An Inconvenient Truth: in selected US theaters.

When well known people move ordinary people into action, we may well be on the way to a global solution to our planetary problems.

Those are people who are enabling change.

And you?

  • Have a look about related information on "An Inconvenient Truth" in this site.
  • Learn more about the movie and if you can: go and see it.
  • Understand the movie's message and think of ways WE can be part of the solution.
  • Advertise the movie in sites your frequent, and around you, in your family and community.

An Inconvenient Truth: a few flash presentations.

Here are a few flash presentations that you can post in your web site.
They introduce Al Gore's new documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Alaa is mighty!

A Wombat Summarizes Yoism in 30 Seconds!

In a flash presentation, a wombat describes what is Yoism.

Cute, short and to the point.


Life will go on

Have a look at this sad presentation about the ongoing war that the US government in waging in Iraq:
http://www.peacetakescourage.com/3years.html ,
It shows the casualties of war on both sides. Tears shed for a beloved one are as bitter when flowing from the eyes of the mother of a US soldier returning home in a casket, as when flowing from the eyes of a Iraqi father who lost an infant in a raid.

You can download the flash file here:

The presentation ends asking that the person who started the war finish it now.

I am not Iraqi, nor am I American. What power do I have to stop THAT war?

Computer games that do not encourage violence.

Most computer games promote and encourage violence.

Here are a couple of online games that promote peace of mind and ... psychic abilities...

(requires flash)
http://www.ions.org/research/psi.cfm .

I am playing the game "The Garden of Dreams" and I enjoy it.

Have fun!