Sri Bhagavan


Enlightenment and the Brain: A Scientific Commentary of the Teachings of Sri Kalki
by Christian Opitz

The state of enlightenment has been associated with a change of brain function in various spiritual traditions. Since August 2003, an organization that calls itself the Golden Age Foundation has made a form of energy transmission or diksha available that seems to rapidly awaken human brain functions to their true potential, maiing enlightenment and deep emotional healing very accessible for ordinary people. Sri Bhagavan, the founder of the Golden Age Foundation, has given a demystified description of the enlightenment process that acknowledges the importance of a biological change in the brain. His statements about the changes induced in the brain through diksha can be confirmed with the most advanced findings in physics and neuroscience. In the following, I would like to present a comparison between some of Sri Bhagavan’s statements and my own findings in studying the brain through the means of physics and neurophysiology: