Buy Blue's list of action about An Inconvenient Truth. is also featuring An Inconvenient Truth on their front page.

They write (and I agree):

Viewing Al Gore's new movie titled 'An Inconvenient Truth' is quite possibly the most important thing you can do this year aside from voting. If you haven't heard about this excellent movie I'd highly encourage you to check out the web site and watch the trailer for the movie.
All of you already know about the incredible power that you can wield with your wallet and there are many ways that you can put that power to work in support of this important cause.

They then list a number of actions that I summarize here:

  • View the movie and take friends.
  • Get the movie screened in your city.
  • Patronize companies taking action to solve the problem.
  • Talk to your power company about Green Power.
  • Take on the Media.