An Assured Sustainable Corporation

A tribalised community has, as its reason for existence, a certain quest. That quest may have some commercial value and provide sustenance and shelter of its individual members. Many quests have no obvious commercial value and if sustenance and shelter cannot be assured then the quest would have to be abandoned. A sustainable assurance corporation assures sustenance and shelter thereby allowing the pursuit of other quests. By joining a sustainable assurance company a person `buys' guaranteed lifetime work at a wage sufficient to provide adequate shelter, sustenance, and transportation.

Ignoring suffering for a few more eggs

Sadly, this could be the continuation on a theme started yesterday (Ignoring suffering for a few gold coins).

The article linked below is about factory chicken farming and its effects on the chickens themselves, the environment and of course on the human who eat their eggs and their meat:

It isn't called "factory farming" merely because those sheds look like factories. Everything about the production method is geared towards turning live animals into machines for converting grain into meat or eggs at the lowest possible cost.