Book page

I have filed another book page. Has it ended up where it was supposed to be?

Not quite.

Not quite, but it doesn't matter. It is easy for me to move a book page to the right place.

When you created the book page, you forgot to select the proper "parent" in the pull down menu. The remaining chapters of the part III (future structures) should all have for parent the page "Part III". That's why it is easier for you to go to that page, and click "add child page", as I mentioned in reply to your earlier blog entry. If you do it this way, the proper "parent" will be automatically selected.



for your project


For your project, it may be important that you understand how the outline of a book works.
As I said, if you put a book page in the wrong place, I can correct it.
But it would be more convenient for you if you were able to organize your own project the way you want.
It is not actually difficult. When you create or edit a book page, make sure you select the proper 'parent' in the appropriate field.
You can save, see the result, and edit again if necessary.