Children helping children (Children's Rights)

Here is one little peace of good news: the 2005 World Children's Rights Summit was held in Taipei, Taiwan, with 89 children attending:

"Last year the topic was environmental protection, but this year the summit focuses on poverty, war and child abuse," Verall said. "To me, the most important children's right is a sense of security -- that children can feel and be safe wherever they go."

So much must be done before we can offer our children a true sense of security...

Media: a negative effect on Children's rights?

Also about Children's rights in Taiwan:

The kids aren't alright: foundation

The protection of children's rights is better than it was three years ago, but there is still much room for improvement, according to a report released yesterday by the Child Welfare League Foundation. (...)

The survey was divided into four categories: basic human rights for children, the right to social care, the right to be healthy and the right to be educated.

(...)74 percent of the children polled were scared that they could be kidnapped.

(...)more than three-fourths of the children polled were worried about contracting illnesses such as bird flu.

In those last two points, the kids only reflect on what they keep hearing day after day from the media. The role of the media and that of the kids' parents who let them be fed by television should be examined, too.