80% against adultery? Do they know about the "Coolidge Effect"?

Yet another poll reveals that 80% of Taiwanese support for adultery remaining a crime

Despite efforts by local women's rights groups to promote the decriminalization of adultery in Taiwan, 79 percent of respondents to a survey released yesterday disapprove of the idea and believe that adultery should remain subject to criminal penalties.

In the case of a husband having an extra-marital relationship, 43 percent of the respondents said that the married man who broke his marriage vows, rather than his mistress, should be punished.

Officials at the National Union of Taiwan Women's Associations, a co-organizer of the survey, noted that the results were in contradiction to the present situation, in which most wives opt to sue their husbands' mistresses, but not their husbands, in adultery cases.

Unfortunately, people who also say that adultery (or homosexuality for that matter) is not natural, would be wrong. Reuniting.info presents a lot of scientific data about neuro-chemical changes that accompany mating: a male rat would soon neglect his female partner in favor a his ratty mistresses. Mister Rat will even tire of his mistresses, but will die having sex if provided with a constant supply of 'fresh females'. This is known as the
Coolidge Effect, and it affects humans as much as rats or any other mammals.

So men have this biological tendency to be unfaithful to their wives.

It doesn't have to be this way, though. Please, someone tell the 80% of Taiwanese, who think that adultery is a crime, that there is a way to trump our biological tendencies and bring bliss and harmony back into the couple: husbands and wives should study the effect of orgasmic sex has on the couple.

Certainly, there is much research to be done in this area. It's about time that people, the government, counsellors, couples, etc. started speaking about the roots of the problem and study the alternatives.