Ignoring suffering for a few more eggs

Sadly, this could be the continuation on a theme started yesterday (Ignoring suffering for a few gold coins).

The article linked below is about factory chicken farming and its effects on the chickens themselves, the environment and of course on the human who eat their eggs and their meat:

It isn't called "factory farming" merely because those sheds look like factories. Everything about the production method is geared towards turning live animals into machines for converting grain into meat or eggs at the lowest possible cost.

At a time when there is a world wide scare about a possible global outbreak of the bird flue, it's still a wonder that people choose to ignore such farming methods. Certainly, we'll have to pay our Karma sooner or later.

Such inhuman farming practices are no less common here, in Taiwan, a country that eats a lot of chicken, fried or otherwise. So far, I have not found a supplier of organic meat, or free-range chicken eggs.

Personally, I have my share of responsibility in this sad business, because I usually eat out and regularly order a dish with chicken meat. Without aiming towards perfection at first, I am trying to change my diet, so that it includes more fruits and more raw organic vegetables, and less snack food and other un-healthy foods. Still, my eating habits are currently far from ideal and I'm overweight: I've a lot to change in that respect!

We should try to change the world: one meal at a time...

Speaking of the bird flu

Who knows what the truth is?
Scientists sometimes seem to have many theories, but no clues...:

Are scientists looking for the next pandemic flu virus in all the wrong places?

http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/feat/archives/2005/11/15/2003280292 .