Computer games that do not encourage violence.

Most computer games promote and encourage violence.

Here are a couple of online games that promote peace of mind and ... psychic abilities...

(requires flash) .

I am playing the game "The Garden of Dreams" and I enjoy it.

Have fun!

Violence is sometimes caused by our failure to listen...

Using the recent riots in France as an example, Gary Younge writes in the Guardian that Riots are a class act and sometimes the only alternative. In fact, it seems that the ends justifies the means and that some form of violence is ok as long as the end result is what was wanted all along:

By the end of last week it looked as though the fortnight of struggle between minority French youth and the police might actually have yielded some progress. Condemning the rioters is easy. They shot at the police, killed an innocent man, trashed businesses, rammed a car into a retirement home and torched countless cars (...).