The American political circus

Lately the Neo-Cons have started a crusade against the New York Times, claiming that they revealed state secrets by publishing an article that talked about the government tracking monetary movement to control potential terrorists.

Journalist Keith Olbermann but together a brilliant piece, showing that for years Bush himself has been making public statements to the same effect. What hypocrisy!

Watch it for yourself:

link to the video

The link to the video is working, but C&L web site is redirecting all direct link to a video from another web site to their front page.
To remedy this, copy and paste the video link to a new browser window and load it there (directly clicking on the link won't work).
Or, the easiest solution, is to follow the second link to the C&L blog entry, which has a working link to the video.

It's been a long while I haven't read C&L.
Olbermann is good.

Media complicity


What you don't mention is the complicity of the Media.
The government's "crusade" can only work if the citizens allow themselves to be duped by biased reporting by the media.

I am sure you will agree of the importance of the role of the media in such a sad affair.

What I mostly would be interested in is what do you recon would be a beginning of a solution to that particular problem?
What can individuals do?
Maybe we could start a group about the Media (both the mainstream Media, and the alternative Media that are sprouting everywhere, nowadays). What do you think?

Thank you for posting your thoughts here. :)


Teach people to strengthen themselves from within by calming their reward centers with better management of their sexual energy. That's the only solution my inner guidance sanctions.

Personally, I regularly beat my head against the brick walls of people I know who have been hypnotized by the media. (A waste of time according to my inner guidance.) This also makes me unpopular with my mother's friends. :)

I also had a note personally delivered to the second home of Jon Stewart to ask him to have David Ray Griffin on his show. But he won't. He believes the current administration is "not evil."

Alternative media is great, but I don't spend much time listening to it. However, others might really warm to this topic.

media exposure.

I agree on the "strengthen ourselves from within by calming our reward centers with better management of our sexual energy" part :).
I still have much to learn and to achieve in that respect.

Altervative web sites like and wechange are part of the alternative media, so I guess you spend more time with them than you admit :) It depends how one defines "alternative media". My own definition is quite broad in scope.