Abused women are depressed: who will give couples the real cure?

A Taiwanese poll shows that abused women are more prone to depression:

More than 80 percent of Taiwanese women who are physically abused by their husbands have a tendency toward depression, with one quarter considered to be seriously at risk of committing suicide, according to the results of a survey (...)conducted by the Modern Women's Foundation.

Surely, the results have nothing surprising. One even wonders why this is newsworthy.

A good newspaper article, however, would be explaining about the biology of our sexuality and the effects it has on the harmony within the couple.

I am certain that much more women are being abused than the article suggests: it all depends on what is being defined as abuse. Add to the abuse problem, rampant adultery, and thriving porn industry, etc., and one cannot help wondering what is wrong in our intimate relationships.

One can find a very important clue at reuniting.info: a couple's usual sexual behaviour triggers a neurochemical reaction that affect our mood and our ability to be in love with our regular sexual partner (our spouse). The site goes on describing what can be done to avoid such negative influence of our inner chemistry.

I'd like to see newspapers writting less about the various unfortunate symptoms of the problems that plague our world, but more about the numerous solutions that exist.