution.

last two chapters.

Ok, I have updated the TOC with the links to the last two chapters. Thanks.
Only the bibliography is missing for this book.

Did you see my replies here?