Chidren's Right

Foster homes giving a few happy years to abused children.

While our world is full of problems, there as still many people who are part of the solution. While there are still many abused or neglected children, among the real unsung heroes of today's society are foster parents who open up their homes:

When foster mother Sung Kan-mei (宋甘妹) in Miaoli County took in a sexually abused junior high school girl as a foster child, she wanted to give the child what she had always lacked -- a safe, stable and happy family.

However, it was not as easy as she had thought it would be.

十方啟能中心 (心智障礙兒童教育): an organization looking for help.

A friend wrote to me:

要請您(...),是否可以將以下聯結--post on "We change"
十方啟能中心. 他們的財務、物資、人力都很缺乏他們很需要管道幫忙做"宣傳",所以你可以出一點點力幫忙他們他們會很高興地 ^_^~



It's with pleasure that I comply :-).

十方啟能中心 is an organization that takes care of mentally challenged children.

Children helping children (Children's Rights)

Here is one little peace of good news: the 2005 World Children's Rights Summit was held in Taipei, Taiwan, with 89 children attending:

"Last year the topic was environmental protection, but this year the summit focuses on poverty, war and child abuse," Verall said. "To me, the most important children's right is a sense of security -- that children can feel and be safe wherever they go."

So much must be done before we can offer our children a true sense of security...