十方啟能中心 (心智障礙兒童教育): an organization looking for help.

A friend wrote to me:

要請您(...),是否可以將以下聯結--post on "We change"
十方啟能中心. 他們的財務、物資、人力都很缺乏他們很需要管道幫忙做"宣傳",所以你可以出一點點力幫忙他們他們會很高興地 ^_^~



It's with pleasure that I comply :-).

十方啟能中心 is an organization that takes care of mentally challenged children.

Not enough done for physically disabled in Taiwan

Welfare groups urge more help for disabled people:

Hsieh Dong-ru (謝東儒) the Secretary-General of the League of Welfare Organizations, said "What we have cared most about is which cities and counties have made the most effort to get rid of obstacles for the physically disabled."

He also said that cases such as Yen Hsu-nan (顏旭男) showed that the nation needs to do much more for the disabled. Yen suffered from a genetic disorder in which the bones break easily. Yen died earlier this year from injuries sustained after a student who was carrying him on his back accidentally slipped and fell.

Taiwan: expatriates and Taiwanese cooperating for change.

Taiwan: this project is about building a bridge (languistic and otherwise) between the foreigners living in Taiwan and the Taiwanese, so that they can share ideas and work together to promote change.

There is much to do in Taiwan to bring higher levels of awareness on a wide range of important topics, especially Environment protection, Human Rights, self development, etc...

Here are a few links to find out what's been contributed so far:
http://www.wechange.org/taxonomy/term/31 : Taiwan,
http://www.wechange.org/taxonomy/term/45 : Taichung,
and here are lists of members interested in carfree, more livable cities:

Car free cities


Wherever you live, if you'd like to take small steps to create cities designed for humans, not automobiles, please join this forum and reply to start the discussion on this topic.

You can see in my profile which cities I'm particularly interested in:

If you live there, you can help me to get things started (in French, in English or in Chinese).

(someone here:
mentions in the comments of a green city program in Taipei... I'll have to look at it. Unfortunately, my written mandarin is not very good).

If you live elsewhere, we can still cooperate on carfree cities in general...