How to find your way in the web site?

As the amount of content within the site grows bigger and bigger, we want to help you find the information you want easily.

The primary links

At the very top of the site, you can find two list of links: one yellow, one white.

The yellow links correspond to the list of projects currently hosted at wechange. This way you can find each project home page very easily, and from there find your way within that particular project.

The white links give you many convenient entry points to some special areas of the site. Try them all and see where they lead you to!
Some of them are really convenient and we're sure you'll use them regularly!

Finding new content

If you visit this site regularly, you may want to find out what new content has been posted since your last visit.
Here are a few ways to find the new content that most interest you:

1) Follow the white link "Recent" in the primary links: it will lead you to a list of all the recent content and recent comments on the whole web site. If you are logged in, the links will show which content is new since your last visit.

2) If you have registered, you may want to check on all the follow ups to pages you have participated in. Go to your own user account (click on the link "my account" on the side menu), and then click on the tab "track" to see the list of new replies to your posts since your last visit. (you must be logged in to see which replies are new).

3) If you are interested in the new content of a particular Project, just go to that project home page and you will similarly see the new content since you last logged in.