Communication and Interpersonal Relationships: a Netizen's Code of Conduct

We may have different interests, we may have different backgrounds and come from different parts of the world, but we have at least one thing in common: we are all netizens.

Since this web site is about change, especially about changing ourselves, there is one thing that we could learn about and change: it's the way we relate to each other, the way we communicate - or fail to do so -, the way we react and reply to each other's postings on forums and mailing lists.

This project page about interpersonal relationships goes way beyond simple netiquette, though a strict observance of the said netiquette would already go a long way towards a more pleasing online experience for all.

Wechange is a community, which implies people exchanging ideas and opinions, sharing resources and working together towards a common goal. As we post opinions and reply to each other, our weaknesses and common quirks will become apparent. Really, we should aim to communicate peacefully in a sharing spirit, but too often we get to witness discussions degenerating into mutual accusations, self-justifications, clashes of differing opinions, resentment, anger, name calling (even if subtle), etc...

We, wechange regular visitors, most certainly long for a world without any war. While we may feel helpless when facing the numerous armed conflicts that afflict our planet, we can do a lot to douse the fire that fuels our puerile online war of words.

This "Interpersonal Relationships" project aims to provide information on this topic, define the problem, highlight the consequences of such negative behaviour, point out to some solutions in the form of code of conduct and other forms. The project will also be the basis for the moderation guidelines that will eventually regulate the site wechange.