Proposed procedure to seek help within a discussion group

The idea is to make a positive contribution on the web. We often require help and assistance. We should endeavor to contribute something to the community in return.

Therefore, when having a problem, we do our best to follow the following general principle:

  1. Clearly identify what the question/problem is.
  2. First, have a look at the Documentation Wiki, at the place where you'd expect to find the answer.
  3. If you cannot find the answer anywhere in the wiki, make a note or create a stub of a page at the most appropriate place.

About the wechange Projects

The web site wechange is organized around "groups" or "projects". The software running this site is using the word "Group", but within wechange the word "Project" would be more appropriate. You may see the word "Group" in the title of certain site blocks (like in the block "My Groups"), while we use the word "Project" elsewhere. Both actually mean the same thing.

What is a Project?

A project is a special area of the web site that focuses on one single topic. People who are interested in that particular topic may want to "subscribe" to that project, so they can easily post content to that project.