"Interpersonal Relationships" and "Web participation"

Hello Forbes,

Speaking of Interpersonal Relationship:

People interested in Interpersonal relationships

I once started the following as part of a new project, "Interpersonal Relationships"

I didn't do much with it, but it's not because it's not an interesting topic.
Since this is a web site, and we are all netizens, I was more interested in our way to relate with each other online. However, most of us still spend more time relating to other people in the "real world" (!!). In any case, both types of relationships (online and offline) have a lot in common.

Later, I started this book:
http://www.wechange.org/node/46 about "online participation", mainly as more general project to host this piece (about wikis and help forums). I feel strongly about it because that's where I spend a lot of my time:

So, I've started two things ("Interpersonal Relationships" and "online participation") that could be either two separate projects, or combined into one.

If combined, the focus of the "Interpersonal Relationships" section would be more on our online relationships. If not, we can stress more every day interactions in our homes and neighborhood.

There are also a few technical implications of keeping those two bits separate or together.

I wondered what you had to say about it (if anything ;-) ).

I keep the two projects separate.

... Even though there is a fair amount of overlap.
I will try to define the scope of each. I am now building the skeleton for the "Interpersonal relationships" project.

see my blog entry:
http://www.wechange.org/node/85 .

Help welcome.