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Democracy Activist (and Blogger, Drupal contributor) Alaa Abd El-Fatah arrested in Egypt

Alaa Abd El-Fatah is a renowned Egyptian blogger. He's been campaining in Egypt for Free software, Free Speech, Human Rights and political reform.

His blog, manalaa.net has won special reporters without borders award from the 2005 Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards.

Alaa, together with a group of activist, have been calling for political and judiciary reforms. At stake, in particular, is a motion to ensure that the judiciary is independent and free from pressure from the government during elections. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/egypt/story/0,,1770311,00.html)

Web site update: the tag lists have arrived!


Wechange runs on stable Drupal release

Wechange.org started running last fall on a development version of Drupal. A stable release was then due out very soon, but due to some circumstances unforeseen by any Drupal developper, the release date kept being postponed. Unfortunately, this has impaired the proper functioning of our website because of a certain lack of stability.

At last, thanks to the hard work of the Drupal developper community, wechange is now running on the latest 4.7 stable release of Drupal.

As a result, we are at last able to introduce some more features to the site.

Tags, tags, tags. Tags everywhere!

Today, I am happy to introduce a little new feature, but that will make looking for information more interesting and fun: wechange now has not one, but a set of Tag clouds.

What is a Tag Cloud, you may ask.
Have a look yourself:
http://www.wechange.org/tagadelic ,
http://www.wechange.org/tagadelic/people ,
http://www.wechange.org/tagadelic/places ,
http://www.wechange.org/tagadelic/topics .

Click on any keyword/tag, and you will get a list of posts on the corresponding topic.

You can find the links to the tag clouds in the main menus at the top of every page.

When you create a post, you will notice that you are given the possibility to enter a list of people's names, places and topics that your post cover. Do so conscienciously so that other visitors can find your post more easily.

Business as the nexus for Tribalised Communities



Collecting points - The shared environment - Japan Inc. - Tribalised communities - The search for creativity - A pooling of agreements - Shared commitment - Metaphysical goals - Psychic sharing

But all for the love of the working
And each in his separate star
Shall draw the thing as he sees it
Kipling "L'Envoi"

The inner directed search arises from discontent of self or society. As the inner directed search secures new attitudes, individuals seek to change society to conform to these attitudes. They want an external society that has values matching their new internal values. The old realities, for example - God, King, and country - lose their potency. They still exert an influence over humanity and until new realities are established, with values reflective of the inner search, humankind lives in a state of transition.

A class of voting method php API for use throughout the web.

This is a copy of a message I posted in the Drupal Voting API group

I would like to introduce you to a php voting API that I wish to develop further and for which I'd like to create a Drupal module. It is a complementary alternative or even replacement to the Drupal voting API.

Please, don't consider having a heart attack just yet. Please, read further and decide later.

Allow me to start from the beginning...

A world of alternative voting systems

It is a sad fact that for most people, whenever they think about voting or election, they can only think about what is known as "plurality voting", the voting method whereby you can only select one choice among many. Unfortunately, this voting method is demonstrably very bad.

What is the difference between a community and Communitas?

There is a need to state the difference between a community and communitas.

A community is a broad classification and includes almost any gathering of people for whatever purpose.

Technical FAQ

If you experience problem while browsing this site, post a comment in the community forum.

We answer here some questions have already been asked.

I posted some comments, but they don't appear on the site.

There could be two reasons why your comment doesn't appear on the site:

  1. First, check you have properly submitted your comment. You need to click "preview" to preview your comment first, and then click "submit" to post your comment. If you forget the second step, your post will not be saved.
  2. If you are a registered user, your comment should appear straight away. If you are not registered, your comment will be placed in the moderation queue (to prevent spamming). Wait a day or two, and after review your comment will be published.

The response to change



Tries - Goal setting

The elements of change can appear confusing and contradictory. The are not in fact contradictory but rather reflect their limitations. For example, diversity and personal self immanence may be considered as opposed to interdependence and sense of community. Likewise, bioregionalism and decentralization may be considered as opposed to global automation and the global marketplace. What needs to be recognised is that all elements of change are interdependent. Interdependence is the unifying force and not dominated by any single element.

An Australian Proposal for a Spiritual Centre

I just met (on cyberspace) Alan Kazlev. As I was looking around his most interesting website, I saw that he was looking for people interested in founding an "Alternative Alternative Community".

He has put a very interesting proposal. Here is part of it:

It is proposed to set up a self-sufficient Spiritual Centre in the country, preferably North-East NSW (in the region of Byron Bay - Nimbin - Grafton or thereabouts - why? subtropical climate plus this is a region where there are many alternative communities already). Arrangement will be as co-op, with the legal side still be worked out (if only two or three people it probably won't be necessary, but with more something like a Corporation or Co-Op will be).

Personal Authenticity



Spirituality - Acting in the present - Trusting the subconscious - Trusting feelings - Simplicity - Transitoriness

Globalization, with the accompanying breakdown of authority, is a period of transition. There is turmoil and disillusionment. Turmoil because the old ways no longer work. Disillusionment because education and prosperity have not solved the world's ills. Education without magnanimity produces a soulless workforce and prosperity without a social conscience evokes resentment.

This turmoil and disillusionment has, as pointed out by Abraham Maslow in TOWARDS A PSYCHOLOGY OF BEING, spurred the growth of an inner search for new values: