Foster homes giving a few happy years to abused children.

While our world is full of problems, there as still many people who are part of the solution. While there are still many abused or neglected children, among the real unsung heroes of today's society are foster parents who open up their homes:

When foster mother Sung Kan-mei (宋甘妹) in Miaoli County took in a sexually abused junior high school girl as a foster child, she wanted to give the child what she had always lacked -- a safe, stable and happy family.

However, it was not as easy as she had thought it would be.

Sung said that the child hid in her room and attempted suicide numerous times.

One day, Sung and the child were grocery shopping when they saw a disabled person selling gum on the street. Sung gave the person some money and then seized on the opportunity to tell her foster child: "See how that person, even without arms and legs, cherishes his own life and strives to survive?"

Now, many years later, although home with her real mother, the child still contacts Sung and her family because she believes that they taught her about love and life.

Sung has taken in 20 foster children to date and has been a foster mother for more than 15 years.

Such people are truly inspiring.