Life will go on

Have a look at this sad presentation about the ongoing war that the US government in waging in Iraq: ,
It shows the casualties of war on both sides. Tears shed for a beloved one are as bitter when flowing from the eyes of the mother of a US soldier returning home in a casket, as when flowing from the eyes of a Iraqi father who lost an infant in a raid.

You can download the flash file here:

The presentation ends asking that the person who started the war finish it now.

I am not Iraqi, nor am I American. What power do I have to stop THAT war?

But what about all the small petty wars, disputes and arguments that I start with people around me? I can certainly make efforts to stop starting such little personal wars.

As we all reflect on the unnecessary suffering that people in Iraq (whatever their nationality) are going through, and as we campaign for that war over there to stop, we can also reflect on all the suffering that we are responsible for in our daily life.

How many wars can we stop, today?
How many wars can we avoid starting, today?

Yes, Peace takes courage, indeed.