Cooperation among like minded web sites

This site aims to work in cooperation with scores of like-minded other sites.

Many web sites that have been existing for a long time are a great source of information on topics much more narrowly defined that at Wechange. Just to give two examples:

  • in very informative on the field of better urban design and backed by a small but active community.
  • presents in a compelling way both scientific and spiritual arguments for a healthier type of sexuality.

Those web sites are all working for positive change even though their focus differ widely. The topics covered by, and scores of other sites all fall within the much broader mandate of

Our aim is not to do what other sites already do better. It is simply to create a bridge between different online communities who, generally speaking, work for a broad common ideal.

For those reasons, we are very happy to carry news feeds from other sites. Unfortunaly, do not offer syndication feeds, but we have already added 's front page news feed into our syndicated menu.

If you know of other sites providing news feeds that you think we'd be interested to add to our list of syndicated sites, please do contact us.

Of course, the idea is also for such sites to help each other, so that at the end of the day we all benefit. There is no pre-conditions on our side, no strings attached: if we like a site and the contribution it makes, we will add links to it, add its syndication feed to our pool, etc.

Meanwhile, we also would appreciate your support: link to wechange, talk about this site, blog about it, join us, participate, etc.

Also, you can post in the forum, to discuss further what form a higher level of cooperation could take.

Thank you to all, for all of what you are doing.