How to report Gmail spammers to Google?

Many spammers use a email address to operate. Obviously, Google does its best (?) to block such users. Unfortunately, depending on the type of spam the email is used for, reporting the spam may or may not be useful.

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No Spam in my backyard!

Not in my virtual backyard

Spam is a virtual environment problem. We can make an easy analogy with our planet's environment. People generally do not mind the existence of polluting factories in some remote corner of the country, but they would strongly protest should someone propose to build a factory, a power station or a garbage incineration center within sight of their backyard.

Spamology wiki

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Fighting spam together

Here are a few blog entries relevant to the topic of fighting spam together.

Maybe this section will eventually grow into a resource of ways we can cooperate to fight the problem at the source.

a bikeshed color problem

Recently, I made a very informal proposal for Drupal developers to cooperate to fight spam at the source of the problem. Unfortunately, there has been no reply to my email.

Regularly, the developers' mailing list, just like many other discussion groups, would go into lengthy debates about fairly inconsequential topics. Around that time, a new default theme for Drupal was being heavily discussed, as well as a new convention to name different Drupal releases.

A way to fight spam together?

Recently, spammers were heavily targetting wechange which was experiencing problems as a result. I wrote to the Drupal developers' list to ask for assistance. Fortunately, I have been able to find a solution quickly.