Here are some books of healing.

Andrews, Lynn V. (1981) Medicine Woman.

Arvigo, Rosita with Epstein, Nadine (1994) My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer.

Thondup, Tulku (1996) The Healing Power of Mind.

Jackson, Adam, J. (1996)
The Secrets of Abundant Wealth.
The Secrets of Abundant Love.
The Secrets of Abundant Happiness.
The Secrets of Aundant Health.

Siegel, Bernie S. () Love, Medicine, Miracles.

Villoldo, Alberto (2000) Shaman, Healer and Sage.

Wilber, Ken (1991) 2000 Grace and Grit. Shambhala.

Hello Cho, Welcome on

Hello Cho,

Welcome on board!

I read Wilber's "Grace and Grit" and most heartily recommand it to everyone. It is a very powerful book.