Creating Communitas


About 1975 I went looking for Geoph Kozeny. I found him in a run-down one-room apartment in San Francisco. He told me he had just returned from visiting some intentional communities in the Western States and would be leaving again in a few days.

I'd heard he spent his life 'on the road' visiting different communities, recording the comings and goings of groups and people, their triumphs and tragedies - the town crier for intentional communities. I was doing the same thing on a smaller scale. I lived in an intentional community in British Columbia, Canada where a group of people had gathered on thirty-three acres to live, and share, similar values. I traveled too, but my concern was to educate myself from the experiences of other communities - what made them stay together - what made them fall apart.

Communal Sustainability -- Creating Communitas

"Communal Sustainability" is a book being written by forbes leslie.

Each chapter will be posted progressively over the next few months, as they are completed.

  1. Forward
  2. Communal consciousness
  3. Communication skills
  4. Social responsibility in community
  5. Individual growth in community – changing the self.
  6. Fostering communication skills in community.
  7. ...

Part two: the Present Structure

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Part one: the Past Structures

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