An Inconvenient Truth: in selected US theaters.

When well known people move ordinary people into action, we may well be on the way to a global solution to our planetary problems.

Those are people who are enabling change.

And you?

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  • Understand the movie's message and think of ways WE can be part of the solution.
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Very powerful film

My husband and I walked downtown to see this film a few nights ago (and felt really good that we had walked, not driven!). Gore is very effective, and the documentary is well done and even entertaining. He is also a very thorough educator.

Best of all, he makes it clear that this problem can be solved, just as the ozone problem was solved. There are lots of practical suggestions about next steps.

In the course of the film, Gore offers a great lesson in how politicians/big business control the media to create unwarranted doubt to serve financial interests - using the example of the tobacco industry around the time the cancer warnings came out.

This film subtly shows the Bush administration for exactly what it is: shortsighted, unprincipled, and dangerously manipulative. It makes one wish more than ever that the US Supreme Court had done its job with integrity and that Gore was president.

It's a moral issue!

Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to see the movie, yet. I have to wait until it is distributed abroad.

Meanwhile, I have been watching the Gore interviews on An inconvenient Truth, and I agree with the comment below, about Gore's pedagogic qualities.

We agree on the evaluation of Bush's government, however Gore is taking trouble to distance himself from politics, in order not to hurt the message he brings, that transcends all political considerations.
It's a moral issue, as he keeps repeating.

While interviewing Gore and after (see video), Jonathan Freedland is not hiding his eagerness to see Gore run for office in 2008, but the man just doesn't want to let himself be tempted.

Obviously, he feels that the issue is important enough to go beyond partisanship.

Let's be part of the solution!!

great teacher

Most of the audience in the theater inour town appladed at the end of the film.

My thought on this

People in administration never think of the negative consequences of any invention that they allow to put into mass production. They never bothered to research before putting plastics in mass production, they never bothered about the ill-effects of massive amount of vehicles and they never bothered about massively polluting industries. Thus these results we see today.