Topics of Interest

The topics covered by this community are many!

Change needs to take place in so many areas: environment, war and peace, justice, policies and politics, spirituality, self-improvement, diet, human rights, human-relationships inside our community, at our work place and within our family, not least intimate relationships within the couple...

Different members may have different topics of interest. Some may be more interested in positive environmental action, others will emphasize the need of a more intimate and a higher level of spirituality. Each member has the possibility to list the areas they are interested in within their profile. This way, people with similar interests can find each other more easily.

Whatever we think must change, though, the emphasis is not on forcing change on other people, but to change the world by being an example of an alternative.

911 Constructive Steps

It seems hard to take constructive steps on this issue without some kind of independent investigation of the facts surrounding the events behind the collapse of the 3 World Trade Center Towers. It seems unlikely that the politicians and media currently controlling the United States will order such an investigation without "encouragement." To this end, demonstrations may constitute constructive action.

Those interested in attending or helping to organize such efforts may want to see this web page: It seems to need a boost.


I have been working in finance for the past 25 years. I thought Alex Jones was a nut until 6 years ago. I had the oppurtunity to review the Carlye Group portfolio and it's legal documents. I put Alex's principles of "don't believe
me check for yourself" I was shocked at what I found.