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Geographically specific projects

Some projects are specific to a country or a city.

If you want to head a project related to where you live, you can do so anytime. Just post in the forum and introduce your ideas.

See, for example, Taiwan:

Taiwan: expatriates and Taiwanese cooperating for change.

Taiwan: this project is about building a bridge (languistic and otherwise) between the foreigners living in Taiwan and the Taiwanese, so that they can share ideas and work together to promote change.

There is much to do in Taiwan to bring higher levels of awareness on a wide range of important topics, especially Environment protection, Human Rights, self development, etc...

Here are a few links to find out what's been contributed so far: : Taiwan, : Taichung,
and here are lists of members interested in carfree, more livable cities:

Communication and Interpersonal Relationships

This "Interpersonal Relationships" project aims to provide information on this topic, define the problem, highlight the consequences of such negative behaviour, point out to some solutions in the form of code of conduct and other forms. The project will also be the basis for the moderation guidelines that will eventually regulate the site wechange.

This site may link to other useful web sites, worth investigating.

If you would like to help getting this project off the ground, please post your comment on the forum: . web site development

The first thing to do is to get the web site up and running and to develop and deploy the whole range of tools that will be used to power it.

As far as the look of the web site is concerned, we purposefully use the simple default theme shipped with Drupal. When the organization of the site has settled down, we can then consider changing the look and customize it.

More importantly, we are working to make the information provided by members within blog, book or forum entries easily accessible to those looking for it. Typically, in a forum or in a blog, people read and react to the latest entries. At, information posted months or years earlier could be still relevant and interesting today. Often, it is not important when it was posted. That's why we are setting in place some tools that will help to sort the information topically and geographically.

Velorution: a company passionate about selling bicycles is the web site of a small (big?) UK based company selling all kinds of bicycles, tricycles, cargo bikes and freight bikes catering for families, business people, etc...

Look at their online store to see the variety of products they have on offer... (Bi/tri)cycles come in all kinds of colors (of course) and shapes! What an interesting visit for me who lives in a country where bicycles are extremely old, boring ... and few! (It really is time for city-dwellers here to end their love story with their automobiles).

Ethical Junction for ethical shopping

Each time you spend money, do so wisely. Do business with companies who care!

Ethical Junction the ethical businesses directory for the UK and Ireland. It is a gateway to the ethical sector for people in the UK and Ireland, giving a focal point for a broad range of ethical issues and trading. They aim to:

  • develop and expand the ethical sector through professional support and promotion of member organisations.
  • be a profitable sustainable business which conducts its own business according to the following principles
  • act in a socially responsible manner

Creating a culture of Peace

Since wars began in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed. (UNESCO constitutional principle)

Literally millions of people are already working for peace, peace at home and peace in the world. Still, peace is an internal reality within many people, maybe a local reality in isolated places in the world, but it's not a global reality yet, far from it.

We need millions more of peace-workers, working on inner-peace so that they create patches of peaceful localities, steadily growing and joining with neighboring areas of peace. Then one day, hopefully soon, global peace should become a reality.

Having the power to change

Many people are eager for change. Unfortunately, most wish others to change but are unwilling or unable to change themselves. "Aah, if only people could do this or that or if they could think/believe the way I do," they complain.

Whatever the intentions, good or bad, there seem to arise more trouble than it's worth from trying to change other people. The true great spiritual leaders of this world are people who never imposed their views on others but were simply living their own teachings.

It's impossible to change others, and trying to do so invariably leads to a sense of powerlessness. On the other hand, when trying to apply change within our own lives, we start to feel the power to actually do things.

Open participation: a note about registration

Update: currently anonymous users can reply to forum posts, but they cannot create a new forum thread. The major difficulty in allowing anonymous users to post anyting anywhere is to deal with spammers who abuse everything that can be abused. Our aim is to give anonymous users as much possibilities to participate as possible, but it will depend on our technical ability to fight spammers and other abusers.

This site is community based, yet registration is not required before you can take part in the discussion. Most sites require you to be logged in before you can post comments, and some sites won't even let you view the content if you are not registered and logged in. We couldn't find any compelling reason to do the same.