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I believe I have posted Chapter 11,The partitioning of Power, and everything is complete up to the end of that chapter. Somehow the logic behind the blog is not obvious to me. It is not usually clear to me where I am from how I read the blog. For example I cannot go directly to Forming Tribalized Communities and see what is completed - or if it is there I cannot understand what the text is telling me. For example I re-wrote the end of Chapter 9 and then found it was already posted. I did not know it was completed the first time I looked.
When I talk about strategy what I am saying is that sections need to be clearer so that visitors know what is available and can go there directly. Perhaps it is me, but in blog entries I am not sure if I am in a thread or not, - is it a blog entry on a topic by Augustin, or by me, or by someone else?