Velorution: a company passionate about selling bicycles is the web site of a small (big?) UK based company selling all kinds of bicycles, tricycles, cargo bikes and freight bikes catering for families, business people, etc...

Look at their online store to see the variety of products they have on offer... (Bi/tri)cycles come in all kinds of colors (of course) and shapes! What an interesting visit for me who lives in a country where bicycles are extremely old, boring ... and few! (It really is time for city-dwellers here to end their love story with their automobiles).

Obviously, looking at their site, they are passionate about it. Whomever is behind this enterprise, it is clearly not only a business for them. It is also their way to contribute to a cause they strongly believe in.

They have a nice blog, highlighting all kinds of bicycle-movement related news: . The blog is interesting and even if you don't plan to buy any of their nice products, you wouldn't waste your time if you visit their site to read it (though there is a natural bia for British related news).

I particularly like their entry: You gotta love the Dutch!, where the author points out that the Dutch will take their bikes as much as the New Yorkers take a yellow cab to go out... It makes me want to move to Holland!

A very minor downside is that I am not sure I like the overall design of their site. It is also too much dependent on flash, and each time you click on a link to a different section of the site, it opens in a new window.

I hope their business is very good!

Re: Velorution: a company passionate about selling bicycles

"(It really is time for city-dwellers here to end their love story with their automobiles)."

TF: City dwellers? That's a _baby_ step! It's entertaining to watch how certain ones on the internet who have accused me of being less devoted to the cause than I am, _took_ decades longer than I did to end their love affair with their automobiles, even though they kept on living in suburbs/cities and I didn't! I moved to this farm in 1982 and was pedaling in freezing rain when they were contributing to acid rain. These Johnny-come-lately cyclists (and I'm talking about certain ones who have attacked me on the internet) kept on motoring for two additional decades *while living in the city* and now thumb their nose that they're more "carfree" than me because they're sufficiently "devoted to the cause" to live in a place where there's a nice warm bus/train handy if the weather is nasty or whatever!

Well I'm not 100% carfree, but I'm sure not dependent on my private "cage" _or_ any _public_ _cage_ to do many of my errands, even though the nearest good shopping is 20 miles away. Rather, it's just that sometimes I need to do that 20-mile-away shopping because a machine broke down and I need a part at a time when I have $500. worth of hay down and it's going to rain that night. Then I use the car; that's why I have a car! But then again, city-boy internet rant Bob Matter once attacked me for having a tractor, too. Well I challenged him to help me solve that problem by coming here and I'd hire him to cut the 70 acres of hay with a scythe for the $1. an hour that tractor-free farming might pay. Sure enough, he turned the offer down. I guess even he knows that it's more time-efficient for him to simply buy his food at the good-old stocked-with-internal-combustion-engines grocery store.

In short, boy is it easy to be "carfree" in a _city_! I _never_ use a car when I'm spending time in a _city_!

- Tom Frost Jr., Captain of The Last Bike Ride Out of the 20th Century