Personal change

Forming Tribalized Communities

Changing the mainstream - Changing the self - Changing the way we act together - The change to post Green
Self and society are intertwined. As the individual comes to understand that the environment must be sustained, then too, dawns the realization that society must sustain the environment. We exercise the direction of societal change by our individual changes. We are mayflies and as we change our direction in the breeze of change we bring down the mighty oak.
The mighty oak is survivalist society with all the implications of that society. The breeze of change is the global marketplace and environmental limits with all the implications of that change.

About the personalization and the externalization of evil.

Remember those claims that the only obstacle between Irak and Peace and Democracy was Saddham Hussein?
Do you still believe this?

Here's another myth: Yasser Arafat as troublemaker.

Clinton underwrote then Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak's portrayal of Arafat as a terrorist and an obstacle to peace in order that Barak could be re-elected. The myth instead gave rise to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as the Israeli public felt only a Sharon could deal with that mythical monster Arafat. (...)