Two (very) young men to inspire us all

Martin Halstead is a 19 years old British boy.
Michael Sessions is 18 and hails from Michigan, USA.

Both appeared in two very different stories in today's newspaper. Their achievements are different, but they both could claim the ability to inspire us.

Martin is just starting his own airline company, using money he's made selling his computer software business he'd started a few years earlier (at age 15!).

Michael just got elected mayor of his home town of Hillsdale, Michigan. He promissed to revive the local economy.

Well, you'd say that Martin is only one more entrepreneur, and Michael just another politician promissing a better economy. Those are hardly themes favoured here at wechange.

Still, I am sure that reading their stories you've felt their youthful, undoubting enthusiasm.
Neither listened to the collective "wisdom" saying that they wouldn't succeed. They only listenned to their own heart, and against all odds, they went ahead to do what they felt compelled to do.

Even if you are no longer a teen, shed your doubts you may have about what you could achieve, too. If you are visiting this site, certainly it's because you care like I do about the future of humanity. Every day, we have a barrage of negative news. It's easy to feel down and believe we don't have the power to achieve anything positive.

Michael and Martin followed their heart.
What is your heart telling you?