Positive Actions (Project list)

(See links at the very top for the list of projects. Post in the forum if you want to create a new project).

There is definitely a lot we can do to improve our world and our life. The scope of this site being fairly wide, suggestions for action are centered around some better defined topics. At the bottom of this article, you can see a few already existing projects, but almost any new action/information project can be added to that list. All it takes is one dedicated member willing to make a start and organize some information and some links into a new 'project page'.

The first of those project is to built this web site. It is still very young and we're still in the process of fine tuning the tools for the community to use.

See if you have any affinity with any project to which you could lend a hand by contributing forum or blog entries, web site reviews or anything else relevant. If not, you can always start a new topics in the forum and head a new project.

In any case, this site will only live to its potential if it successfully build an active, contributing community around it, so please, invite like-minded people to join and contribute ideas and information.

While the author will retain the copyright for their blog and forum entries, the book pages will probably be released under a copyleft licence. We have not had the time to inverstigate which one would fit the needs of this community best, yet.